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Deputy Captures Thieves Who Allegedly Stole A/C Unit from Vacant Residence, Vigilant Neighbor Called 911

SPRING HILL – Thanks to a vigilant neighbor, Sheriff’s Deputies were able to catch two would-be thieves who stole an air conditioning unit from a residence on Wellington Road.

According to sources, neighbors witnessed two men disconnecting an A/C unit from 5167 Wellington Road, load it into the back of a pickup truck and drive away. But the burglars didn’t get more than two blocks away before a Sheriff’s Deputy spotted the truck on Landover Blvd and conducted a felony traffic stop.

The suspects were held at gunpoint until backup arrived on scene, where both were taken into custody without incident.

The A/C unit and possibly a pool pump was located inside the bed of the pickup truck.

We will bring more on this story once both suspects have been booked into the Hernando County Jail.

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    Sunday, 17 December 2017, 11:00 am
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    Saturday, 16 December 2017, 6:20 pm
  • Book ’em Dano (and throw away the key)!

    Saturday, 16 December 2017, 12:23 pm
  • Removing their thumbs will prevent them from future thievery.

    Saturday, 16 December 2017, 11:20 am
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    Saturday, 16 December 2017, 12:16 am
  • More losers Most likely already with a criminal record

    Friday, 15 December 2017, 9:27 pm
  • now these guys can cool off in jail

    Friday, 15 December 2017, 7:21 pm
  • Dudes its winter

    Friday, 15 December 2017, 7:19 pm
    • i hear they were looking for snow in florida.

      Saturday, 16 December 2017, 2:32 pm

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