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Shooting Suspect at Large, Considered Armed and Dangerous

BROOKSVILLE – Earlier this afternoon, RNRF broke the news of a shooting that occurred in the area of 816 Peach Street, leaving the victim with a gunshot wound to his arm. ORIGINAL REPORT

Officials later identified the victim as 26-year-old James Henry Waddy, who was rushed to Bayonet Point Hospital for treatment.

Officials have now identified a suspect in the shooting as 26-year-old Douglas Lewis Jones, AKA, DJ.

According to officials, Jones is wanted on 3-counts of attempted murder with a firearm, 3-counts of shooting into an occupied vehicle, and 1-count of possessing a firearm by a convicted felon. Jones is also wanted out of Hernando and Pasco Counties on various other warrants.

Police say that Jones is armed and dangerous and they do not know of his whereabouts at this time.

If you have any information regarding this case, Police urge you to call 911 immediately.


UPDATE: 4/14/2016, 8:34 P.M. – Officials with the Brooksville Police Department has released the following statement regarding today’s shooting.

On April 14, 2016 at approximately 3:00 pm, the Brooksville Police Department responded to multiple locations regarding a reported shooting that had just occurred.

Simultaneously, officers responded to the Brooksville Fire Department where a victim, James Waddy had been dropped off by a friend.

He was being treated for a gunshot wound to the right forearm by EMS personnel and was quickly transported to Bayonet Point Hospital for treatments.

At the same time a 911 call lead additional units to 770 S. Main St where a vehicle was located that had been reported to have been involved in the shooting.

It was later determined that this vehicle was used to have transport Waddy from the shooting scene and had multiple bullets holes to the exterior.

As this was unfolding other units responded to the 800 block of Peach Street. It was determined that this location was where the shooting had occurred based on physical evidence recovered at the scene.

Investigators are currently interviewing the victims and witnesses to determine what had occurred and to identity the suspect involved.

At this time a motive for the shooting is unknown. All three crime scenes were processed for evidence and are now open to the public.

Charges are pending photo pack identification of the suspect in this case.

An update will be provided as the case continues.


BROOKSVILLE – Information is still sketchy at this time, but according to our sources a shooting occurred in the area of 816 Peach Street – leaving one person with a gunshot wound to the arm.

There are unconfirmed reports that the male victim was either dropped off or managed to drive himself to nearby Fire Station 61, where he was transported to Bayonet Point Hospital for treatment.

Peach Street is closed to traffic and there may be additional police activity in the area of 770 Main Street.

There is no information at this time regarding a possible suspect.

We will bring more on this story as it develops.

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JNES Victim shoot 3 shoot 2 Shoot 1

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  • o yea live by the gun die by the gun 15 to 20 years smh scare ***

    Monday, 18 April 2016, 7:53 pm
  • dj look bad is **** leave that white girl alone …dj now u got to sit for along time cause of that molly n white girls — 1 on 1 but no u want to be a bad guy smh 15 to 20 year cause u scare to fight —- dum *** — dnt cry now Dj mommy cant save u now

    Monday, 18 April 2016, 7:45 pm
  • When people cry “black lives matter,” maybe we should listen and not try to twist every news story involving a black man into an argument against it.

    Monday, 18 April 2016, 8:47 am
  • Hey- just a thought: This has nothing to do with the Black Lives Matter movement or the validity of the movement’s platform. You cannot let these men represent the African-American community anymore than they should let John Wayne Gacey or Ted Bundy represent white people.

    Monday, 18 April 2016, 8:45 am
  • Real talk, Mmmm, I think you may be on to something here.

    Sunday, 17 April 2016, 11:42 pm
  • This **** go on everywhere the world ****** not one race not one place people get killed in the hood the suburbs the city the movies at church schools it’s not just the black community or the white or any color every time something happen somebody throw the race card ..being ignorant is a choice ..if u ain’t God why the he’ll u judging smdh …fr people go to war cities go to war countries go to war …ya dig

    Sunday, 17 April 2016, 9:51 pm
  • Brooksville is a black hole if you don’t keep yourself locked in your house then you either go to prison, die to young, or just a plain ole junkie.

    Sunday, 17 April 2016, 12:08 am
  • Right Sophia! Just a string of racial attacks. Obviously these guys aren’t pillars of the community but neither are all the white meth dealers in the county. Give the race crap a rest. Good and bad everywhere.

    Saturday, 16 April 2016, 1:32 pm
  • Nothing confirms the character of Hernando citizens better than the comments on stories where black people are involved.

    Saturday, 16 April 2016, 11:09 am
  • @loco your name should be stupid and you sir type worse than me so you name name name come out and play with us sissy ***

    Saturday, 16 April 2016, 7:58 am
  • They don’t even look like real “gangstas”, i’m sure it was all a misunderstanding and there is a very good explanation for everything, just ask there public defender. After all, I’m paying for him with my tax dollars!

    Friday, 15 April 2016, 10:49 pm
  • They look like such upstanding people of the community, I’m sure they are just misunderstood. Please do not judge them. I’m sure they were just out helping their neighborhood and trying to keep it safe.

    Friday, 15 April 2016, 10:44 pm
  • T
    hey look like such upstanding people of the community, I’m sure they are just misunderstood. Please do not judge them.

    Friday, 15 April 2016, 10:36 pm
  • black lives matter.

    Friday, 15 April 2016, 10:32 pm
  • OK Judges do your thing. $2,000 Bonds when this scum low life POS is caught. Then he will cry Black lives matter, and discrimination against the blacks. I am so sick of this ****. If you want to be treated fairly and equal than be a model citizen of your community. We all have to get along but some just think they are above the law and can go and commit crimes because they think everyone is afraid of them. To all you thugs, get a life and get a Job.

    Friday, 15 April 2016, 5:58 pm
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    Friday, 15 April 2016, 5:38 pm
  • Pants up! Don’t loot!

    Friday, 15 April 2016, 5:03 pm
  • Tony Catapano, and King fettuccine, only a small area of Brooksville is high crime, and we know where that is, unlike Springhill were it happens all over.

    Friday, 15 April 2016, 3:34 pm
  • It’s white privileges fault.

    Friday, 15 April 2016, 2:25 pm
  • And if Obama had a son he would have looked like him but fear not, Once he’s caught and throne in prison where he belongs Obama will have him released.

    Friday, 15 April 2016, 12:36 pm
  • Just another average crime committed in Brooksville by one of their finest

    Friday, 15 April 2016, 12:32 pm
  • Brooksville done turned into a lil miami dade county!!!

    Friday, 15 April 2016, 9:17 am
  • all hes good for is tareing the road all those charges true cow boy hillbilly here

    Friday, 15 April 2016, 9:00 am
  • I need my road tard and holes filled in

    Friday, 15 April 2016, 8:56 am
    • Not by these roadtards!

      Friday, 15 April 2016, 1:56 pm
  • But he was such a good baby. Hands up, Don!t shoot= NOT

    Friday, 15 April 2016, 8:06 am
  • why was jones on the street with all those wants and warrants? come on judges, do your thing and start putting this scum away for more than 24 hours

    Friday, 15 April 2016, 4:49 am
  • Thugs

    Friday, 15 April 2016, 12:14 am

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