Man Transported to Trauma Center with Self-Inflicted Gunshot Wound

SPRING HILL – Fire Rescue is on the scene of what sources say is an accidental shooting that just occurred at Linda Pedersen Park.

There are unconfirmed reports that a male victim in his mid-twenties accidentally fired a 9mm handgun into his upper thigh. The hollow point bullet reportedly passed through and through the victim’s leg, according to sources.

The victim is being transported to Bayonet Point Hospital for treatment but his condition is unknown at this time.

Sheriff’s Deputies are investigating the incident.

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    1. Always amazed. Unless and until someone requires you to own a gun why don’t you stop worrying about those of us who do own guns. You are obviously a constitutional scholar and agree with most of it, except for an occasional amendment, like the 2nd. But feel free to provide your opinion on “obsession with guns,” that’s the First amendment.

  1. Interesting choice of words. So if someone is into something your not, you refer to it as an “obsession”? Way to show obvious bias…

    Just keep in mind, the 2nd amendment is what protects the 1st amendment, which is what gives you the ability to freely type out that ignorant statement on here.

    1. Accidents happen beth. Most self inflicted gunshot wounds happen during cleaning of the firearm. If anybody is stupid it is you for putting too many o’s in too

      1. Now there’s an interesting argument. Do you actually believe this responsible gun owner might have simply had a terrible accident while cleaning his loaded gun at a public park? You might want to consider the absurdity of your own statement before calling someone else stupid. 😂

  2. Was it at night you put out at 11:36 pm? If so what the hell is someone doing playing with a gun in a park in a parked car. ( for you Bostonians say that 3 times). At night in a park and why was it even out even if you have ccp up to no good. Numb nuts

      1. @Just me= ccp = CONCELLED CARRY PERMIT. Hope this helps your curiosity .Google it, either one is acceptable , but most of us in good Ole Florida call it ccp. Try to stay on topic please, if you are able to. LOL.😃 On topic, young man who shot himself that late in a park, stupid for one, very odd. Sounds like he needs some training on how to handle a gun.

        1. I was a question specific to you. I’m not a damn troll or one of these freaking morons on here. I asked for a reason. No need to get all your feathers in an uproar !!

        2. Over a typo you tear me apart ? Really ? I asked a simple question. Wasn’t looking for a moron to fight with. I usually don’t even comment on these threads. You need to get another hobby Pole Cat. I can handle a gun just fine. I won’t waste anymore time on you. You’re not worth it.

    1. theres a cure for stupid. its called darwinism. youre reading an article on it. unfortunately society tries to fail safe and bumper pad everything that takes out the dangerous members in society. fortunately not everything is wrapped in bubble wrap yet. Heck they even got cars now that brake for you in case youre too busy deep into texting eating brushing your hair putting your make up reading a book while driving and fiddling with the electronics inside. I always shake my head at accidental shooting. in all my years ive never seen a gun jump up and start shooting with out a human involved. Its called being negligent careless and reckless oh and an idiot but we cant make stupid people feel dumb we need to cuddle them and blame the object to help enable them to do more incompetent actions. its not your fault its that mean ol guns fault. not saying this article is like that but we have all seen other news outlets or family and friends do this with similar situations.

  3. Beth may you continue to live an accident free life. The rest of us can only marvel at your ability to analyze a situation, come to a conclusion and arrive at the “correct” solution.

  4. I’m hoping CCP becomes a protected class so we can discuss more important things like the amount of drugs being used here in Hernando County or the people who drive their cars like they are trying to kill someone.

  5. gods way of weeding out the dumb ones! Food for thought, I wouldn’t throw Darwins name around in these parts and in these times, we live in a fact free world.

    Better arm up and hunker down, troubled times are heading to Washington. The president elect lost the election by 2.6 million votes, there are some crazy pissed of Libs Watch your back, I am!!

    1. Um your a vet and afraid of the sissys notta a damn thing will happen are they gonna throw fairey. Dust on us you guys stay hunkered down so your out of the way and he lost. Bahahahahahaha

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