Intoxicated Man Says “I’m Puerto Rican, And I’ll Kill You Man” During Basketball Game

SPRING HILL – A friendly game of basketball nearly turned violent last night, after an intoxicated player decided he wanted to fight everyone on the court.

According to reports, several witnesses observed 39-year-old Agustine Vega disturbing individuals who were playing basketball at Delta Woods Park, which is located on Deltona Blvd. One witness says Vega approached him and tried to start a physical altercation. Vega yelled at the witness, “I’m Puerto Rican, and I can kill you man.” Deputies say Vega was highly intoxicated and that he may have drank up to 10 beers before causing the disturbance.

Vega was taken into custody and charged with disorderly intoxication.

Vega remains behind bars, held on a $500 bond.

Drug use is a growing problem at Delta Woods Park but there have not been many reports of violent incidents.

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  1. What drunk a loser send Him back there they are ready to fight over spilled milk anyway can’t even en joy anything here anymore because of the pill heads and drunks everywhere around

  2. People , for what ever reason, seem to think that their sense of self or strength hinges on where they’re from. ” I’m from such and such and I’ll do this or that…..don’t mess with me ” A major mass of nonsense.

  3. Puerto Ricans have bad attitudes and think they are all that when they are mostly a bunch of drug heads who are pretty stupid. That’s what I have encountered with the local Ricans. I haven’t met one that I’d invite to my home.

    1. Because you have not met me. I’m a well educated Puerto Rican of well educated parents, so your stereotypical responds shows me you are just as low as the guy in the mug shot.

    2. Holly, You sound pretty stupid and ignorant yourself . So you say you’ve encountered all these arrogant Puerto Ricans , mostly drug heads …hmmm says a lot about you . Maybe you need to find better people to associate with or maybe just maybe you’re just attracting these types because you are also a drug head… whos pretty stupid.

    3. This is laughable, mostly because I can’t take it seriously. I’m married to one, neither she nor her family are drug addicts. You keep believing what you want to, but there is no way I’m going to take you seriously when I am related through marriage and my own experience shows otherwise.

      Honestly, if you started spouting this stuff to me in real life, I would just laugh.. I’m not even angry at you. You may as well state that the world is flat, that astronauts never landed on the moon, or how vaccinations are killing our children. It is so far out there, that it is just outright funny.

  4. What part of ” highly intoxicated ” did all you ” druggies ” miss????? Not one word about drugs till comment section. NO NOT STANDING UP FOR ANY OUT OF CONTROL DRUNK before you start. I abhor drunks myself, especially here where most are obnoxious & stupid mean bullies. IT SAYS ” HIGHLY INTOXICATED ” nothing about drugs!!!!

  5. Wow Tom , u should come out with a top ten drug spots in the county. U got twigg street, the molly house, now delta woods park. U know where to score brah!!! Can we get a discount if we mention RNRF?🤔

  6. Delta Woods Park needs a resource officer like the schools have. Snowbirds hardly even using this park compared to years ago. The drug use and sale is in the open. As well as the so-called service dogs that are crapping all over the park and their owners don’t pick it up so the kids can step in it while they play. Wake up Hernando your county is being taken over for worse not better.

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