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Local Mom Finds Glass in Baby’s Diaper – Shards of Glass in Wipes Too

SPRING HILL – Angela Baker and her Sister Heather Talmadge are both young mothers with children still in the diaper stage. Last week Angela contacted RNRF, after she says a piece of glass was found on her nephew’s testicles while changing his diaper. Shocked at the alarming discovery, Angela says they contacted Huggies to complain. In response, Huggies asked that the piece of glass be sent to their lab so they could determine how it might have made it into the packaging. Meanwhile, Huggies sent Angela a prepaid Visa card, refunding the cost of a box of diapers. However, the “glass” concern didn’t end there.


While using Huggies Wipes on their children, Heather and Angela both noticed what appeared to be glass shards embedded in the wipes. We asked Angela if any of the children experienced rashes after using the wipes and she said “Yes, my kids have rashes from the wipes but we never thought anything of it, until we stopped using them on my niece and the rash went away… When we started using them again the rash came back.”

huggies wipe

Huggies made national headlines in recent months, after several concerned parents complained about possible glass shards found in Huggies Baby Wipes.

Micah Lanae Kurtenbach of Lincoln, Nebraska, wrote “These are cuts on my son’s bottom. I at first thought it was a weird rash but when I checked I found large shards of glass that I was able to pick out with my fingers!” Kurtenback provided a picture of her child’s rash that appears to be small cuts.


Melinda Kerr of Kaneohe, Hawaii, wrote “I found glass in my natural care wipes!” Kerr provided a photograph of what she says is a piece of glass.


In a statement on their Facebook page, Huggies replied “As some of you may have heard, a concern about our wipes was raised recently on Facebook. We take any concerns about our products very seriously and we are working directly with this parent to learn more about what happened and how we can help. Nothing is more important than the safety of the little ones who use our products.

Families put their trust in Huggies wipes every day, and all of our Huggies products have been thoroughly evaluated to ensure they are safe. In addition, we have stringent quality controls in place, and no glass is used during the manufacture of our wipes. As parents ourselves, we know you may have additional questions or concerns. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at or by phone at 1-888-485-6839.”

Angela and Heather trust that Huggies will resolve the problem but for now they’ve stopped using Huggies products.

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  • I used to use huggies with my firstborn n really never had a problem , I also have a 18 month old and always used the Costco diaper brand.. but they had huggies on special so I decid3 to get them … I don’t see no rash on my baby but honestly I was changing he’s diaper right now n sought something little sparkling and it was a tiny peace of glass 2… so yes I believe this people now… I’m concern about this I also used wipes but never notice nothing on the wipes…..

    Wednesday, 22 February 2017, 12:35 am
  • Its just me if u know us personal? When my birthday what’s my parents name how old am i? U don’t s**t and u know what God knows I found it so u can go **** ur self.

    Thursday, 27 August 2015, 10:25 am
  • Itsjustme. For one heather talmadge and I are both sister may not be by bloor but we are stepsisters same thing and we don’t lie about nothing I Angela Baker contacted huggies. First myself about the issue and they said they would make it right with us and that they’ve had complaints about the wipes also. Idk who u are but u say u knew both of us what’s ur name. Its not something we would make up

    Thursday, 27 August 2015, 9:57 am
  • Pampers rule….

    Thursday, 27 August 2015, 12:11 am
  • Yeah this sounds sketchy.

    Wednesday, 26 August 2015, 8:15 am
  • Here’s a thought: if a particular brand of diaper or wipe causes a rash, try a different one. Just some advice from a Mom of 4, former foster mother of 25 and grandma of one. Smh.

    Tuesday, 25 August 2015, 4:46 pm
  • I’m sorry but I knew both those girls and wouldn’t trust them as far as I could throw them. They even lied about being sisters so why wouldn’t they lie about this?

    Tuesday, 25 August 2015, 11:25 am
  • Should check Snopes out.This story is old and so far unfounded.Huggies requested the sample to check and have still not received it.Are we getting desperate for things to write about?

    Tuesday, 25 August 2015, 8:55 am
  • What lots number and what store was these purchased?…. So far the packages I opened are fine.

    Tuesday, 25 August 2015, 8:22 am
  • They aren’t even sisters…

    Monday, 24 August 2015, 11:51 pm
  • I’m calling shenanigans.

    Monday, 24 August 2015, 10:05 pm
  • Im gonna break some shards of glass in my depends and see if i can get some money

    Monday, 24 August 2015, 9:20 pm
  • Just say in, good question. The same thought entered my mind as well. Kind of a quinkydink.

    Monday, 24 August 2015, 9:16 pm
  • I have my doubts about this Spring Hill incident. A story just like this one broke on the news either last night or this morning. Did these girls contact Huggies or Tom first? My inquiring mind wants to know.

    Monday, 24 August 2015, 7:48 pm
  • There goes Huggies….

    Monday, 24 August 2015, 7:14 pm
  • I think its the diapers too. Around the same time my son started experiencing the same thing , except from the diapers. . When i took the diapers off n let him run around in shorts, it cleared up. So i stopped using them after a few times going through this, n moved to some spare diapers i had. now hes cleared up. (:
    The day after taking the huggie diapers completely away, i started seeing fb post. So im just saying it might be a concern for parents too. It looks like tiny scratches irrated pretty bad, and is a good possibility. . .

    Monday, 24 August 2015, 1:30 pm
  • Thanks Tom. Parents be careful

    Monday, 24 August 2015, 1:05 pm

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