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Commissioner Says Teachers Already Carry Guns, Marijuana Card Holders Banned

REGIONAL – As the debate over how to protect our children from becoming victims of a mass shooting heats up across Florida, one local gun shop owner and public official, says more gun laws isn’t the answer – more armed citizens is.

We spoke with Hernando Board of County Commission Chairman and owner of American Gun and Pawn, Steve Champion, who explained that imposing more regulations on law abiding citizens does nothing to prevent a criminal or mentally ill person from committing mass murder. “The sad part, and the Sheriff said this the other day, I know you don’t want to hear this, but it probably will not end because there are evil people in the world,” said Champion.

Democrats and anti-gun advocates want to create a better vetting process for those purchasing firearms. But Champion says there is already enough regulation on law abiding citizens – it’s the Government that isn’t using the information to prevent criminals from purchasing firearms.

Champion showed us a standard ATF firearms transaction form that must be completed by every person who purchases a firearm. There are approximately 14 questions posed to applicants, like have you ever been convicted of a felony, have you ever been adjudicated mentally defective or committed to a mental institution, are you a legal U.S. citizen, and one question regarding the use of marijuana that most would-be gun purchasers may not be aware of.

Under Federal Law, marijuana is still illegal and is considered a schedule 1 Controlled Substance. Despite States that have decriminalized or legalized marijuana for recreational or medicinal purposes, a user is forbidden from possession or purchasing a firearm.

Florida recently legalized marijuana for medicinal purposes and issues cards that permit the purchase of marijuana from certified dispensaries, but card holders will be denied the purchase of a firearm and could face a misdemeanor charge if caught in possession of both.

During Tuesdays BOCC meeting, Commissioners John Allocco and Jeff Holcomb suggested improving the infrastructure and “barriers” as an additional deterrent from “evil doers.”

Champion isn’t opposed to the idea but says it will take a combination of changes to protect our children. “If you go to a courthouse, you have one way in and one way out – do you hear about any incidents there,” Champion asks.  “At my gun store – one way in one way out. Yes, is it a little inconvenient but we get used to it.”

Democrats suggest adding metal detectors at all schools but the cost of purchasing and manning the devices is not only prohibitive in most districts, but Champion says, “Metal detectors aren’t going to help you. “If there’s nobody armed, the whack job is just going to shoot whoever’s there. The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun,” says Champion.

Democrats also want to ban “Assault Rifles” or semi-automatic long-rifles, as they are properly termed. Champion compared a wood stock long-rifle that fires the same size round and capacity as the “Scary looking” AR-15. Democrats use terms like “Assault Rifle” to scare people, when in reality, it is no different than other guns and fires a much smaller projectile than your average handgun, according to Champion. The AR-15 fires a .223 which is just a small step above a .22 cal.

Champion blames Liberals for politicizing every terrible tragedy that occurs, and Vice President of the NRA, Wayne LaPierre echoed champion’s sentiments during a press conference in National Harbor, Maryland earlier today. LaPierre said, “It’s a bizarre fact that our jewelry stores are more important than our children – our banks, our airports, our NBA games, our NFL games, our office buildings, our movie stars, our politicians – they’re all more protected than our children at school – does that make any sense?”

LaPierre blamed the new European style socialist Democrats who have “seized control of the Democrat party. . .” LaPierre mocked Democrats, stating “Do we really love our money and our celebrities more than we love our children? . . .we protect so much with armed security, while we drop our kids off at our so-called gun free zone schools that are open targets for any crazy madman bent on evil to come there first.” LaPierre says, “Lets remove it from the white house, Capitol Hill and all of Hollywood.”

Champion sells a lot of firearms to teachers and says, “I know for a fact that teachers already carry at school.” Although he supports their right to protect themselves, he reiterates that he doesn’t condone breaking the law.

In recent days, schools across the region have been inundated with false reports from students threatening to “shoot up schools.” So far, none of the “pranks” have led to violence but law enforcement agencies are on heightened alert and patrols are being stepped up.

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  • It’s incredibly easy for criminals to acquire guns second hand.

    Also most mental health info is protected by hiipa.

    Quoting whack jobs like Champion and lapeieer who directly profit from death and fear is completely irresponsible, imho.

    There are many ways other countries deal with guns that work.

    Continuing to do the opposite of what works and is best for society is the gop way, and sadly, the ignorant gop run our country, state and county.

    Saturday, 24 February 2018, 1:58 pm
    • you will never stop criminals from getting guns. If you don’t believe that , you , my friend are the whack job.

      Sunday, 25 February 2018, 9:37 am
  • There is no real debate. There are mentally ill, criminals etc in other countries.

    Our cowardly politicians profit from death and fear.

    We know national gun policies, work, look at Australia.

    We can do better. There is no excuse for giving sometime like Champion press. He obviously doesn’t care about anyone other than his sales.

    He doesn’t care, he obviously knows better – he can’t possibly be that successful and stupid.

    Gun bans etc work.

    The only question is; will our cowardly politicians step up and stop misleading their sheep with their nonsense?

    So don’t worry gun nuts, haters of America, your politicians are more interested in cash them ding the right thing.

    The NRA has been nuts since at least 1993, when hw bush resigned, and they just keep getting worse.

    Saturday, 24 February 2018, 1:24 pm
  • Qunesha, sorry I misspelled your name you know I love you though!!!!

    Friday, 23 February 2018, 12:48 pm
  • Shaun as well as many others on here very good point well-said spot on brother!!! Boy is common sense seriously lacking in our society I swear wow

    Friday, 23 February 2018, 12:46 pm
  • Yes we really do live in a damn bassackward Society with bassackward am laws how the hell can someone who owns a carry not be able to do so because they huffed a little natural hippie lettuce, but they can Chomp morphine and who knows what else and it’s okay pretty freaking effed-up.

    Friday, 23 February 2018, 12:45 pm
  • Oops sorry about the typos there folks on my comment there, where it says left arm that’s talk text for you so excuse the typos or should we sayTALKO, LOL

    Friday, 23 February 2018, 12:41 pm
  • Wow I have too many different thoughts and feelings to sum it up all in one comment here, anyway Patriot I’m with you makes sense to me let’s keep it simple how about this solve the whole problem make it mandatory everyone is armed problem solved and much much less crime I’m sure there’s millions and billions who would disagree with that but that’s my opinion and left arm everybody Country Rose, and also American Girl, very well said very very good point that’s the truth is a matter of fact, very good points, Qunesha! lol you go get them Qunisha!

    Friday, 23 February 2018, 12:38 pm
  • “The AR-15 fires a .223 which is just a small step above a .22 cal.” ….. what a moronic statement. This commissioner is barely smart enough to breathe.

    Friday, 23 February 2018, 11:34 am
  • Wow so did I just read that a county official an FFL holder is complicit with gun law violations ?

    Thursday, 22 February 2018, 9:56 pm
  • Tom, this is NOT journalism. How do you seriously call yourself a journalist?

    This “story” is simply you, once again, writing your opinion so you can feed your extremely over size ego and feel that you have written something that should win you an award. If you want to write an editorial, go ahead, but put a disclaimer on it, stating it is your opinion.

    The only facts you were able to present were statements by Steve Champion, to try and add some bit of authority to this story. I don’t know Steve Champion, but after reading this I am sure he deeply regrets even having you in his store to sensationalize his comments.

    You need to go back to the basics of news reporting. The Who, What, Where, When and if possible, Why. Not this stuff. Come on, you have to know better. Anybody can start a website, get a camera and a computer to post things. But a real journalist will have integrity about what they write. Perhaps this is why there is more time spent explaining your actions than actually reporting the local news we all desperately are looking for daily.

    And for the record, I am not in Law Enforcement, have nothing to do with Law Enforcement. I spent almost 30 years in radio broadcasting and know a couple of things about news reporting. But I am sure you will have some comment to support this story.

    Thursday, 22 February 2018, 9:37 pm
    • Well said Robert, Tom usually just deletes my posts about his lack of journalistic skills.

      Friday, 23 February 2018, 6:24 pm
  • After Reading this story i would like to draw your Eyes to Mr,Champion’s Shirt with the seal of Hernando County
    Who works for the people of Hernando County. And yet look at the shirt he is wearing at his business. Something is not right here. Is this setting a good example for Hernando County.

    So let me call your eyes to the Dress Code Of Hernando County.

    Alcoholic beverages shall not be purchased or consumed while in a county uniform, even
    off duty. All non-county related activities (i.e., mowing a friend’s lawn after hours while
    in a county uniform) are considered improper use of county-issued property, and could
    lead to disciplinary action.

    I Guess Running a Gun Shop is safer than buying a can of Beer at a store After Work.

    Thursday, 22 February 2018, 9:30 pm
    • Seriously?! I’m sure he wasn’t there working but met Tom for his little interview, I know Steve invest much of his time doing his county job allowing employees to run his stores. How about find a real reason to cry and complain!!!! Stop being a part of our problem and start helping find solutions!

      Friday, 23 February 2018, 6:55 am
    • The County Commissioners don’t care what the citizens think. We have Champion letting everyone know he’s in the gun business, Allocco approving the sale of the Water Dept building to his daughter for a great price and then we have Nick Nicholson. This is the second time he has been involved somehow with drugs. On his dining room table. And he doesn’t know anything about it. Strippers and drugs. And yet these fine upstanding commissioners rip apart anyone who is not a good ole boy neocon. Just listen to their preaching at their meetings.

      Monday, 26 February 2018, 10:16 am
  • First of all, it’s not liberals and ant gun people who want to see change. It’s a vast number of people from both parties and all walks of life. Secondly, comparing a .223 rifle and a .22 rifle as nearly the same is a gross comparison, and outright lie. I am a staunch supporter of the second amendment but it’s second amendment proponents like Mr. Champion and cheesy and one sided reporting like this that makes the issue difficult to come to terms with. Shame on both of you. Articles like this and comments like Mr. Champion’s are what gives the anti gun people the tools they need to get their way and limit the rights of law abiding citizens.

    Thursday, 22 February 2018, 8:06 pm
    • Well said. I have to carry at times due to work. I practice regularly.

      With the morons I see at various gun ranges, it’s amazing there aren’t more accidents and our gun violence rate makes sense to me then.

      In many ways our culture has drifted so far to the right since Reagan, the stupid dem party is the only one close to being on the side of science.

      I’d love to see the gop get some teddy r in them so they’d be a viable option.

      Saturday, 24 February 2018, 2:50 pm
  • easy solution get rid of the stupid democrats.

    Thursday, 22 February 2018, 7:48 pm
  • I think we should arm kids at birth. send them home from the hospital with diapers, blanket and an assault rifle. The key is more guns.

    Thursday, 22 February 2018, 7:21 pm
  • Liberals are opposed to having armed security in schools. Not just armed teachers, but any armed security. Why? If they support this it is an admission that the threat of armed personnel is a deterrent to; or an effective response to an armed criminal. The admission is that GUNS are an effective tool to prevent, defend and end a threat. This kills the idea lf “GUN VIOLENCE”. Guns do nothing on their own. BTW, the majority of teachers tend toward liberal, they will not carry a gun in school and if they did, they would not use it for defense.

    Thursday, 22 February 2018, 6:58 pm
  • One thing they do need to take away is the sale of firearms at flea markets you can walk into one and buy anything you want just have to show Id that’s a good way to get guns into the wrong hands

    Thursday, 22 February 2018, 6:01 pm
  • My compact glock 26 hand gun can use 33rd mags and 50rd mags it’s not the assault rifles people come on I get same amount of rounds in a gun that fits in my pocket well with those mags won’t fit in my pocket but you get my point

    Thursday, 22 February 2018, 5:39 pm
  • The only way too stop a bad got with a gun is a good guy with a gun. Until two good guys with guns decide there is only one, shoot each other and now there are 2 more dead guys and whoever else is in the cross fire.

    Thursday, 22 February 2018, 4:56 pm
  • The gun is no more at fault for killing someone than the pencil is for making mistakes. Personally I would rather be tried by 12 than carried by 6 !

    Thursday, 22 February 2018, 4:23 pm
  • “Champion sells a lot of firearms to teachers and says, “I know for a fact that teachers already carry at school.” Although he supports their right to protect themselves, he reiterates that he doesn’t condone breaking the law.” Not being a guy against carry. Why would a person who can legally carry, knowing break the law?? Not right, maybe look into Polk county class to be deputized and legally carry in a school like they do?? And yes, I do carry legally knowing when and where I can. If you carry, know the law, print out 790. statute, Bad spelling? And read it several times to become aware of it. When you get your License, you stated you knew it and understood it. Just my opinion, don’t hate.

    Thursday, 22 February 2018, 3:38 pm
    • Wow what an example to set for the kids! Monkey see Monkey Do! These teachers should be fired! Kids need to be taught to obey and respect the law, not the opposite! You think the kids don’t know? Hah aha their very observant.

      Thursday, 22 February 2018, 8:03 pm
  • Which schools already have teachers who carry guns? Mr Champion please let us know where the armed teachers are. Tom could you get us a list of teachers who carry at school.

    Thursday, 22 February 2018, 3:30 pm
      • Glad, I just think that statement of his should have never been stated by him.

        Thursday, 22 February 2018, 3:47 pm
    • How about this, Mr. Brunky…YOU tell us all about your personal life, or better yet, we look up your IP Address, find out who YOU are and put your whole life on here for everyone to see! Get it? Got it? Good!!!

      Thursday, 22 February 2018, 7:27 pm
      • You are threatening someone. Not cool. Most people are brought up to respect other opinions. The only place they didn’t was in nazi germany

        Monday, 26 February 2018, 10:20 am
  • With all the portable classrooms in Hernando County, each school campus would have to be completely surrounded by a high fence with razor ribbon, one entry and exit with metal detectors. Never happen.

    Thursday, 22 February 2018, 3:19 pm
  • If Medical Marijuana is an illegal controlled substance, where do they draw the line on people who take prescription controlled medicine, or meds for depression or anxiety? This is a slippery slope, I do not believe marijuana is addictive, as is the “Legal” controlled medicines anyone can get. And some don’t get it legally. So there is that. Still people are going to do illegal stuff like getting a gun illegally. So really, what is the answer to this?

    Thursday, 22 February 2018, 3:13 pm
    • Just in case you are wondering, no I do not smoke marijuana, or have a medical marijuana card. This is just taking away the rights of the majority for a few evil people that will find a way to do what they are going to do and do it illegally! With a gun or with some other weapon. So far I can still legally own a gun. But if they keep messing with the laws, me as a law abiding citizen will probably not be able to because of some crazy reason. And today a hand gun was used to murder 2 students in Kentucky and injure more. So much for the “assault” rifles. And this was by a 15 year old. Where did he get the gun? Parents? Or did he steal it or buy it illegally? Those are other things that need to be addressed. And if the gun belonged to his parents then look at them. Guns should not be easily acquired from the home.

      Thursday, 22 February 2018, 3:39 pm
      • Americangirl, you are so right, I don’t do any of the medical or other kind of WEED , don’t do drugs Etc, but they will try take all guns. Today, in conneticut, a man in a car drove INTO a hospital emergency room, once inside doused himself with gasoline and is now in critical condition somewhere. No one else was injured, course ER is shut down The evil will try and kill people one way or other, Sherriff Niehouse (SP) was RIGHT ON THIS STATEMENT.

        Thursday, 22 February 2018, 6:29 pm
    • Marijuana certainly is addictive. Most of the people on it “can quit anytime” but they don’t. I have personally seen people ruin their lives, waste their potential due to cannabis dependence.

      Anyone who is on alcohol, prescribed pain meds, anxiety meds and others is probably more risky than a pot head.

      However, those drugs are deemed to be medically useful and are not illegal, hence the unfair restriction.

      Saturday, 24 February 2018, 3:47 pm
  • Absolutely true! Stop handicapping the good guy and potential protector with more stupid gun laws. The bad guys don’t follow laws so any new laws won’t do one darn thing! This behavior will continue. No more gun free zones and the citizens will have the upper hand.

    Thursday, 22 February 2018, 2:31 pm
    • Wow snitch…….

      Thursday, 22 February 2018, 5:21 pm
      • Yep, what a real man we have there. Probably sold them the guns in the first place. GOT HIS MONEY and his few minutes of fame tho. ATF will probably be all over this, license to carry doesn’t mean you can break the law, then you loose all the way round. What a putz!! Simply unbelievable. .

        Thursday, 22 February 2018, 7:20 pm
    • VERY WELL PUT!!!

      Thursday, 22 February 2018, 7:56 pm

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