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Officials Warn of Urban Coyotes But Say Important Part of Ecosystem

HERNANDO – Social media sites run rampant with tales of urban coyotes terrorizing neighborhoods, killing our pets and threatening our families. Although urban coyotes can be dangerous, Officials with the Florida Wildlife Commission say they play an important role in the ecosystem by helping to keep rodent populations under control.

Coyotes will eat anything from fruits, nuts, dead animals, and garbage; however, they will approach our homes and eat garbage, pet food, and even small cats or dogs. Officials say the best way to prevent these occurrences is to secure trash, keep animals on a leash, and don’t let your pets run freely, especially at night.

If you run across an urban coyote, officials say yell, shout, Scream, wave your hands, throw sticks, or spray them with a water hose. Officials warn people not to injure the animal because they may become aggressive and attack.

For more information on urban coyotes follow this link to the FWC website.

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