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Bartow Man Dies in Early Morning Crash, Property Owner Says Curve Notorious for Accidents

BROOKSVILLE – At least one person is confirmed dead after an early morning single vehicle rollover crash on US-98.

According to witnesses, around 5:00 a.m. this morning a Dodge pickup truck was traveling southbound on US-98, just south of Yontz Road, when it left the roadway, struck two trees, a fence, and then overturned.

Property owner, Robin Jones says a male in his mid to late twenties was found deceased inside the truck. The Florida Highway Patrol confirmed that the deceased is a 28-year-old male from Bartow, Florida but his identity is being withheld, pending notification of next-of-kin.

Jones provided several images of the heavily damaged pickup truck and says this isn’t the first time someone has crashed into his yard. “Every two to four years someone ends up in our yard, coming around that turn after the light at Yontz Road,” says Jones. If not for the fence and trees, Jones believes the truck may have struck his house.

In March of 2016, Jones provided RNRF with incredible images of a car that was cut in half after it struck a tree on his property. Surprisingly, no one was killed in that accident.

We will bring more on this story as it develops.

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  • Another possible contributing factor may of been fog over the last week we have had early morning fog although its what I would refer to as spot fog you can find yourself with greatly reduced visible in a second. It is not like you have any warning one minute visability is fine the next minute you can hardly see the road in front of you. You just have to reduce your speeds to whatever the road conditions you incur. So very sad….

    Wednesday, 8 November 2017, 8:32 pm
  • So sad! Prayers going out to the family and friends.

    Monday, 6 November 2017, 8:06 pm
  • People criticizing this young man when you don’t even know how or what the situation behind the accident why go jump to conclusions and assume things. two and a half almost 3 years ago I lost my daughter in a accident something like this she veered off the road for an unknown reason and struck a tree head-on then died hours later you never know with these kids give them the benefit of the doubt this was a good young man no drugs no alcohol you never know he could have been missing an animal or anything give respect to his family rest in peace young man and prayers to his family and friends the homeowners as well this is a tragic event for all.

    Monday, 6 November 2017, 12:38 am
  • My family and I drove past that spot at around 6:45 am. We were going the speed limit and slowing down for obvious reasons once we saw all of the lights. Out of nowhere a truck came flying by us on the right (merge lane) right in between us and all of the first responder vehicles. Luckily, one of the state troopers got in his car right away and caught up with him! We wanted to clap when driving by him pulled over!! We could not believe the audacity that driver had!!! So sad for all that are affected by this accident. Our prayers and condolences.

    Sunday, 5 November 2017, 3:26 pm
  • so thousands of vehicles a year probably pass this spot and no one crashes except once every few years. with driver error you get this once in a while. awful as we all make mistakes but these crashes are one of the most unforgiving in terms of harm. Stay safe.

    Sunday, 5 November 2017, 2:47 pm
  • Who is to know what really happen to cause this accident. There is no need in putting blame on a curve, falling asleep or anything else. Just say a prayer for his family and friends. Be thankful for what you have everyday, because no one knows what tomorrow will bring! Knowing him through my daughter, he was a loving respectful young man and will be missed by many! Sending prayers to the family.

    Sunday, 5 November 2017, 2:04 pm
  • So very sad… Prayers to the family and friends… No matter the cause this young man is gone… Sending loving prayer to all involved and the property owners as well

    Sunday, 5 November 2017, 8:56 am
  • Prayers for his family… That is so sad he’s so young..
    Britain Thank You by saying that you would do something to mark where this young man loss his life..I’ve seen where animals run out in front of ya and it’s quite easy to try to avoid hitting one..Rest Peacefully 💙 Young Man

    Sunday, 5 November 2017, 1:43 am

    Saturday, 4 November 2017, 8:12 pm
  • too young

    Saturday, 4 November 2017, 7:55 pm
  • He was a great young man with a bright future. So sorry to the family and nothing but prayers and love, we’ll see you again one day my friend. Andy

    Saturday, 4 November 2017, 6:16 pm
  • Prayers being sent out to the Family. When I looked at the photos, it was just about evident that the driver did expire.

    Saturday, 4 November 2017, 5:14 pm
  • Prayers for the family. RIP

    Saturday, 4 November 2017, 4:46 pm
  • If I owned that property I would plant some more trees.

    Saturday, 4 November 2017, 3:42 pm
  • Very sorry for the loss of life it is very sad. However if he was going south on 98 there was no curve involved so you can’t use the curve as a reason for the crash.

    Saturday, 4 November 2017, 11:42 am
    • Yes there is a curve however speed im sure is more the cause than the case of a curve. Or falling asleep at the wheel

      Saturday, 4 November 2017, 5:29 pm
      • Having experienced first hand, over the last 37 years, the many accidents in this exact spot, 800 ft. south of US 98 & Yontz Rd intersection I would like all who care to know that speeding or falling asleep at the wheel is not always the cause. We put up the fence not to stop cars but to keep our dog, cat, chickens, etc. in the yard and other critters like deer, bobcats, armadillos, etc. etc. out if possible. Again, speaking from these many years of experience, even though the road is well marked and yes, there is this damn curve, any animal running across the road can send a vehicle flying if you try to avoid hitting it. Here is the reason, once one or two wheels leave the pavement you’re on wet grass and you’ve lost control of your vehicle. I have personally witnessed this on both south and north bound lanes as well as in the median. Your brakes or gas pedal will send you flying. And the swales R/W and culverts underneath the driveways make it even more dangerous since trying to get over or out of the culverts/driveways via the gas pedal will send you airborne unless you have tracks on your tank. This is not within city limits. The sounds of these crashes stay with us for months if not years. Yes, too many folks try to get through the traffic lights by speeding up, also you’re coming downhill so to speak coming from the college.
        The vehicle this morning was a 3/4ton truck, important!

        I now have the blood of this unfortunate young man in my front yard, I will never forget even though I never knew him. We will mark the area with a light and or flowers and prayers.
        Sorry this is so lengthy but jumping to conclusions is wrong. Thank you for your prayers.

        Saturday, 4 November 2017, 10:02 pm
  • oh so sad. Praying for his family. RIP

    Saturday, 4 November 2017, 11:13 am
  • Sad But paying attention and doing the speed limit probably could’ve avoided it if I were the homeowners I would cement block all around my house just to be safe

    Saturday, 4 November 2017, 10:52 am
    • you really are stupid Lena

      Tuesday, 7 November 2017, 10:56 am

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