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DEVELOPING: Investigation Underway into Another Twigg Street Shooting

UPDATE: 4/17/2017, 10:30 A.M. – Officials have identified the victim as 24-year-old Thomas Holland. He remains in critical condition, according to officials.

UPDATE: 12:55 P.M. – Officials have confirmed that a shooting occurred this morning and that one person was shot. There is no word on the victim’s condition at this time.

There are still no details into what led to the shooting or any information regarding a possible suspects.

There is no active threat to the community at this time, according to officials.
Officials are asking anyone with information on this case to contact the Sheriff’s Office at 352-754-6830.

BROOKSVILLE – Another shooting on Twigg Street. That’s what happened around 4:00 a.m. this morning and sources say one person may be clinging to life.

Officials have remained tight lipped on incident but according to our sources at least one person was shot and is currently undergoing surgery at a local trauma center.

There is no suspect information at this time.

This marks the second Twigg Street shooting in recent weeks. On March 3rd, 32-year-old Marcus Lamar Easterling died after he was shot point blank in the head, and those suspects are still at large (ORIGINAL REPORT).

Continue to check back for updates.

We will bring more on this story as it develops.

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  • What about springhill & alll the meth house’s they have or all the young crack heads out there ? Yall all only wanna say twigg is the problem but thats damn sure not the only place to get drugs from in brooksville. Don’t pin point one place when murders & drugs are All over brooksville. Probably some of yall kids selling drugs or killing people. But yall aint gone talk about that , its way easier to be like “oh yea Twigg st is where all the bad stuff happens” knowing damn well yall prolly smoking weed , smoking crack and so on. Stop acting so innocent and tryna blame everything on them down on twigg because yall know good and well yall got something going on that yall shouldn’t be doing. Yall aint no saints so stop acting like it.
    RIP MARCUS Get Well Soon Tom !

    Sunday, 23 April 2017, 11:48 pm
  • This is how i feel thats my homebody and aint nobody gonna talk shit about him. Regaurdless of what happen to have gotten him shot he dont desever to die nor be in this hospital situation. My preyers are with him family.and. to everybody talkin shit it needs to stop frfr. Anyways i love my homebody and i hope he gets well and stays srong. I love him and will keep preying for him. ❤❤

    Thursday, 20 April 2017, 11:17 pm
  • Well first and foremost my regards are with the family!! Second it’s sad That​ everyone response is about race or drugs !!! He lived on that block was raised on that block !!! That DOES NOT make him a bad person!! We need to stop judging people by there situation and start looking at them for who they are!!!! Once again my regards are with his family​!!! Ok n now to some preaching!!! I’ve been past and on twigg multiple times!!(n I no I no I’m a drug addict then lol) what my biggest laugh and problem I constitantly see is that there is ALWAYS a brooksville pd posted across the street diagnolly from twigg watch these boys sling all day everyday and do nothing but go after the person driving away!!! Why do you steadly go for the buyer while watching the dealers??Guess what bag the dealer then no more users and traffic!! Ohh wait this county is only about money!!! The dealers go away for to long n don’t pay this good ole buddy system county!!! The users who usually just have a bad habit do pay!!!! If this county wanted to help it
    And fix it they would lose money so it will NEVER happen!!! JUDGEMENT is being casted on the wrong ppl!!!

    Tuesday, 18 April 2017, 9:18 pm
  • Prayers for my homiee , love you bruuh .

    Monday, 17 April 2017, 2:39 pm
    • Your “homiee” is a bully and karma was a bitch to him. Hopefully, this will be a wake up call for him.

      Monday, 17 April 2017, 3:48 pm
  • These comments are something else I pray the family get justice and end that no snitch BS somebody say something no one deserves to die this way

    Monday, 17 April 2017, 10:30 am
  • I hope it was Chick.

    Monday, 17 April 2017, 10:10 am
    • They know who it was …. Katt wit chick & his sista heavy … know Datt

      Monday, 17 April 2017, 4:25 pm
    • Shut up its probably you like they said there’s no suspects

      Wednesday, 19 April 2017, 9:34 pm
  • Sad another life in critical condition due to drugs or an escalated argument crazy how a tragedy can turn so many innocent people against eachother because of opinions. Prayers to the family

    Monday, 17 April 2017, 9:18 am
  • You reap what you sow !! His family turned him into the person he is (or was) so they are as much a part of his circumstance as he is !!! As for the bigoted religious zealots who first send prayers and then talk trash, if its truly Gods will, a bullet wont kill him and prayers wont save him. ( Amen “brother” ?)

    Monday, 17 April 2017, 6:45 am
    • Go to church on Sunday and sell drugs every other day. It’s generational, and that’s the mentality of the colored folks in South Brooksville. But, praise Jesus!

      Monday, 17 April 2017, 9:17 pm
  • theres been serious issues coming from trouble makers on that street for decades and it is what it is. many things have been done to change that but certain factors are lacking.. guaranteed some news will be writing another twigg street shooting decades from now.

    Sunday, 16 April 2017, 10:48 pm
  • The good Lord doesn’t want anything to do with Twigg St. Save your prayers for something that matters!

    Sunday, 16 April 2017, 10:02 pm
  • Bville police are scared to go down twigg only time they care or go down it is when sum like this happens

    Sunday, 16 April 2017, 9:53 pm
  • Comment section proving just to be a place for abuse and insults once again.

    Sunday, 16 April 2017, 8:42 pm
  • Circumstances unknown with the exception that someone has lost a family member. Can we pray for the folks who lost a family member please???? I’m sure racist remarks are NOT what they need right now. My prayers for a resolution to this soon. So sorry for your loss.

    Sunday, 16 April 2017, 7:16 pm

      Sunday, 16 April 2017, 8:31 pm
      • It’s called NEWS dingbat!

        Sunday, 16 April 2017, 10:03 pm
    • Hes still in the hospital in ICU we all are praying for his recovery…… And that he makes it out alive ?….. but yet they didnt even post about someone running into a house on a few roads down from twigg neither….. i know alot of people down there but dont hang out there… they fight over stupid things nd no one throws hands anymore…its bout who can pull the trigger faster…. prayers for the family

      Sunday, 16 April 2017, 9:29 pm
      • It was my house that was run into by a young man trying to get away from the gunfire. Hopefully he has had a come to Jesus moment, turn his life around and get out of that Twigg St. mentality. Pretty severe structural damage, but HCSO didn’t feel the need to tryand get ahold of me. Found a form from FHP stuck in my front door Sunday morning. I lived there for three and a half years and recently moved out. Gun violence becoming the norm and a sheriff who didn’t seem to care. Yesterday was the first day I actually saw deputies out of their cars and walking the streets. There is alot of fine folks who live in that neighborhood, but they feel disenfranchised by law enforcement. Even yesterday law enforcement failed to enforce trespass violations, people blocking folks driveways and noise violations.
        I know the victim and his family and I pray for them. Please don’t condemn the neighborhood for the actions of a few people and the inaction of HCSO.

        Monday, 17 April 2017, 8:02 am
        • How can law enforcement do their job when the people who live there hide evidence, shoot at the police and keep their lips tight.

          Monday, 17 April 2017, 9:11 am
        • I think your name says it all ….. 🙂

          Monday, 17 April 2017, 12:16 pm
          • Blame the cops. It’s their fault. I think you need to hire your own police to control your people.

            Monday, 17 April 2017, 2:41 pm
    • He hasnt died. So please if you dont know please respect the family. They have been thru enough.

      Sunday, 16 April 2017, 9:52 pm
  • This ends when we MAKE IT END. wake up, people.
    also, thanks to BPD and RNRF

    Sunday, 16 April 2017, 6:16 pm
  • Let’s have a rally!! “BLACK LIVES MATTER!”
    What?? Ohhh,,, we don’t do that when blacks kill each other .. only when whitey’s holdin’ em down . Let’s riot, it an excuse to rob stores ( in r own neighborhood!?) let’s burn down r own neighborhood ! We didn’t even know the guy! But we’ve been delt a GREAT injustice ! U white folk sure got some nerve!!

    Sunday, 16 April 2017, 5:37 pm
  • It’s amazing how Janice can say the entire area needs to be razed… Janice why don’t you suggest that the area be prayed for and revitalized….not everyone there is into drugs, and nonsence. But I’m sure you know that being that you were born there too…..

    Sunday, 16 April 2017, 4:08 pm
    • How about they “SPAY” the area and “Euthanize” vs. revitalize? Anything is worth a “Shot” right? …. 🙂

      Monday, 17 April 2017, 7:02 am
      • If not razed, that’s exactly what needs to be done. There hasn’t been anything good come off of Twigg Street in years. The police know their lives are in danger every time they have to go down that street or to the area.

        Monday, 17 April 2017, 3:09 pm
    • Amen

      Monday, 17 April 2017, 12:39 pm
    • I don’t pray but the people on Twigg Street seem to prey on each other. I wasn’t born there and I wouldn’t step foot in that area if I had to. Most everyone is into drugs there and all the nonsense that goes with them. Either drugs or finding white girls to make babies with so the babies aren’t dark skinned. It will never be revitalized. It’s been the hood, the subs and an easy place for anyone to go into to get drugs for decades.

      Monday, 17 April 2017, 3:12 pm
      • How would you know if you haven’t or you say wouldn’t step foot down there

        Friday, 21 April 2017, 3:53 am
  • That street AND NEIGHBorHOOD is a disgrace to our whole country! The feds will be raiding it soon everything there is under active watch and surveilance there just waiting for the right time to hand out career criminal life sentences instead of wrist slaps and then it will get all bulldozed not one house there is worth a thousand dollars, soon Brooksville will be great again! My white president prevails!

    Sunday, 16 April 2017, 3:51 pm
    • Some things are better left unsaid

      Friday, 21 April 2017, 3:48 am

    Sunday, 16 April 2017, 3:29 pm
    • Who the hell gave u the power to give or take away another persons breath?

      Sunday, 16 April 2017, 7:53 pm
    • Stop running your mouth you dont need to say that you didnt even know the dude real pissing me the offm .

      Thursday, 20 April 2017, 11:12 pm
  • Generational poverty folks…. it breeds uneducated people who breed violence. You can’t help people who won’t help themselves.

    Sunday, 16 April 2017, 3:26 pm
  • They need to destory twigg street. But Brooksville Police or Hernando County Sheriff department don’t care. I am black before you say something. But Brooksville is full of too many kids being grown and grown people acting like kids.

    Sunday, 16 April 2017, 2:53 pm
    • Thestruggle, I totally agree with your last sentence and not all of the kid/adults or adult/kids are black. A lot are white rednecks and not all are on twigg st. or even close.

      Sunday, 16 April 2017, 7:09 pm
    • But What People Don’t Understand Is It’s Not The People Who Live There That Make Twiggy Street The Way It Is. It’s The People Who Come There. Destroy The Street For What? If People Would Take Their Business Where They Stay It Wouldn’t Be A Problem. When Those People Who Are Not Residents Of The Street Aren’t There, It’s Actually A Quiet Place, But Y’all Wouldn’t Know That Because Of What Goes On.

      Monday, 24 April 2017, 4:07 pm
  • Prayers for the family and friends! Just remember that this person has a huge family and I know they have suffered enough!!

    Sunday, 16 April 2017, 1:43 pm
    • Fr fr…prayers to the family!

      Sunday, 16 April 2017, 9:05 pm
  • That’s what happens to bullies

    Sunday, 16 April 2017, 1:28 pm
  • Janice,your a disgrace to Brooksville shut it racist up

    Sunday, 16 April 2017, 1:01 pm
    • You’re a perfect example as to why. I’m not racist. I’m chocolate.

      Sunday, 16 April 2017, 1:18 pm
      • Does this mean you can only be racist if your not chocolate?

        Monday, 17 April 2017, 6:50 am
        • Not at all. I was responding to someone who thought I was a whitey. I had to set them straight. Not everyone who doesn’t like that area is racist or white. Lots of us chocolate folks don’t like the place either and want it razed.

          Monday, 17 April 2017, 3:14 pm
    • Facts aren’t racist.

      Sunday, 16 April 2017, 1:23 pm
    • how is janice racist? she happens to be correct

      Sunday, 16 April 2017, 3:53 pm
    • Real, you must be one of those liberal POS! You and the rest of your Democraps continue to bring up the race card for every news event. You are so transparent.

      Sunday, 16 April 2017, 8:13 pm
  • That entire area needs razed. It’s a drug pit and a disgrace to Brooksville.

    Sunday, 16 April 2017, 12:46 pm

      Sunday, 16 April 2017, 3:33 pm
      • So funny!

        Monday, 17 April 2017, 6:37 am
    • This happens in Springhill just as often as Brooksville if not more!

      Sunday, 16 April 2017, 4:37 pm
      • thank you

        Monday, 17 April 2017, 4:37 am
    • Yo you need to shut that up. That was my homeboy who got shot. Know you facts before you run your mouth.

      Thursday, 20 April 2017, 11:08 pm
  • DRUGS??

    Sunday, 16 April 2017, 12:27 pm

      Sunday, 16 April 2017, 3:31 pm

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