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Drive-by Shooting Rattles Nerves of Residents Inside Springwood Estates

SPRING HILL – Violence continues to grow across Hernando County, as Sheriff’s Deputies investigate the fourth shooting in less than a month.

Deputies have blocked off Sunny Brook Trail located inside Springwood Estates, after a drive-by shooting occurred around 4:00 p.m. this afternoon.

There no reports of injuries at this time but sources say several shell casings were discovered on the roadway in front of a residence.

One witness tells RNRF that he heard at least 5-shots and actually saw the impact as they struck the ground. Another witness say they received a reverse 911 call about the incident.

There are unconfirmed reports that the suspect vehicle is a silver 4-door Nissan, occupied by 2 black males.

HSCO Spokesperson Denise Moloney did not respond to our request for information regarding the incident.

We will bring more on this story if more information develops.

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    Monday, 5 February 2018, 12:05 pm
  • Gas is getting so expensive that these thugs are resorting to walk-by shootings and bicycle-by shootings. Tough economy! 😃

    Saturday, 3 February 2018, 6:01 am
  • Sorry for the typos they’re meant to say my vote is in for you for Sheriff to all the spell check police out there anyway time to round up these Thugs and go Bethy

    Friday, 2 February 2018, 12:20 pm
  • Lovely just lovely looks like we got ourselves another thug gangster wannabe drive-by make a name for yourself whatever the hell you want to call it okay I guess it’s time to go Bethy here Bethy for Sheriff Duffy if you’re out there white votes in for you for Sheriff

    Friday, 2 February 2018, 12:18 pm
  • People in any community can end this violent punk gang B.S. by simply not putting up with it. Right now there are persons that know who are doing this and they are either OK with it or they would do what they need to end it. Often false rationel is used by bystanders to avoid and not take action which amounts to protecting criminals. Eventually the “do nothings” find themselves guilty and have to live with it. Then they live in the community they deserve.

    Friday, 2 February 2018, 11:37 am
  • At least it’s not like Brooksville. People running up in your place and killing everyone

    Friday, 2 February 2018, 10:43 am
  • What if they targeted the wrong house! YES IT IS A DANGER TO THE INNOCENT PEOPLE LIVING THERE! Something is up with that family, cars coming and going at odd hours, activity all hours of the night.

    Friday, 2 February 2018, 10:25 am
    • You’re an idiot.

      Friday, 2 February 2018, 5:50 pm
  • Kids being kids.

    Friday, 2 February 2018, 9:39 am
  • Find them, beat the out of them if not kill them black or white. Doesn’t matter discharging that gun could have killed someone. A child nonetheless….

    Friday, 2 February 2018, 6:19 am
  • Of course Moloney ain’t gonna respond. Did you really expect her to?

    Friday, 2 February 2018, 1:59 am
  • Now remember officers, when you find these young men treat them with respect and kid gloves….ffs.

    Thursday, 1 February 2018, 11:21 pm
  • sparkling wiggles again

    Thursday, 1 February 2018, 8:38 pm
    • Get ur guns and ur bibles

      Friday, 2 February 2018, 9:38 am
  • Sounds like Hernando County needs to do a crack down and sweep police get after it.

    Thursday, 1 February 2018, 8:29 pm
  • I love the panicky morons who think that there is a danger to the community. Things dangerous to a community: serial killer, home invader, drugs, etc. Things not dangerous to a community: targeted drive-by, targeted shooting. See below:

    Thursday, 1 February 2018, 6:55 pm
    • I agree with you on that 100%

      Thursday, 1 February 2018, 8:44 pm
    • Really? A drive by shooting is not a danger to the community? What about the innocent ppl that get killed/injured because one of those stray bullets hit them?

      Thursday, 1 February 2018, 9:08 pm
      • Please point to a time in Hernando county that an innocent bystander was shot in a drive-by. I’ll wait

        Friday, 2 February 2018, 5:48 pm
  • ill bet tbey still say at the 4th shooting and still no threat to the community.humm seems all the sudden tooting tf out of his own horn on a facebook spree about how great he is,maybe stop posting on fb and go get these bums shooting all over the county.
    then go ahead on fb and tell us how awesome you are,Thanks

    Thursday, 1 February 2018, 6:25 pm
    • Correct. There is no danger to the community. Targeted shootings are not random.

      Friday, 2 February 2018, 5:49 pm
  • Bet the response will be “NO DANGER TO THE COMMUNITY”

    Thursday, 1 February 2018, 6:20 pm
    • “No Danger to the Community”… for those NOT INVOLVED WITH DRUGS. Though, any ‘innocent’ individual could possibly be harmed due to “wrong place, wrong time.” .VERY disturbing and unwarranted!. All the same!

      Thursday, 1 February 2018, 6:41 pm

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