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Nude Man Takes a Dirt Swim to “Relieve Stress”

SPRING HILL – Yesterday, we reported that a Florida Wildlife Commission Officer encountered a nude man running through a patch of woods. Now, after receiving the full report from the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office, it turns out that the nude man wasn’t running – he was swimming. Well, swimming in a patch of dirt, that is.

According to reports, 56-year-old Norman Wayne Pynn, of Masarytown, was observed lying on the ground, moving in a swimming motion. When asked what he was doing, Pynn stated “I’m just relieving some stress.”

Pynn was taken into custody and charged with one count of indecent exposure. He is free on $1,000 bond.


SPRING HILL – A Florida Fish and Wildlife Officer requested urgent backup this morning, when he encountered something “strange” in the woods near Anderson Snow Road and Corporate Blvd. That “strange” encounter turned out to be a completely nude man running through the woods; so, as a precaution, several deputies responded to the scene, where the man was taken into custody without incident. Fire Rescue also responded, to make sure the man wasn’t under the influence or experiencing a psychiatric episode. Turns out, the man wasn’t suffering from either condition; rather, he just forgot that running naked in public was illegal.

Sources tell RNRF, the suspect claimed to be a nudist and was just going for a morning run, but that information hasn’t been confirmed.

At this time, officials have not released the identity of the suspect. RNRF will provided that information once it is made available.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, RNRF did not capture footage of the suspect running naked through the woods – we “apologize” to our viewers.

UPDATE: 3/10/2016, 5:39 A.M. – 56-year-old Norman Wayne Pynn is charged with indecent exposure and is free on $1,000 bond.

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    Friday, 11 March 2016, 4:53 pm
  • Food Locker, huh! What the hell did you say? It made no sense……No one mentioned squirrels….

    Friday, 11 March 2016, 10:22 am
  • Name calling! So your telling me there’s two people on here that are idiots? Did you comprehend that?

    Thursday, 10 March 2016, 7:58 pm
  • Forked nope that wasent me but good try maybe you should be a deputy.for the record still waiting for a useful or coherrent statement from you!yep ur still an a$$

    Thursday, 10 March 2016, 7:08 pm
  • why did fwc respond? snake on the lose? sorry couldnt resist.

    Thursday, 10 March 2016, 6:31 pm
  • Wilcox aka just saying

    Thursday, 10 March 2016, 6:31 pm
  • Way to screw the Earth dude!

    Thursday, 10 March 2016, 5:38 pm
  • Wasn’t going to comment but I can’t resist. 1) whatever happened to the cops discretion ie,”put your damm clothes on and get the hell outta here cause the next time I’m lockin your a.s up”2) total over zealous knuckle head cops with a badge and no brain 3) the cost to the payers for this stupid snipe hunt.Very surprised Valor and the chopper was not called in and every school in the county was not on look down.3) Amber,if something is amiss with this dude,you can bet the Keystone boys will find something else to do.Especially if free chicken lunch is involved……..Anybody find a hammer .??

    Thursday, 10 March 2016, 4:39 pm
  • how are they squrriels ,did they get abused .obviously this guy a nut.

    Thursday, 10 March 2016, 3:01 pm
  • Where sorry punctuation police

    Thursday, 10 March 2016, 2:11 pm
  • O hell he was high on the wrong supply, amd how do you go from running naked man call to he was a swimming naked man and were is there some dirt I need some.Ant bites brah should have let him keep swimming.

    Thursday, 10 March 2016, 2:09 pm
  • Yes, he belongs in spring hill, another pervert with mental things in his head…..

    Thursday, 10 March 2016, 1:41 pm
  • Now I know why 3+ fwc officers were eating at the sushi bar next to coastal dental yesterday @ 11:15am

    Thursday, 10 March 2016, 1:09 pm
  • This “nudist” has had 3 women die under suspicious circumstances in his home. My deceased girlfriend being one. There us allot more to this story, I guarantee it.

    Thursday, 10 March 2016, 12:04 pm
    • Thanks Amber. Five cars and unknown amount of manpower to take a look. If only someone would or could investigate crimes that happen to non connected tax payers.

      Thursday, 10 March 2016, 2:15 pm
  • I would pay for that audio tape to dispatch …Florida Wild life needs urgent backup for nude man swimming in dirt.Lmao…URGENT wow..

    Thursday, 10 March 2016, 11:36 am
  • Pynn head….

    Thursday, 10 March 2016, 11:27 am
  • Different whoops! Still laughin tho.

    Thursday, 10 March 2016, 11:19 am
  • Alrighty then, swimming in the dirt to relieve stress, this is the funniest thing I have heard in a long time!! Differnt strokes for Differnt Folks. Lmbo???

    Thursday, 10 March 2016, 11:17 am

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