JUST IN: Deputy Forced to Shoot Dog During Domestic Dispute

UPDATE: 5:59 P.M. – Neighbors who witnessed the shooting tell RNRF that a large mixed breed Pit Bull attacked the deputy and that he had no choice but to shoot the animal.

The condition of the Pit Bull is unknown, however, sources tell RNRF that animal control did not take possession of the animal.

PORT RICHEY (PASCO) – Information is still developing but according to officials, a Sheriff’s Deputy responded to 7211 Potomac Drive this morning after reports of a domestic disturbance. While on the scene, deputies discovered that one of the individuals involved in the dispute had a possible warrant, but had fled the area. While searching the back yard, a dog exited the porch and charged towards a deputy. Despite attempts to push the dog away with his foot, the dog continued to come after the deputy. As a result, the deputy fired one shot at the dog, hitting him in the shoulder. The dog is expected to survive, according to officials. The deputy was not injured.

One person has been detained but there are no further details at this time.

The breed of the dog has not been released.

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        1. I agree except, the people called the police to their home. They should have secured the dog before the police arrived. The owners are to blame on this one. I have a german shepherd and anytime someone unknown is coming to my home he is secured behind a locked door and he is not aggressive at all. He is an animal and animals have protective instincts.

        1. Definitely not the breed it is the way that it is raised and in this case obviously around violence. I have worked at a shelter for 7+ years and we’ve had all types of dogs come in for attacking people. You just don’t hear about it when A Chihuahua attacks somebody. It’s just pitbulls are very Loyal animals and Protect what’s their’s!!!

          1. In your own silly comment, you state the obvious; that it’s the breed that’s dangerous.

            “It’s just pitbulls are very Loyal animals and Protect what’s their’s!!!”

            Thanks Nicole for pointing out how stupid your own defense of the breed is

        2. Bull! My 59lbs pit couldn’t hurt my 8lbs cat even if she wanted to. She runs for her life when the cat comes, not a vicious bone in her whole body.

          1. Great, I’m sure we’ll hear yet another story of a “peaceful, loving, family dog” who mauls someone. Watch your dangerous animal closely so it doesn’t happen to you.

    1. That nonsense again? Pits are 6 percent of dogs, 87 percent of fatal attacks. You people are beyond brainwashed with your predetermined wishes about the breed.

  1. One person was worried about the deputy they’re all worried about what type of breed the dog was. I was just simply stating it does not have anything to do with the breed and have to deal with the way the doh was raised. Hope deputy is OK

  2. I don’t blame the deputy at all for shooting the dog. He probably had 2 seconds to react. Glad he’s OK and that the dog will probably recover, too. But I’m just wondering if there have been any incidents of an officer using a taser on an attacking dog, and if that might be practical training. Cops’ lives come first, though.

  3. Im so sick of people defending pitbulls stating, “It’s not the breed ; It’s the way they were raised.” Pitbulls were originally bred to fight, and once fighting was outlawed they were used to hunt and drive large animals. Genetically they all have the potential to be very dangerous as that’s what they were bred for. They are very loyal, but they are still an animal and thus lack the decision making skills as a human. It’s irresponsible and downright stupid for the general public to be able to own such a potentially dangerous animal and keep it in a populated neighborhood. Even a well trained, loyal pitbull can seriously injure a child, adult, and other animals if it decides that there is a threat or intruder and an animal that is that potentially dangerous should not be trusted when to use that much force. I believe pitbulls should be regulated as in needing a special permit to own. I believe they can be excellent police, military, and guard dogs as well as excellent loyal companions, but there needs to be some regulation to ensure that the owner is responsible and that the animal gets at least a minimum amount of basic training. The breed is just too potentially dangerous for anyone to own. They’re great animals that can serve a great purpose, but im getting extremely irritated hearing all these people say “It’s the way they were raised” because in all honestly these animals are bred to fight and just because you’re a self proclaimed dog training expert doesn’t mean you’ve changed it’s natural instincts.

  4. This is a first where the cop didn’t shoot to kill the dog. Hopefully the officer wasn’t injured and the dog gets better and they catch the doucher who ran.

  5. Maybe the officer DID shoot to kill the dog (couldn’t blame him if he did), but hit it in the shoulder plate disabling it, after which he saw no need to shoot it again.

  6. So everyone knows because judging by comments of pitbull this… pitbull that… That you all dont. all dogs are pack animals, regardless of breed. And when in a pack they defend their pack. To them their owners are their pack and they will defend them its just their nature. Now if you raise them to be friendly towards strangers when your ok with it by introducing them to random people, taking them to parks etc. Their defensive reactions will not be so much of a fight reaction. It will become more of a “is my pack leader ok with this”. For instance my dog which I don’t know the full breed but believe he has part pit, has been socialized, with both other people, complete strangers, and other dogs. He’s still alert to strangers coming up to my house and let’s me know or scares off a unwanted person. but once he see’s that I’m ok with it he becomes the biggest mush ever towards them.

    1. Yes Mike, until he snaps for no reason as pits are prone to do much more often, and with much more damage.

      Yes, pits can be nice, and many never turn. That doesn’t change the fact that as a breed they are dangerous and should require special permitting.

    2. yes you explained this perfectly! My boy is the same way. The precautions have to be there with any animal because all animals are protective let it be a little or 100%. I hate when people say “oh my dog has never bit anyone one”. So you really still never know if they will bite. Always safe than sorry.

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