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Sheriff’s Deputy Injured in Three Vehicle Crash, Cortez and Nightwalker

BROOKSVILLE – A Hernando County Sheriff’s Deputy is among the injured after a three vehicle collision occurred in the westbound lanes Cortez Blvd.

At least three other people were injured but it is not known at this time how many patients were transported to local hospitals for treatment.

There are unconfirmed reports that the injured deputy was transported by ground to Bayonet Point Hospital.

There is one lane open in each direction of Cortez Blvd just east of Nightwalker Road.

We will bring more on this story as it develops.

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  • Mr. Mantle…

    We meet every third Tuesday of the month, this month will be March 21st. Brooksville Bayfront Hospital in the

    Medical Arts Building (building to the right of the hospital) in the Enrichment Center on the 1st floor, just left of the

    elevator. Time is from 3:00 – 5:00. At times we have 3 or 4 people, other times we have 10-12 that come. What’s

    very special about our group is that we have or very own Neuropsychologist, and you will totally enjoy meeting him

    and speaking with him. Please bring family or friends are welcome.

    Thursday, 9 March 2017, 1:00 pm
    • Thank you Ms. Nichols I will try to make this meeting.

      Thursday, 9 March 2017, 1:17 pm
  • Mr. Mantle…

    I’m sorry to hear about your experiences with the HCSO. I can not give an opinion of the Sheriff, I have never met him and know nothing about him. I respect and admire most law enforcement officers for their dedication to public service, without them we would be living in a no rules world.

    I have no political agenda in my blogging on this particular accident, I’m merely interested in the physics of the accident. Newton’s law. An object at rest stays at rest, an object in motion stays in motion.The front passenger was sitting firm in the seat, probably firm on the brakes probably not seeing the upcoming danger, it matters whether she was prepared for the hit or not? It matters if her head was straight forward or was she looking to one side or the other? Both vehicles absorbs the force of the impact through the crumpling metal protected the driver of the front car. So…the outcome of the front driver “should” be better, than the back car. But, no guarantees and they could be hurt worse than the back car, depending on the speed, motion, weight of both vehicles, position of her head, wearing a seat belt or not, physics just says different.

    The officer hit the back of the car at a high speed. His car stopped but his brain inside his skull kept moving forward , a coup-contracoup injury, possibly more, or perhaps he’ll walk away fine. If the air bag released, it probably saved his life.

    I guess my curiosity will never find out, usually don’t ever hear the outcome unless they show up in our group.
    One way or the other, looks like the Sheriff Dept will be paying up someone.

    Mr. Mantle, I understand your resentment towards you employer, completely. The best thing for your health and the health of your brain is to LET IT GO ! Please come visit our group, you will be pleasantly surprised how much you will learn about your brain and what you can do to help yourself.

    Wednesday, 8 March 2017, 11:18 pm
    • Ms. Nichols thank you for the response. I find your response most gracious indeed. REFRESHING. I may visit your group, where and when do you meet?

      Thursday, 9 March 2017, 7:09 am
  • Was the police officer hurt with brain injury or not?

    Wednesday, 8 March 2017, 12:54 pm
    • What about the other people involved in this accident that the deputy CAUSED.

      Wednesday, 8 March 2017, 2:20 pm
  • I’m not trying to make a case for this officer, I don’t know him. I’m merely offering him and his family a resource if he needs help. Perhaps…it will be the others involved that may need our support group, and not him?

    Monday, 6 March 2017, 9:32 pm
    • After returning and reviewing your comments Ms. Nichols it certainly appeared that your concern was only for this cop. The cop is the person who probably caused this incident. In my opinion,, most of the comments reflect a disgust for the obvious bias in this county for certain individuals including the Sheriff and his inept deputies. Personally, I am not oblivious to the devastation TBI causes and the need for support groups such as your group. Brain injury and disease comes in many forms and each form carries with it a host of problems. I myself suffer from a genetic form of brain injury and have suffered greatly
      at the hands of HCSO. Perhaps, you can offer some insight into the kinds of issues seen in TBI and other brain injury to HCSO. I have lost all respect for them, especially their leader because of my experience.

      Tuesday, 7 March 2017, 5:18 am
  • Oh no… I can tell you without a doubt, that God works in mysterious ways at making us a better person.

    Monday, 6 March 2017, 3:50 pm
  • Why was this not but on Bay 9 news or any TV stations

    Monday, 6 March 2017, 2:15 pm
    • Need you need to ask this question Jack. Of it were put on Bay News 9 they be forced to give the at fault party, the Deputy, a well deserved ticket.

      Monday, 6 March 2017, 3:50 pm
  • Mickey Mantle…I would strike your butt out…) Everyone has a brain, even those deputies, and it’s very easy to injure. I understand at times law enforcement gets special treatment. Hopefully, if he does have a closed head injury this is one of those times that he will get help and special treatment, because he will need it. In my experience acquiring a brain injury, workers comp will NOT give him the help he will so desperately require.

    He will, or any one that sustains a “closed head injury”, will desperately and endlessly seek answers from the WC doctors and WILL NOT get any answers, period! And trust me…if you have a brain injury you don’t want a WC doctor treating you, they don’t know anything about the brain. It’s obvious that he probably has a “concussion”, you know a little bump to the head. If his MRI comes out normal, which is not abnormal for microscopic damage to the brain, he’ll be released and then his battle will begin.

    I’ve heard this story over and over and over again from people that seek out our TBI group. The person gets released from the hospital thinking they are ok and within a few hours, days, weeks, months they realize something is “seriously” wrong. Workers comp won’t help you, your employer wants to get rid of you, everyone thinks your faking the injury, nobody wants to be responsible for our brain, it’s not about our brain, it’s about the insurance company not paying for the lifelong injury.

    When I sustained my brain injury, there was not one worker comp doctor that would help me ! Three WC Neurologist denied my injury. I had to find my own doctors and “eventually” figure out what I could do for my brain, on my own expense, of course. Time is critical ! I will always wonder if proper diagnosis and immediate treatment would have made a difference today?

    I’m not a doctor, just a fellow brain injured person that has set up a concussion/tbi support group to help and support others understand their injuries, in the beginning their not even aware of what their injuries are yet, but hopefully the family will recognize any changes in behavior and get immediate help.

    Many of us walk out of the hospital looking normal. Best of luck officer.

    Sunday, 5 March 2017, 11:25 pm
    • I just noticed when looking at the picture that the individual driving was a supervisor. Wouldn’t it be something if that was Rocky Howard? There are few people I would wish ill on. He however is one of them. Karma can be a real bad ugly b**** and when you do your best to lie and ruin other people’s lives sometimes it comes back to you. So if it is a brain injury you will have all this time just sit there and think about all the people lives that you screwed up by lieing, lieing under oath no less.

      Monday, 6 March 2017, 1:56 pm
      • Maybe he will be unfortunate and that TAXIDERMY DISEASE????????

        Monday, 6 March 2017, 3:54 pm
        • Tina, God works in mysterious ways but there is nothing mysterious about His Justice. Mickey, if it is him then he can try and explain the taxidermy disease. People like him should rot in hell, but then again the God I serve is a God of mercy, not justice but sometimes justice shows up. Anx to John, it’s not on BayNews 9 or any other media because a cop SCREWED UP. They protect their own. They didnt call FHP so a ticket was not issued. Had I been involved my first call would have been *FHP. Remember that people. This man with a 3000+ pound weapon just injured someone else. Let that sink in. There will be no consequences. And no way in hell should he get workers comp. HE WAS DISOBEYING THE LAW. But Tina honey you keep making a case for this man. You go girl. Rah rah.

          Monday, 6 March 2017, 4:46 pm
  • One more important fact to mention. If an MRI/CT scan was done of your brain, and it came back normal, this still does not mean that you don’t have a brain injury !! If symptoms arise in the next few days, weeks you will know!

    Saturday, 4 March 2017, 11:48 pm
    • Don’t worry most of the deputies in Hernando County don’t have brains to injure.

      Sunday, 5 March 2017, 10:32 am
  • Watched it happen, officer was speeding and plowed into stopped cars at light. Saw him in and out of traffic, wonder if he was ticketed?

    Saturday, 4 March 2017, 8:44 am
    • Doubtful, witness, from what I am reading. Wonder if the other people he plowed into are doing ok? This could have been anyone of us, he plowed into. Scary enough out there, now you have to worry about getting run into by one who protects and serves?? Sad

      Saturday, 4 March 2017, 12:44 pm
  • First off I said I hope everyone involved was ok 2nd Tonka who gives a shit who your brother is and how many years he been a cop why do you keep saying that ? thank you for your services officer the point is they drive around looking at the computers swerving not paying attention I understand they need it to do their job but they also need to pay attention they get in them cars and think they can do what they wanna do they break more driving laws then anyone but that’s ok though cause they a cops right but when shit like this happens it’s everyone fault but there’s come on now be for real sorry I know the truth hurts sometimes you can stop with the my brother this and my brother that crap mines is a federal agent still doesn’t change how I feel and how law enforcement abuses the law I have nothing at all against law enforcement I just call it like I see it right is right and wrong is wrong once again I hope EVERYONE INVOLVED IS OK

    Saturday, 4 March 2017, 8:04 am
    • Bravo sir. You hit the nail on the head. Right is right and wrong is wrong and just because you wear a badge shouldn’t mean you can do whatever you want.

      Saturday, 4 March 2017, 12:14 pm
    • Very well said Hernando county finest!! Agree completely

      Saturday, 4 March 2017, 12:37 pm
    • Well said and agreed.I do not have any relatives in LE, but, I did spend the night at the Holiday Inn

      Sunday, 5 March 2017, 7:32 am
  • I hope everyone is alright, that being said I often wondered about sheriff deputies distracted driving using all THEIR TOOLS of the trade.

    Saturday, 4 March 2017, 7:02 am
    • Especially the one caught using his tool in his car in the parking lot

      Saturday, 4 March 2017, 5:57 pm
  • Alot of idiots on this page hope all are well

    Saturday, 4 March 2017, 12:30 am
  • Pretty Sad! Everybody is Talking Smack About HCSO But Who Do Ya Call When There Is a Problem? Hope The Deputy is Ok & all That is Involved. Imagine What Life Would Be Without Them.

    Friday, 3 March 2017, 9:09 pm
    • Do like they do on Twigg st, Call Ghost Busters !

      Saturday, 4 March 2017, 7:29 am
  • I see cops all the time texting and driving on 19 roll up at the light he’s on the phone

    Friday, 3 March 2017, 7:52 pm
  • My friend said the cop went by him at about 60mph, had no bar light on top, just window lights.

    Friday, 3 March 2017, 7:40 pm
  • Involved

    Friday, 3 March 2017, 7:39 pm
  • Hope all are ok
    Actually the Deputy is the only one that’s allowed to look at his computer while driving morons he’s working and needs too for his job protecting all you dimwits ….
    I’m sure the other civilians involved were on their phones and or speeding like every other idiot driver in this county….
    And Btw Tonika if your brother is really the deputy invoked I’m sure he’s not going to be too happy about you spewing your name all over here, since Tom did block out his pic, just saying….

    Friday, 3 March 2017, 7:37 pm
    • Did I say his name?

      Friday, 3 March 2017, 7:47 pm
    • Idiot John
      If you look at the pics you can tell whos at fault pretty much. See the damage to the cop car. Pretty intense. HIgh Speed. Rear end of Van pretty mashed in. Hmm can you put that together. See Truck with rear end damage but not as bad as van. Getting a mental picture developed. Do I need to put it all together for you.
      Cop driving fast, smashes rear end of van , which is pushed into Truck. Now say it out loud while you read it so you can mentally picture it. I am typing slow figuring your are slow and read slowwwww.
      There you go.

      Friday, 3 March 2017, 8:31 pm
    • Really? He can look at his computer while glying down the road. Hhrrmnppphhh

      Friday, 3 March 2017, 9:09 pm
  • Looks like Hernando Counties finest citizens have found an opertunity to launch their idiotic opinions regaurding The HCSO , the very men and women that protect your ass and answer your calls for help. You all Sound like a bunch of criminals and drug addicts and maybe thats why you hide behind your negative comments. USA and TRUMP!!

    Friday, 3 March 2017, 4:31 pm
    • Thank you so very much , the officer is my brother and been on the HCSO for 25 years.

      Friday, 3 March 2017, 6:35 pm
  • Y’all are saying the deputy caused accident……where does it say that ? Is there other info I’m not seeing?

    Friday, 3 March 2017, 4:08 pm
    • Exactly I haven’t seen anything that states the deputy caused it

      Saturday, 4 March 2017, 4:44 pm
    • Only vehicle with a smushed front and no smushed rear – he hit them from behind …….. for you and me, that means we’re at fault.

      Saturday, 4 March 2017, 8:29 pm
    • ??????. Are you kidding me?

      Sunday, 5 March 2017, 10:49 am
  • The comments on this are ridiculous. “Useless”?! Until you need them! Accidents happen, that’s why they’re called ACCIDENTS. Can’t everyone just hope everyone involved is ok?! We don’t make accusations when you’re in an accident. ??‍♀️

    Friday, 3 March 2017, 3:52 pm
    • Thank you!!!

      Friday, 3 March 2017, 7:55 pm
  • I can guarantee you if the cop was at fault he won’t ever be charged he’ll blame it on someone else. My son was sitting at a stop sign at Fort Dade and Highway 50 a cop hit him in the rear end and then told him to go ahead and leave I had to go to the sheriff department to make them fill out a report they also moved the car so my attorney could not look at it to see the damage done to it and another cop witnessed it so screw the cops . And now he’ll be off on medical leave and his attorney will probably try to see how much money they can get from the other people

    Friday, 3 March 2017, 3:48 pm
  • Traffic light didn’t help, did it? People are always complaining about needing another. Nope,,,,,need better drivers?

    Friday, 3 March 2017, 3:28 pm
  • WOW!!!!!!!

    Friday, 3 March 2017, 3:26 pm
    • Triple WOW, She is a loose cannon!!

      Friday, 3 March 2017, 10:20 pm
      • I will defend Law Enforcement to the end!!!!

        Saturday, 4 March 2017, 8:35 am
  • HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Hernando’s Jokes caused the accident USELESS!!!!!!

    Friday, 3 March 2017, 1:58 pm
    • The officer involved was my brother. Intact he’s been on the force for 25 years. You must be a POS thug off the street.

      Friday, 3 March 2017, 6:31 pm
      • Tonika, you must be a ho.

        Friday, 3 March 2017, 9:10 pm
        • No sir! Very far from it.

          Saturday, 4 March 2017, 8:37 am
        • Screw you Oh no.

          Saturday, 4 March 2017, 4:23 pm
          • You wish mr. Groves. Let’s just hope your wife’s brother doesn’t end up meeting her here at the facility she works at.

            Saturday, 4 March 2017, 6:17 pm
  • I watched as two police cars drove through the red light using their lights at Cortez and mariner west bound towards Oakhill light. This was at 10:56am, and i do not know if one of those officers was involved or just heading to the collision.

    Friday, 3 March 2017, 12:57 pm
  • And before people start bashing me comma according to FHP if the car is not drivable you must enlist help to move it out of the roadway.

    Friday, 3 March 2017, 12:28 pm
  • Why is FHP not on scene? Remember the conversation recently about Vehicles being parked in the road way. I hope this Deputy gets a ticket for not only rear-ending someone but for leaving his vehicle parked in the road. It clearly is driveable.

    Friday, 3 March 2017, 12:25 pm
    • The sheriff’s will not call FHP to the scene when they are at fault, because FHP WILL give the deputy a ticket if he is at fault, so that is there way around it. They work the crash themselves

      Friday, 3 March 2017, 2:32 pm
      • D== Are you serious ?? Well that’s not right.

        Friday, 3 March 2017, 3:17 pm

          Friday, 3 March 2017, 10:22 pm
      • Interesting.

        Friday, 3 March 2017, 4:21 pm
      • No sh.t…..

        Friday, 3 March 2017, 4:37 pm
    • “Oh No,” if you really believe that police cruiser is drivable, you have no idea of what makes a car engine operate! I can see that the radiator is probably smashed and the battery displaced, not to mention all the cables, hoses and wires connecting said running parts!

      Friday, 3 March 2017, 4:00 pm
      • Well my dear, then he should have enlisted help to move the vehicle. You can bet I will be sitting in The FHP commanders office next week asking about this matter. Yes I have better things to do with my time but I’m tired of cops getting away with all kinds of crap. Way to go USA and Trump. Not a thug just a law abiding citizen.

        Friday, 3 March 2017, 9:15 pm
  • Speedy recovery ! Prayers for all involved.

    Friday, 3 March 2017, 11:43 am
  • Probably was driving like an ass like most of them do or looking at the damn computer just my opinion hope all involved is ok

    Friday, 3 March 2017, 11:34 am
    • He has to use computer to do his job!!! In fact he happens to be my brother and has been on the force for 25 years. So until you know the fact keep your Gator shut.

      Friday, 3 March 2017, 6:26 pm
      • Monika I hope he’s going to be ok. Sending prayers. Tell him we thank him for his service.

        Friday, 3 March 2017, 7:54 pm
      • Amen hope hes ol

        Friday, 3 March 2017, 8:41 pm
      • primary training with the in car computers is that you do not operate them while driving. I should know, I was the person who did the implementation at our agency. If he was actively operating the computer while driving, Hernando should just write the checks, Glad the supervisor is OK, also glad my friend with the red truck is not hurt to bad, and that all others seem to have minor injuries. She had to go to the hospital also, but that didn’t seem to be an important issue for the reporter. All involved are equally important, and as the deputy is the striking vehicle, it would seem prudent to check on the victims of his actions. Maybe you should be silent unless you know all of the information, rather that biting at someone because they posted a true, albeit non-flattering statement about HCSO….

        Saturday, 4 March 2017, 2:35 pm

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