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5-Year-Old Struck by Car Airlifted to Trauma Center


SPRING HILL – A 5-year-old child sustained traumatic injuries tonight, after he was struck by a car in front of a residence located at 13407 Coronado Blvd.

Sources say, after the child was struck by the car, he got up and walked into the residence. When Fire Rescue arrived on the scene, they determined that the child suffered traumatic injuries and was airlifted to Tampa General Hospital for treatment.

At this time, there are no details regarding the child’s condition or what may have caused the accident.

The Florida Highway Patrol will be in charge of the investigation.

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  • Just Saying…Nicely Said!??
    ?Fed Up go else where to read if your not happy with what your getting from RNRF. I depend on these stories on a daily basi and find them informative and entertaining as well as helpful, it’s the dumb*** comments I can do without?Let’s have a vote which users should be blocked?

    Wednesday, 18 November 2015, 10:45 pm
  • “Just saying” … Not everyone speeds and if that’s all u can think your idiotic. How about parents watch your children especially at 9pm….. 5 yr old ?? Sorry but my children are asleep by that time!!! Sad…. Prayers xoxox.

    Wednesday, 18 November 2015, 4:15 pm
    • Oh Hello Undetermined,

      I do not think that I said “everyone speeds” as you stated so I guess by the standards of your judgmental thinking I am not idiotic but hey well said and maturely put. Here is what I did say “All day long there are cars speeding up and down our road going at times 70 – 70 MPH in a 30 MPH area.” I am not sure how you interpreted that as in everybody but hey you do you right.

      I did not see a time stamp that stated 9pm but I do agree with you that parenting needs to be first priority and above everything else. I am not stating that this is the case here because as I stated before I do not know all of the details to the situation. My kids are usually asleep at 9pm as well but there have been times such as my sons football games or the nights that my daughter cheer-leads that we do not get home until around 9pm. So I cannot judge too much because on those nights bedtime usually is not until 10pm after showers and homework.

      My post was not an attack in any way except to the speeders who do not care about their surroundings where I live, which is right down the road from where this accident happened. In your mind it is ok to speed after 9pm because all kids should be in bed by then and accidents should not happen after 9pm right? If this is the case then Tom Lemons should do an article on a county wide curfew and let all of us tax paying citizens know about said curfew.

      I know I am not a perfect parent but I try my hardest to be that perfect parent and role model. When parents like you get on here and spew out how perfect they are and that they never do any wrong. Just stop, we all know that mistakes happen and sometimes they are unavoidable even if it is not your fault.

      If you were really that butt hurt to call me an idiot about my post then you are probably feeling guilty about speeding in residential zones and felt the need to attack back. Just slow down and you will feel better about yourself at the end of the day and will not feel the need to resort to third grade tactics with the name calling.

      Thursday, 19 November 2015, 7:35 am
  • These so called parents have no-one to blame but themselves…allowing a 5 yr old out at night…it’s the parents job to watch them…not a bunch7yr olds…millinials….it’s not my fault…well it is…prayers…

    Wednesday, 18 November 2015, 3:33 pm
  • Coronado Dr. On the south side of Spring Hill Dr. is 3+ miles long and very narrow with no sidewalks and quite dangerous, The road layout around here was poorly planed.

    Wednesday, 18 November 2015, 1:27 pm
  • ?

    Wednesday, 18 November 2015, 11:13 am
  • Tom i think you do a great job at reporting..and just saying…i agree completly with your comment!!!

    Wednesday, 18 November 2015, 11:07 am
  • Car not cat. Autocorrect

    Wednesday, 18 November 2015, 10:51 am
  • We never know the whole story. RNRF states sources say after he was struck he got up and walked inside.. Who was the source? The parents? Neighbors? The driver if the cat that struck him? Someone who wants to remain anonymous? The squirrel across the street digging for nuts?

    Where we the parents?
    What was this 5 year old doing in the street alone at 9 pm?
    Do you ever call the hospital to follow up on a story?

    Details make good reporting. Not just a story on a whim to post something.

    My prayers go out to all involved.

    Wednesday, 18 November 2015, 10:51 am
  • @Just saying, you hit the nail on the head. Thank you for a comment by a grown-up, concerned adult. Prayers to the family. Any updates.

    Wednesday, 18 November 2015, 9:03 am
  • This is sad and tragic at the same time. I live close to this area in Rainbow Woods and I got to say that there are a lot of idiots out there that have no regards for laws, pedestrians, and especially kids. The road we live on is a residential road that connects to main roads. All day long there are cars speeding up and down our road going at times 70 – 70 MPH in a 30 MPH area. Our kids used to play basketball out there because our driveway is on an incline and they cannot play there anymore. I no longer allow even my seventeen year old to go out there and play basketball anymore because of these self-entitled idiots who have no concern for others while they are driving a vehicle.

    I am not saying that the person driving the car is at fault at all because I do not know the whole story but I am saying that people need to slow down and realize that when they get behind a vehicle it is not only their lives they put at risk but everyone else as well.

    Just the other day my son was walking our dog and a car went speeding by him at a high rate of speed. My son asked the guy to slow down and the guy slammed on his brakes and acted like he wanted to fight my son. How tough are you that you are picking on a kid? How is it my son’s fault that you were speeding? Do you have no concern for anyone including yourself? I know our police force is busy doing other things but it is sad that this day and age we are in more danger in our own neighborhoods then we are while we are out and about. We need more police presence in neighborhoods and not just during calls. I challenge a cop to come to my neighborhood and sit for an hour and I guarantee they will at least get 10 – 15 speeders within that hour.

    My thoughts go out to the family of this poor child and his family. For the people asking where the parents were at, grow up and go troll elsewhere. This child was five and mistakes happen. It was not stated in the article that the kid was in the middle of the road while the parents were inside partying. It did not state that the parents were careless by any means. The kid could have been chasing a ball that rolled down the driveway and was not paying attention. Before you go off and regurgitate stupid comments such as “my kid would have known better” or “I would have stopped my kid beforehand”, think before you speak. Stop with your silly first grade tactics of I am better than you and grow up because there is a kid sitting in the hospital right now and your little games are worthless.

    To all of the idiots out there that drive fast in a residential neighborhoods or even think it is that important to go 80 down Mariner please stop and think about who it might affect when something like this happens. Stop being so self-centered and making it all about yourself and grow up.

    Wednesday, 18 November 2015, 7:28 am
  • Was the driver given a ticket,any info on that ,was he at fault or did the child run into the street.

    Wednesday, 18 November 2015, 6:52 am
  • A five year old in the street after 9pm, what was the parent/parents thought on that ?

    Wednesday, 18 November 2015, 5:26 am
  • Prayers

    Wednesday, 18 November 2015, 5:15 am
  • Sending prayers to the child And family

    Wednesday, 18 November 2015, 3:05 am
  • Prayers for all

    Wednesday, 18 November 2015, 1:04 am
  • Sending prayers to all involved

    Wednesday, 18 November 2015, 12:56 am
  • Prayers for this child & family. 🙁

    Tom Lemons,
    “At this time, there are details regarding the child’s condition or what may have caused the accident.”
    I think you meant NO details??

    Wednesday, 18 November 2015, 12:16 am
  • What is a 5 year old doing out on the road? Where was his parents? He’s 5!!!!! Yes Prayers for him and his family but dam, Really?

    Tuesday, 17 November 2015, 9:51 pm
  • Must be all the sirens I heard. Prayers for all

    Tuesday, 17 November 2015, 9:33 pm
  • Somebody did not block out the tag of the Mustang

    Tuesday, 17 November 2015, 8:50 pm
  • Blvd. or Dr.? I live right by Coronado Dr.

    Tuesday, 17 November 2015, 8:46 pm
  • Prayers for the child, family, and driver of the car. Can not imagine going through this.

    Tuesday, 17 November 2015, 8:24 pm
  • My prayers go out to that poor child and his family.

    Tuesday, 17 November 2015, 8:18 pm

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