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Arrest Made in U.S. Post Office Rooftop Burglary and 7-Eleven Robbery

UPDATE: 1:39 P.M. – Officials have now confirmed our earlier report that 28-year-old Johnathan Michael Bizuk is the man responsible for the Post Office Burglary and 7-Eleven Robbery.

Officials say just after 11:00 p.m. on November 27th, Bizuk entered the 7-Eleven located at 6016 Spring Hill Drive and stole cash from the register, pushed the clerk, and then fled on foot.

Surveillance video revealed tattoos that matched Bizuk’s and through tips officials were able to positively identify Bizuk as the suspect.

Last night Major Case Detectives, along with Selective Enforcement Units and two K-9 teams, attempted to make contact with Bizuk at his home located at 1252 Garrett Avenue. When detectives moved in, Bizuk fled but was confronted by Deputy Jeff Andrews and his K-9 partner Valor. Andrews deployed Valor after Bizuk refused to obey commands to surrender. Bizuk was taken into custody and transported to Bayonet Point Hospital where he was treated for dog bites before being booked into the Hernando County Jail.

During an interview with Detectives, Bizuk admitted to the 7-Eleven robbery and the Post Office Burglary, among other crimes. Bizuk claims he committed the crimes to support a drug habit.

A search warrant was executed inside Bizuk’s residence where they located clothing worn during the robbery and evidence from the Post Office burglary. Detectives also discovered 2 lbs of marijuana that belonged to 23-year-old Joshua Almeida inside the residence. Almeida was taken into custody and transported to the Hernando County Jail.

In a statement, Sheriff Al Nienhuis said “This case is a perfect example of our how our social media presence allows us to solve open cases and prevent future ones.  We appreciate every person who takes the time to review our posts and steps forward with tips.  Even with the assistance of our citizens, however, it can still take a lot of resources to find and apprehend criminals.”

Nienhuis took a jab at the Board of County Commissioners over the ongoing budget dispute, stating “This operation alone, for example, took 50% of our small 4-person Canine Unit.  This case illustrates why the additional K-9 deputy/handler was requested in this year’s budget.  Even if funds were approved today, it will take several months to fill and train the position.”

Bizuk is currently charged with robbery and 2-counts of burglary. He remains behind bars on a $20,000 bond.


SPRING HILL – Officials have confirmed that an arrest has been made in Tuesday’s rooftop Burglary of the U.S. Post Office on Spring Hill Drive.

RNRF broke the news Tuesday morning, after several viewers reported seeing heavy law enforcement activity around the post office.

Sources say 28-year-old Jonathon Michael Bizuk of Spring Hill was arrested at a residence on Garrett Ave last night and charged with two counts of burglary and one count of robbery. It is not known at this time if those charges are related to the Post Office burglary or if Federal charges are forthcoming.

There are unconfirmed reports that Bizuk is also responsible for the November 27th robbery of the 7-Eleven at Spring Hill Drive and Kenlake Ave.

Officials are expected to provide a full report on Bizuk’s arrest later today.

Check back periodically for updates.




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  • Instead of ridiculous comments about shooting suspects, why not comment on an outstanding job our Sheriff and his staff are doing? With a budget much smaller than some other departments he is doing a fantastic job. I can remember a time when the police were readily referred to as a “PIG”. Well, most officers embraced it as an acronym defined as “Pride, Integrity and Guts”. These officers put their lives at risk daily and its time we all appreciate and commend them for a job well done.

    Tuesday, 13 December 2016, 7:35 am
    • Keep drinking the Kool Aid Gary.

      Tuesday, 13 December 2016, 2:14 pm
    • Thank you Gary Coole. My son is an officer in another county and the country has gone crazy ambushing them !! Yet, they show up for their next shift. God bless them and protect them always. At oh no, you have obviously no clue !!

      Wednesday, 14 December 2016, 6:15 pm
      • @Just me, actually I do have a clue. When the “good cops” stop covering for the bad cops then perhaps all this insanity will stop. As for the local sheriff’s office, they have no clue. They lie, steal, make their own rules, commit perjury and so on. I use to have a tremendous respect for LEO’s. HCSO has changed that. NO I’M NOT A CRIMINAL. I am, however, aggravated at all the crap this local S.O. pulls and gets a way with. Things are going to change in 2017. Cops in this county will again be held accountable for their actions, much like they were with previous sherriffs.

        Wednesday, 14 December 2016, 9:28 pm
  • Where are all the sarcastic black lives matter quotes?! ohhhhh, I guess its not convenient to use in this article. I guess we forgot that not only black people make mistakes

    Saturday, 10 December 2016, 2:08 pm
    • For real wtf

      Sunday, 11 December 2016, 11:20 pm
  • Only 20.000 bond for a federal offense??

    Thursday, 8 December 2016, 6:26 pm
    • Excuse me you honor, but what bond amount do usually set for people charged with robbery?

      Friday, 9 December 2016, 3:24 am
  • his buddy looks really happy like thanks for getting me busted..

    Thursday, 8 December 2016, 6:10 pm
  • Great job by the HCSO and all of the officers involved. Hope Bizuk is put away for a long time.

    Thursday, 8 December 2016, 5:23 pm
  • Gotta love those k -9s, treated for several bites Lmao

    Thursday, 8 December 2016, 5:22 pm
  • Ha from tthese idiots not a chance @jimbo sad isint it have a blessed day.

    Thursday, 8 December 2016, 3:40 pm
  • K-9s are good for all involve . And help moral and let the crooks know… can not outrun a K-9 ,and they DO take a bit out “crime”! Besides the K-9 paycheck is just “throw the dog a bone” ! Good investment returns! Great job, teams!

    Thursday, 8 December 2016, 3:06 pm
    • Z Gri, I don’t know where you get your info on K-9 “paycheck” from but these team members are treated much better than family dogs. I lived across from a canine deputy. The best food, toys for training purposes, regular & best vet care. Also, they must recertify, though I can’t remember how often, which is an expense because alot of times recertification is not held in their home area so travel by handler & canine is required. Bones ARE usually expense of handler!!

      Thursday, 8 December 2016, 6:19 pm

    Thursday, 8 December 2016, 2:54 pm
    • Haters will hate. Those fools need to pack up and go elsewhere with their hateful thoughts and disgust with the County and FL in general, Those people have no idea about what is happening in this Country because their narrow minds only see a narrow view.

      Thursday, 8 December 2016, 3:28 pm
  • Way to go, Valor strikes again. Give him a steak!! Tom who was the other K9 involved, don’t see his name.

    Thursday, 8 December 2016, 2:39 pm
  • Why can’t the cops just shoot these degenerates?

    Thursday, 8 December 2016, 1:45 pm
    • First off lady , why don’t they just shoot them Are you kidding me, these men are someone’s family MY FAMILY YOU DUMB . How would you feel if they shot any member of your family. You don’t know all the facts or what they’ve been through in their lives in order for them to do the things they’ve done, and the news and sheriff’s department doesn’t always tell it like it really is, so jail yes understandable To be shot wtf is wrong with you??? Your no better then they are just for thinking like that. Wrong comes in ALL DIFFERENT shapes and sizes. My opinion your also a Degenerate…. Fyl

      Friday, 9 December 2016, 12:36 am
      • A lot of people feel the same way..”Just Shoot Them”! It is called swift justice and we need more of it…The boo hoo past just doesn’t work anymore. What doesn’t kill you should make you stronger. So past is not an excuse when the future you have is prison.If my child was doing drugs, stealing,victimizing.? I dont care what age baby bear would have wished the police would have shot him. Famlies chistmases have been affected, peoples bills are late, the elderly missing medication…what about the victims you idiot?

        Friday, 9 December 2016, 6:41 am
        • Agree completely this crap is getting old real fast. Good job hcso.

          Friday, 9 December 2016, 4:39 pm
  • Game over if it is him,post office= federal charges,byye feleshia

    Thursday, 8 December 2016, 1:39 pm
  • On the sheriff’s fb it states he admitted to both the robberys 711 and post office to support his drug habbit

    Thursday, 8 December 2016, 1:34 pm
  • He definitely looks like an upstanding member of society

    Thursday, 8 December 2016, 1:04 pm
  • Now that’s one MUGLY UTHER!

    Thursday, 8 December 2016, 12:43 pm

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