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Fire Damages Spring Hill Home – Family Pet Rescued

SPRING HILL – Fire Rescue responded to 1420 Mariner Blvd around 3:30 p.m., after receiving reports of a structure fire at that location.

We have not received an official statement at this time, but according to our sources, fire broke out inside the garage, possibly due to a lightning strike. Strong storms moved across the area around the same time that 911 operators received the call.

All occupants inside the home escaped without injury and there are no reports of damages to surrounding structures.

Fears that the family’s cat may have perished inside the home were soon eased, after firefighters located and rescued the feline.

The extent of the damage is unknown at this time.

UPDATE: 8/15/2015, 7:05 P.M. – Assistant Chief Kevin Carroll provided the following official report regarding today’s structure fire.
Today at 3:32 p.m., Hernando County Fire Rescue (HCFR) responded to a reported structure fire at 1420 Mariner Blvd. During a severe storm, the two teenage occupants heard a loud boom and went outside to investigate. After finding nothing outside, the two boys went back into the home where they found the garage filled with smoke and quickly evacuated the home while calling 911.

First units arrived within 4 minutes to find smoke coming from the front of the residents, and all occupants standing outside. Fire crews immediately entered through the front door and made an aggressive interior attack on the garage that was heavily involved with fire. Crews quickly extinguished the fire, confining it to the garage before it extended into the house. One dog self evacuated through the front door, while the owners cat was rescued by firefighters. Both animals were unharmed.

An investigation determined that the fire started in the area of the electrical panel in the garage and has been attributed to a lightning strike. It was also determined that the home did not have functional smoke alarms.

Carroll says “HCFR wants to remind residents that smoke alarms are a key part of a home fire escape plan and can alert occupants early enough to evacuate safely. This incident is a good reminder to replace smoke alarm batteries every year and to replace smoke alarms every 10 years to ensure they are in good working condition.”

The following is a Gofundme link to help the family:

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  • Great Job to HC finest!!!! Prayers to the family in their future trial and tribulations, thank you goodness all made it out safe and they where able to save most of the home ie…belongings

    Sunday, 16 August 2015, 1:45 pm
  • Hey wake up go buy them one that would be nice great job fire fighters.

    Sunday, 16 August 2015, 7:05 am
  • Sending prayers… I happen to know the family very well and now they lost their home . please don’t leave negative comments and keep them to your self. They just lost everything.

    Saturday, 15 August 2015, 11:59 pm
  • 1420 Mariner

    Saturday, 15 August 2015, 11:36 pm
  • Doesnt a smoke alarm cost like 8 bucks! WTF!

    Saturday, 15 August 2015, 9:22 pm
    • Battery alarms are useless ,they go off every time someone cooks,or there’s a bar-b-due around,You need the hard wire one,and you need an electrician to install,and believe me ,landlord 9if your a renter ) will not do that!

      Sunday, 16 August 2015, 12:31 am
  • Thank you to all the rescuers and community support… The only animal that is mine was the cat the dog was a family friends that was at the residents time of fire… I really want to this hernando county fire and rescue

    Saturday, 15 August 2015, 8:43 pm
  • Sending prayers!!

    Saturday, 15 August 2015, 8:39 pm
  • 4 min response time is pretty darn good. Wonder why the County Board Commissioners always giving our Firefighters a hard time?

    Saturday, 15 August 2015, 7:50 pm
  • Tom we need more reports about stuff happening in hernando through out each day. So much goes on and we rely on rnrf! Thanks for all u do!

    Saturday, 15 August 2015, 6:24 pm
  • Glad no one was hurt, and you got your pet!

    Saturday, 15 August 2015, 5:24 pm
  • Glad everyone including the family pet is safe !!! This bad weather is supposed to come and go from now until next Wednesday. Stay safe everyone !!! (according to

    Saturday, 15 August 2015, 5:19 pm
  • Nice job fire rescue keep up the great work

    Saturday, 15 August 2015, 5:17 pm
  • God Bless Our Firemen!

    Saturday, 15 August 2015, 4:57 pm
  • Thank the Lord no one was hurt.

    Saturday, 15 August 2015, 4:57 pm

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