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Rep. Nugent Concerned with Nat. Sec., Questions Pres. Obama’s Leadership (RNRF Exclusive)

HERNANDO – We caught up with U.S. Rep. Rich Nugent, during an event Saturday in Spring Hill, where we asked what he thought upcoming visit to Washington D.C., by Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.

President Obama is angry with Netanyahu over the meeting, concerned that his visit may disrupt current negotiations with Iran, over their nuclear program.

We asked Nugent what he thought of President Obama’s disappointment, when he learned of the Prime Minister’s plan to address Congress in March; he said, “Well, there’s a lot of things I’m not happy with… It’s about the American people reaching out and talking to our allies… This lets the world know where we stand and I don’t think it’s a good position to be in, when people are wondering who our friends are…”

Nugent voiced concerns over recent developments in Yemen but says there are plans to evacuate State Department Officials if the situation becomes critical in the region. Nugent questions the President’s ability to lead when it comes to foreign relations and says he is concerned about our own national security. “I don’t want to see another attack on our shores like the ones on 9/11” says Nugent “…and if we’re not part of the solution then we’re going to live with that problem for a long time.”

Follow this link the watch the interview in its entirety: Rep. Rich Nugent Interview 

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