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“Fyzical” Therapist Uses Hi-Tech Approach to Prevent Falls

SPRING HILL – When you think of the job firefighters do each day, the first thought that comes to mind is usually the obvious; fighting fires, extricating victims from damaged vehicle, and yes, even rescuing the occasional cat from a tree. In fact, the most common calls that Fire Rescue personnel respond to are medical calls like cardiac arrests, breathing problems, patient transports and even incidents as simple as a falling down. The latter is actually more common than one would think and that’s where John Allocco and his team at Fyzical Therapy & Balance Center say they can help.

September was National Falls Prevention Month and according the National Council on Aging and the Centers for Disease Control, the leading cause of injury and death for older Americans is the result of falling down. Studies say 1/3 of the nation’s population over 65 falls each year, every 20 minutes an older adult dies from a fall, and the financial toll for older Americans may reach a staggering $67.7 billion by the year 2020.

We met with John last week at his office on Deltona Blvd, formerly known as Action Potential, where we toured the facility and talked about the services they provide.

John says the body’s balance and strength do not naturally diminish with age; rather, inactivity is what causes progressive instability.

Many of John’s patients are afraid to tell him just how many times they fall, out of fear that they may lose their independence. But John says in some cases, as few as 2 to 3 therapy sessions may help rebuild the strength and confidence to help prevent future falls.

John’s new Safety Overhead Support (S.O.S) system, allows his patients to concentrate on the physical therapy without the fear of falling. A more hi-tech and less evasive approach towards improving a person’s stability is through the use of custom fitted orthopedic inserts. John uses computerized software that detects specific points in the feet by having the patient walk across a pressure sensitive plate. With that data, the patient can be fitted with a nearly perfect orthopedic that not only help with therapy but are also comfortable.

Although elderly patients are a large segment of their clientele’, John and his staff also help rehabilitate wounded veterans, those with sports related injuries, and other conditions that require the use of physical therapy.

Fyzical Therapy & Balance Center of Spring Hill is located at 6119 Deltona Blvd.

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  • I didn’t realize so many falls occur and so many lead to death. Well it is nice to know “I have fallen and can’t get up” isn’t the only answer. Perhaps more advertising of this type of therapy to get the word out there. Preventative is definitely the answer and if insurance covers this type of therapy that is a plus! I see that workout facilities open for seniors adding this to the facility would benefit the elderly. Is this S.O.S system only here in Hernando? AARP would also be a great place to promote as well as any medical establishment.
    Tom thank you for sharing, we aren’t getting any younger and technology advancing gives me hope for the future

    Sunday, 4 October 2015, 5:55 pm
  • Interesting

    Thursday, 1 October 2015, 1:45 pm

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