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Middle School on Lockdown After Staff Report Hearing Shots Fired

BROOKSVILLE – For the second time today a local middle school has been placed on lockdown, due to gun shots being heard near the school.

Sheriff’s Deputies are currently searching the area around Brooskville Engineering Science and Technology  (Best Academy) located at 835 School Street, after staff reported hearing at least 5 shots, according to sources.

There are unconfirmed reports that this is the second time today shots have been heard in the area, forcing the school to be placed on lockdown.

Sources say the shots are coming from the area south of the school but earlier they were reported coming from the area of Twigg Street.

There are no reports of injury or damage to property at this time.

We will continue to monitor the situation and bring more details if they develop.

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  • The facts are misleading in this article. What was believed to be shots were heard in the neighborhood around noon. The school was put on restricted movement, not lockdown, while HCSO and BPD investigated. Staff did what was reasonable to maintain safety in an unknown situation. Students were released for dismissal once the area was deemed safe by officials and the school board. The second set of shots were heard when there were no students on campus. Let’s not sensationalize a hot topic issue nor marginalize the smart and appropriate actions to maintain safety. Would you not stay inside if you thought you heard gunshots until the officers cleared the area? Please follow up to make sure facts are accurate when posting articles that are alarming and scary for others.

    Friday, 2 March 2018, 3:53 pm
  • Dagashi! I got ya, vocational was best i could muster up at the moment, Good job best mom, and yes nothing heard by neighbors ……..probably cause it’s so normal in the area to hear shot’s being fired! must suck living anywhere near! and E n SH, well said on the edge and then some, well said and true..sadly!

    Thursday, 1 March 2018, 5:45 pm
    • Thank you. I think it’s high time the county took over because the city is doing nothing.

      Thursday, 1 March 2018, 9:36 pm
  • Hey…You know you know, them sparkling wigglers got to shoot up the place and make noise all the time. Can’t have a day of quiet and enjoy my pasta without having to duck and grab my piece.

    Thursday, 1 March 2018, 10:08 am
  • Obesity kills more young people than guns. Ban McDonald’s!

    Thursday, 1 March 2018, 7:44 am
  • I worked at that school last year and we were on Lock down 2 times ! Seems like it was just another day over at that school! But I must say all Staff handeled the situation great! The code cane over each classroom and
    Teachers acted according

    Thursday, 1 March 2018, 7:34 am
  • It’s time for the city to condemn most of Twigg street and school street and Francis street. Bulldoze the shanty houses the druggies use and remove the thugs from the area. It is a blight on the City, County and State. These punks think that they are tough and gangsta, but they have nothing to gain from their lifestyle.

    Thursday, 1 March 2018, 6:51 am
    • This is a prime example of why the county should NOT take over the city. These streets are county jurisdiction. You seldom hear about things on the north side of MLK which are in the city’s jurisdiction. There are wonderful residents in this area who would rather see it cleaned up than bulldozed.

      Thursday, 1 March 2018, 7:00 pm
      • Actually BEST is in the cities jurisdiction.

        Thursday, 1 March 2018, 9:34 pm
  • This area is constantly in the news. Wish they could get rid of the crime in this area..

    Thursday, 1 March 2018, 2:13 am
    • Drove through the area because of the detour due to the construction and I honestly thought I was in downtown Chicago what a bunch of nasties

      Thursday, 1 March 2018, 12:35 pm
  • Qunesha! What up??? honestly I don’t know that we’ll get any facts here fact is anyone hears anything close to a gun anymore and they react somehow with all the shooting going on all over the world unfortunate sad state of our world I’m an optimist but I’m a realist I don’t feel like it’s going to get any better either as I always say only God is going to fix this mess!

    Wednesday, 28 February 2018, 6:03 pm
  • And we thought the ” West ” was wild !

    Wednesday, 28 February 2018, 4:51 pm
  • Sam exactly!! E N SH, the paranoia over every pop in the distance anymore in my opinion is mostly to blame on the mainstream media AKA CNN excetera excetera, not to mention as a whole the entire world itself with all the goings-on everyone is on edge hell even I got caught off guard about 6 months ago when a local high school did their fireworks show I was not expecting it at all and then beginning of it it sounded just like an AK, just so much bad going on everybody thinks they’re hearing guns again also with all the shootings very sad, may God help us because he truly is the only one that can!!!

    Wednesday, 28 February 2018, 4:36 pm
    • I don’t disagree, everyone is on edge, and maybe a little too much. FDR said it best: the only thing we have to fear, is fear itself. As a nation we have dealt with difficult issues and overcome as we will with our current issues. Yes, absolutely, be aware of the situation around you and of your community but never allow the horrific acts of the few undermine the will of the many, rather allow the good will of the many to undermine the evil acts of a few.

      Thursday, 1 March 2018, 8:30 am
  • Cheap real estate… lol

    Wednesday, 28 February 2018, 4:09 pm
  • Listening to the same thing on the radio and oddly nothing was heard by the neighbors sans 1. Interestingly they are also doing work on the rails near the school. Hmmm. Sensationalize much? I normally support you 100% but this paranoia over every pop in the distance is ridiculous.

    Wednesday, 28 February 2018, 4:06 pm
      • What are the facts?

        Wednesday, 28 February 2018, 4:44 pm
      • Sorry Tom but I did in fact hear the earlier call and the traffic between the calls. I may not have all the info but neither did you. Difference is I don’t post it online with a bold faced banner saying SHOT FIRED when you don’t know that to be the case. Your supposition and rush for headlines, I’m sorry to say, in this instance make you look extremely careless and untrustworthy. Time to be less like Fox News, CNN and the rest and more like Joe Friday and Walter Cronkite. You know…”just the facts” and “that’s the way it happened.”

        Like I said initially, normally I support your efforts 100% but this, this is sensationisric “journalism” on a hot button, emotionally charged issue designed to get “clicks” for ratings. The classic bait and click.

        Thursday, 1 March 2018, 8:21 am
    • This was not ridiculous paranoia nor was it a pop in the distance. My older daughter arrived at the school early to pick up my younger daughter and was on the phone with me when she heard the shots. Not only is my daughter a security guard but is well trained and familar with firearms. We definitely know the difference between fireworks, gunfire, and construction work. She heard the sound from somewhere behind the funeral home which is across from the school and immediately went into the principal to report this. The principal heard it as well and had already called the sherrifs office and was in the process of locking the school down. The school and the police department acted quickly and efficiently.

      Thursday, 1 March 2018, 5:09 am
      • Also the comment “oddly nothing was heard by the neighbors…” There is nothing odd about it at all. Drive through this area around 3:30 in the afternoon on any any given day, you will understand that people don’t hear or see anything for their own safety

        Thursday, 1 March 2018, 6:51 am
      • Yeah…ok.

        Friday, 2 March 2018, 2:39 am
  • All I can say is that is a very bad mix the heart of Crackdown a AKAT Twigg Street, and you’ve got a vocational school a block or two away never a good mix, hopefully it’s not actually within the school itself but what they’re hearing is the gang banger thugs shooting at each other over some stupid crap which is what all of them seem to spend their lives doing, either way let us pray for the safety of our kids!!!!!!

    Wednesday, 28 February 2018, 3:49 pm
    • A couple things. First it is a charter middle school not a vocational school. Second the punks over at Twigg street seem to be shooting into the air or just randomly lately. It is time for the city to remove Twigg street. They know all the perps in the area and need to clear them out. The lockdown was scary for those of us with children at BEST Academy and The thugs in that neighborhood need to quit their BS especially during school hours.

      Thursday, 1 March 2018, 6:46 am
      • Those streets aren’t city, they’re county. If the county takes over BPD, that’s going to be all of south brooksville, not just a few named streets. Maybe it’s the city that should be taking over the county…

        Thursday, 1 March 2018, 8:42 pm
        • No those streets are within city limits. It was BPD that responded and were sriving around with their windows up so they couldn’t hear anything.

          Friday, 2 March 2018, 5:51 am
  • Shot are always being fired on Twigg Street!

    Wednesday, 28 February 2018, 3:47 pm
    • .. and if the county takes over, all of Brooksville will be like that!

      Thursday, 1 March 2018, 7:57 pm

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