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Domestic Dispute Turns Violent After Woman Pulls Knife – Couple Charged

SPRING HILL – A couple is facing domestic battery charges today, after a Sunday night verbal dispute turned violent, leaving one person with a stab wound to the shoulder.

According to officials, 53-year-old Scott Alan Pierson and his live-in girlfriend 47-year-old Robin Michelle Fore were seen physically fighting off and on Sunday by witnesses.

About an hour after the fighting began, Fore obtained a pocket knife and cut Pierson on the left shoulder. Pierson was not seriously injured from the cut and neither required medical attention due to the fighting.

Unable to determine the primary aggressor, deputies placed Fore and Pierson into custody.

Fore is charged with aggravated battery, due to the use of a weapon and Pierson is charged with Domestic Battery. Pierson was already on probation from a domestic battery conviction last month. Fore remains behind bars, held on a $500 bond – Pierson is not eligible for bond at this time, due violating his probation.

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Pierson Fore

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  • Your typical inbred couple having southern fun…fighting over that last can of natural ice….

    Wednesday, 15 July 2015, 10:41 pm
  • Why Detroit? I betcha she was born and raised right here, probably your sister from a different mama Gatorjust playing lol

    Tuesday, 14 July 2015, 10:49 pm
  • She must be from Detroit!

    Tuesday, 14 July 2015, 11:08 am
  • Just another day in Springhill……….

    Monday, 13 July 2015, 7:46 pm
    • LJ — Just another day like anywhere . . . (give me a break).

      Tuesday, 14 July 2015, 9:02 am
      • Give you a break, look at the crime lately in Springhill, yes just another day

        Tuesday, 14 July 2015, 1:49 pm
        • Are you saying Spring Hill’s been pristine until “lately”? There’s always a percentage of the population (any population) that messes up. Nothing’s changed. You’re just noticing it more.

          Tuesday, 14 July 2015, 5:32 pm
  • what a lovely couple….
    But I” put money on the fact that they won’t make fifty years….

    Monday, 13 July 2015, 5:01 pm
    • FIFTY years ??? They won’t make it 5 years………..and she can’t come up with 50 bucks to get out of jail ?? OH WELL……….she’s where she belongs !!!

      Monday, 13 July 2015, 6:28 pm

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