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Lightning Strike Injures Two During Elementary School Open House

SPRING HILL – In the last few weeks there have been at least three people struck by lightning in Spring Hill. Last month a man was stuck by lightning at Turner Funeral Home on Spring Hill Drive, after a strong thunderstorm moved through the area. Sources say the man was dazed and appeared “ashy” but was not seriously injured.

Yesterday, while hundred filed in and out of Spring Hill Elementary for their Open House event, two people were injured after they were struck by lightning. Officials with Hernando County Fire Rescue say both patients were transported to a local hospital, where they were listed in stable condition. RNRF received unconfirmed reports that between 8 and 10 vehicles were damaged, possible “totaled” said one witness, but those reports have not been confirmed. We tried to speak with a representative of the school but they have not returned our calls.

According to, there are nearly 1.5 million lightning strikes annually in Florida, with an average of 24.7 strikes per square mile. There have been a total of 32 fatalities since 2006, five in 2012 alone.Experts with the Centers for Disease Control say males are five times more likely than females to be struck by lightning and around 85% of lightning fatalities are men. People aged 15–34 years account for almost half of all lightning strike victims (41%). And one very interesting fact, according to the CDC, is that Caucasians account of 89% of all lightning strike fatalities.

The safest place to avoid being struck by lightning is indoors but according to the CDC, about 32% of lightning injuries occur indoors. Weather experts say, to reduce the risk of being injured indoors during an electrical storm, it is best to stay away from plumbing and electrical appliances.

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  • Umm, mostly males huh?? What happens if they’re transgender?? Would that be BOTH?

    BTW, my husband got struck at Chocachatti back 2005, and was hospitalized for a week. Damaged the rear wall of his heart.

    Monday, 14 August 2017, 1:23 pm
  • Science believer well said, also for those that have been told as most of us have that your safe in a car, not so true…..if your car sitting in heavy rain there’s good chance your rims are in contact with water…………..thus BAM! lightning loves the ground and water, iv’e seen it twice (after the storm,damage done) jump onto a car rim blow out the whole car and jump back out off another rim and continue to it’s final destination, it scares hell outta of me and in my line of work i see and repair alot of it’s damage daily in the summers,oh the stories and things i could share much more of what iv’e seen it do! it is an act of GOD and NATURE’S forces and it has severe POWER! thus i basically hide like scared cat when it’s close. hoping for good recovery and outcome for all!

    Monday, 14 August 2017, 12:56 pm
  • I don”t like lighting, do not want to be out in lighting, and i do not want to hold a unbrella when it”s raining because of lighting I”d ratther deal with a snake or a nut with a gun

    Saturday, 12 August 2017, 9:32 pm
  • The current traveled between the cars.

    Saturday, 12 August 2017, 1:09 pm
  • I was inside the school and the lightning was really bad. Not at all surprised that someone got struck!

    Saturday, 12 August 2017, 11:35 am
  • With 1.5 million strikes of Lightning in Florida, with an average of 24.7 every square mile, and having 32 deaths since 2006, that’s not really a lot of deaths from lightning. With all of those strikes you would think many more people would have been killed.

    Saturday, 12 August 2017, 7:12 am
  • A little confused .. how were 8 cars possibly totaled? Did the lightning strike the parents while they were in the car? Maybe I am missing something ?

    Saturday, 12 August 2017, 12:01 am
    • Lightning is just air set on fire (plasma) along a current of electricity. Because the current is strong enough to come all the way between a cloud and the ground so it’s also strong enough to travel between cars.

      Saturday, 12 August 2017, 1:08 pm

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