Man Shot at Local Apartment Complex, Airlifted to Trauma Center

UDPATE 4/21/2017, 10:38 A.M. – Officials have identified the victim as 56-year-old Harry Gordon Jr. According to the latest information, investigators believe Gordon was sitting inside the front screened in porch of his apartment when a verbal dispute ensued with several subjects outside the his apartment. At some point during the incident, someone fired rounds from an unknown type 9mm firearm and then fled the area. Gordon was struck by a stray bullet and flown to a nearby trauma center for treatment. Officials say deputies who were on the scene prior to paramedics, placed pressure on Gordon’s wound to help stop the bleeding.

Despite a thorough search, deputies were unable to locate the suspect.

The investigation is ongoing.


PORT RICHEY (PASCO) – Shots fired at a local apartment complex and sources say one person was shot and airlifted to a local trauma center.

Deputies responded to 8540 Congress Ave just before 9:00 p.m. this evening where they located the injured victim.

Officials say the investigation is still underway but preliminary information suggests that it may have been an accidental shooting.

Witnesses offered conflicting accounts of what they believe happened; one claiming that it was a home invasion, and another stating that the gunman fired in self-defense.

RNRF will bring more on this story as it develops.

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  1. ‘Accidental shooting’ ‘home invasion’ ‘self defense’ it all translates to DRUG RIP in those scumbag filled apartments. That place is loaded with all kinds of gangsters, drug dealers/addicts and dirtbags. Has been for years. Believe it or not, its actually gotten alot better last few years. Hope no real people were hurt in this incident.

    1. An innocent man was shot sitting on his porch smoking cigs and drinking coffee I was told he was I surgery the bullet excited. Hopefully all works out for him and his wife.

  2. House hate to break your heart ( if ypu have one ) reality check those “gangsters, drug dealer/addicts, dirt bags ” are real people like it or not.

  3. House, those people have bone, flesh, blood, skin. That makes people. I didn’t say they weren’t STUPID. As illustrated by update Mr. Harry Gordon, Jr. must not have been a gangster, drug dealer/addict or dirtbag. Some people have to live where they can afford to pay the rent – it’s a shame but a fact. My prayers go out to Mr. and Mrs. Gordon. I truly hope the best for his recovery and I hope his wife has someone who can be there for her now. There must be 1 or 2 good neighbors/friends/churchmembers who can offer support and comfort now. Those who know the STUPID SHOOTER and friends need to step up.

  4. To all of you making comments on something you know nothing of is a joke. Mr Gordon is my neighbor and a wonderful drug free man!!! He was an innocent victim of gun violence!! It had nothing to do with drugs or a home invasion!! Unfortunately for the people who live here most of them that bring the violence don’t even live here. Instead please pray for Mr. Gordon and his wife.

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