Man’s Sport Bike Dies During Pursuit, Suspect Crashes into Patrol Car

Weeki Wachee – A Spring Hill man faces drug and fleeing to elude charges after he ran from deputies during an attempted traffic stop, early Saturday morning.

According to reports, Deputy Ryan Hoffman observed a dark colored street bike traveling northbound on Commercial Way without a license tag. When Hoffman attempted to stop the bike, the driver, 25-year-old Cody Lee Collier, cut across the median and began traveling southbound on Commercial Way. In the process, Hoffman says Collier nearly struck several vehicles. Moments after the U-turn, Collier’s motorcycle suddenly shut down but he continued rolling down the roadway at a slow speed. Hoffman says he pulled his patrol car in front of the motorcycle because Collier appeared to be preparing to flee on foot. As a result, Collier’s motorcycle struck the patrol car. Hoffman immediately placed Collier into custody without further incident.Once in custody, Hoffman says Collier spontaneously advised that there was marijuana wax, marijuana, and molly in his backpack. During a subsequent search, Hoffman discovered 10.3 grams of marijuana wax, .3 grams of MDMA (molly), 1.9 grams of marijuana, a scale, pipes, and clear plastic baggies.

Sources tell RNRF that a female passenger was on the motorcycle during the incident and may have suffered injuries; however, the Sheriff’s Office does not release accident reports prior to 60 days, so the injured victim has not been identified. In contrast, the Florida Highway Patrol releases accident reports as soon as they are complete.Collier is charged with possession of a controlled substance, possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia, and fleeing to elude.

Despite the report stating that it was unknown if Collier was under the influence of drugs, a DUI investigation was not conducted and the Florida Highway Patrol was not contacted to assist with the investigation.

Collier has since posted a $4,000 bond.

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    1. Wow, I heard he was going to a BBQ, & hooking up with Rick Bruno’s daughter. According to the “undesirable ” story. Word on the street is there was a line out the door for some.
      ( not the BBQ!) free TV’s too!
      Their sayin’ Rick is actin’ as a ” fluffer” for those in line 😀

  1. Wait wait where are all the poor innocent he wasn’t doing anything wrong he was just being a careful cautious responsible but greatly misunderstood rider like all the other sport bike operators who F things up and play victim comments. Wait is that crickets I hear.

  2. If you believe anything RNRF says you must be ignorant, what they have listed as what they found on him is totally innaccurate…Like completely 100% innaccurate. I’m sorry if our sheriffs department have you this info because that means they lied through their teeth.. And just about every other detail is wrong in the article as well. If you people only knew..

  3. The Deputy caused an accident with injuries becouse he thought someone was going to run? Wow. I am against drugs and breaking the law, but am also against extreme inforcement of the law. Seems the deputy caused more harm than was warrented in this sittuation.

  4. This dude looks terrible for 25 years old. He looks like he’s in his late 40s or 50s. He’s balding badly and his face looks worn. Wow I can’t believe someone who is 25 looks this old

  5. Just like the bikers who beat up the man and his son. They ran before the law got there because they were already messed up and had drugs on them to “celebrate” the dead guys life. Was he a part of that incident too?

    What a bunch of morons these street bike riders are. Complete idiots.

  6. With scales and baggies along with the pot he must be selling it also. So why, with that on your person, you would travel with no tags on your bike?? Not very bright. Yes he does not look like a 25 year old guy, he looks way older.

  7. A dope dealer who is on a bike that doesn’t have a tag. Probably one of those who was involved with a previous incident and why all the bikers left before the cops were called. The girl who was on the back of the bike is friends with that group of wanna be gang members so I’m positive this dirt bag is part of that wanna be gang too. They don’t know how to do anything the legal way. He looks like he has been ridden hard and put up wet. Not what a 25 year old should look like.

  8. WOW Holly. The only replay that makes sense. Bikes on 19 and all over although not a very few of them terrorize the drivers around here thinking they are above the law and their reckless driving habits.

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