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Shots Fired During Early Morning Home Invasion, Suspect at Large

BROOKSVILLE – Residents in the area of Brook Drive woke to the sound of gunshots this morning, after officials say a domestic altercation led to a man firing at least one shot inside a residence.

According to reports, deputies responded to 1326 Brook Drive around 4:00 a.m., where they determined that 19-year-old David Thomas Williams (AKA/Wooda), went to the residence and discharged a firearm.

Detectives say Williams may have hiding in the area of Twigg Street, which is where jail records indicate is his last known address.

Currently Williams faces charges of Armed Home Invasion, Shooting into an Occupied Dwelling, Aggravated Assault with a Firearm, Domestic Battery. Violating a Restraining Order, and Witness Tampering.

Williams was just released from jail on charges of Grand Theft Auto and Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon.

Officials are asking anyone with information on this crime or know the whereabouts of David Williams to please call the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office at 352-754-6830.

Williams is considered armed and dangerous.

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  • Trump ’16 baby

    Wednesday, 4 May 2016, 11:24 pm
  • Actually Mr. Proud Veteran this was not drug related I happen to live in that neighborhood where this occurred.. So stop assuming that every home invasion is drug related. Brook Drive is a very quiet neighborhood which mostly consists of women and children and elderly people. So please stop with all of the stereotypical b.s. Oh and before you even think to play the welfare and foodstamp crap go check out your trailer parks that are filled with the same people you claim to despise. The women who live there work and are raising their families.

    Monday, 2 May 2016, 11:28 pm
  • Sad vet you nuthin but a bigot. N u dont speak for me. Im a vet. You a sad excuse for a vet. Im all marine. U all mouth. So u a got a ruger. Dont shoot urself barney. Marines carry Smith n Wesson. 3 acres. Wow. My grandpa got 1200 ,punk u is. Let erik stick to English tootering. You stick to math. $2000 $2000 $2000 shut up with u an ur $2000 ,,,bond. Wait 2000

    Monday, 2 May 2016, 4:14 pm
  • What Tom, No reports on his capture yesterday ?

    Monday, 2 May 2016, 2:44 pm
  • These opinions are mostly colored by prejudgement and hate. please stop all of the racist character assassinations to prove your point. crime is everywhere and so are criminals. Why focus on south brooksville rather than the entire county including spring hill. One day you all will look back and realized that Obama is guilty of caring about the American people not killing the son’s of thousands by manipulating a war and robbing this country the way crooked *** bush did. If we keep spreading hate against African American guys your daughter will end up bringing you grandchildren of color by that same gold tooth “thug”.

    Monday, 2 May 2016, 12:50 am
  • Cornelius, your an idiot. It is not racism, it was a black man committing a violent crime.

    Sunday, 1 May 2016, 11:26 pm
  • Hey Jade speaks you need to go back to school and learn on how to spell your sentences are like a little boy wrore them

    Sunday, 1 May 2016, 10:11 pm
  • Ya know, no one got shot, so therefore there was no victim, chances are this was drug related, so there is never a victim just a statistic.

    Sunday, 1 May 2016, 12:58 pm
  • Hey lock it down, a little bit harsh on that comment, Lol, right with you brother, if only more people like you felt that way. Come to my house, damn they would end simply as a stastistic, not a Victim or a casualty. Enough is enough of these shit heads running the streets and terrorizing citizens. Time to stand up to all terrorists, including the small time local ones who think they are infallible. Hey I got a shovel, a Ruger, and 3 acres of land, no one is gonna miss you, lol.

    Sunday, 1 May 2016, 12:53 pm
  • Latanza & KC, this guy wooda been your bestis buddy but now ya ain’t getting your drugs from him for awhile. Well at least until the judges post him the typical $2,000 bond. If these judges keep these scum bags in jail they wouldn’t be able to pay their mortgages on their mansions. HCSO when you get this POS, why don’t you just turn him and all the others over to all the real concerned citizens who truly care about our community and we will gladly give them the well deserved justice. Just a thought since the judges won’t do their jobs.

    Sunday, 1 May 2016, 12:41 pm
  • Wow it never amazing me how the first thing ppl say when a crime took place is race . what about the well being of a person. Everyone who resides or has lived in south Brooksville doesn’t require food stamps and depend on the government. FYI: I have gold teeth I’m from Brooksville my mom worked two jobs as well as my dad . I’m not criminal , drug addict, welfare recipient, or poor. Where you live doesn’t define who you are. YOUR ACTIONS DOES. Yes brooksville has a lot of crimes but its so stereotyped to be worse than what it is. Drug violence is majority of crime reasons and if you simply don’t involve yourself in that then 9 times out of 10 you won’t have to worry about being a target for anything. These ppl aren’t around commuting these crimes for nothing. Its association. So please stop the welfare and gold teeth thing bwith stereotyping. Focus more solely on the big cause which is theresva man at large from a crime . there are victims involved. The victim has children as well…. So Try saying a prayer before criticism.

    Sunday, 1 May 2016, 12:38 pm
  • I hope he stops by my house, I got something for him.

    Sunday, 1 May 2016, 11:46 am
  • When you are raised in the hood you become a hoodlum, it’s what you do. How does someone get arrested for assault with a deadly weapon and then get released? Deadly weapon means death can occur as a result of use of such weapon. Typical Ninja mentality This guy looks spooky.

    Sunday, 1 May 2016, 11:44 am
  • Twigg ST. Again the sheriff needs to clean up that street bring in the State Police (0) Williams nice tooth is that a rap you looser

    Sunday, 1 May 2016, 8:29 am
  • Notthatimportant its more white ppl on food stamps and welfare than “gold mouth ppl” so u can jump off a bridge with that statement. And me as a CO at the prison its more low life meth cooking and smoking white ppl in jail and in prison than “gold mouths”. He was wrong but name calling isn’t necessary.

    Sunday, 1 May 2016, 4:46 am
  • Cornelius, this is a perfect example of black people over playing the race card. This guy is being judged based solely on his idiotic and criminal actions. You’re basically saying that because of their own personal issues someone can go do a home invasion with an illegal pistol and it’s not his fault because life hasn’t gone his way? “He’s getting railroaded because he’s black with a “gol’ toof.” What a crock of ****!
    I guarantee you that if the hardworking, law abiding black community was polled on this, they would respond the same way to this act. Then what do you respond with after your race card is taken away? Nothing! Because the mother*****has no viable, reasonable, or applicable excuse for doing what he did!

    Sunday, 1 May 2016, 1:44 am
  • Kc’s home boi im thinking!!!

    Sunday, 1 May 2016, 12:24 am
  • twigg & as many blocks around need to be shut down !! Trash is all that comes from these few blocks!! Look it up!! Even the users call and say they got ripped off!!

    Saturday, 30 April 2016, 9:59 pm
  • Must have been all a big mistake, he looks like such a clean, God fearing young man! I’m sure it is all just a big misunderstanding. I’
    m sure he’s trying to turn his life around as we speak!

    Saturday, 30 April 2016, 9:27 pm
    • Hay, And if Obama had a son he would have looked like him.

      Sunday, 1 May 2016, 1:23 pm
  • I hope everyone is ok. He needs to be caught before someone gets hurt.

    Saturday, 30 April 2016, 8:58 pm
  • Hope he is caught before he hurts anyone and gets a long time to think about his actions.

    Saturday, 30 April 2016, 7:43 pm
  • Wow nobody asked if the victim(s) is ok, whether this man is out in the streets armed, scared, hiding, down in a residential area by where a large percentage if people take their toddlers to school (I’m aware that it’s the weekend). He already had one armed home invasion and y’all talking about gold teeth and trash. I really dont see a group of upstanding, scholars, theologian people here calling others trash. Involve yourself in a solution, take action instead if spreading negativity & pointing fingers.

    Saturday, 30 April 2016, 7:39 pm
    • i have my permit , they will be told to leave!!and in all fairness twigg is in many news outlets, like Bay 9 ,10 news! They would not be victims if they prepared for it!! It’s Brooksville i do not care of the people who say it’s safe! They will be the next in line to be a Victim!!

      Saturday, 30 April 2016, 10:13 pm
      • AMEN, Now Lock & Load, Better to be judged by 12 then carried by 6.

        Sunday, 1 May 2016, 1:22 pm
  • Crazy how when the three white kids got caught up that everyone was all “we need to teach them better and ask questions, you never know what they are going through at home” and now they call a black guy trash. Racism is real and is very much still alive.

    Saturday, 30 April 2016, 7:36 pm
    • Trash is trash, No matter color the person committing the crime is and should be dealt with equally.

      Sunday, 1 May 2016, 1:19 pm
  • BETH you do know under the new P.C. rules you can not call a spade a spade anymore right ????????

    Saturday, 30 April 2016, 7:18 pm
  • If he used a gun during a crime, enforce the 10-20-life and make sure he serves it!

    Saturday, 30 April 2016, 7:06 pm
  • I agree with KC who are you beth you have no right to call anyone out there name and for u doing that you make yourself look like a piece of trash

    Saturday, 30 April 2016, 5:22 pm
  • Kc, did Beth offend you with the gold tooth, because you have one??? Get over it Kc, it looks like trash, most people in society think so as well. A vast number of people with gold teeth collect food stamps and welfare and I have a problem with that. Sorry i agree with Beth, I’m glad this trash will be getting off of our streets.

    Saturday, 30 April 2016, 5:22 pm
    • You can thank Obama for that and some democratic run states are now giving felons their voting rights back so they can put more of them back in office to continue their failed policy’s, Just look at cities and states with democrat mayors and governors, Nothing but welfare and out of control crime.

      Sunday, 1 May 2016, 1:14 pm
  • Well Kc l would think you know Mr. Wooda. Maybe you should take your own advice.

    Saturday, 30 April 2016, 4:58 pm
  • Must not have fire at the sheriff’s cause he wouldn’t have gotten away cause it’s hard to run full of holes or a k-9 stuck on you. He will be caught and back were he wants to be.

    Saturday, 30 April 2016, 4:54 pm
  • Beth you are a idiot and a piece of garbage and go get a life

    Saturday, 30 April 2016, 4:51 pm
    • Another lowlife ways in! Beth is right on!

      Saturday, 30 April 2016, 5:43 pm
    • Spoken like a true home grown Floridan, Now go out and feed your 10 dogs and 20 cats.

      Sunday, 1 May 2016, 1:04 pm
  • KC bite me.. We shouldn’t have to live here with this garbage ruining our way of life. Beth you are 100% right.. The judicial system in Hernando / Florida is a joke.. Remember this on election day ITS TIME TO CLEAN HOUSE. Just maybe we can elect someone interested in keeping this kind of trash off our streets.

    Saturday, 30 April 2016, 4:41 pm
    • AMEN!

      Saturday, 30 April 2016, 5:42 pm
    • Thank God For People With Sense. And for the last almost 8 years, Things in this country have only gotten worse, Oh, Except for the people that are getting all that free stuff that Obama is giving away to carry on with his failures if Clinton takes his place with free cell phones and welfare.

      Sunday, 1 May 2016, 12:59 pm
  • Beth go get a life! You have nasty things to say and who are you? Such a perfect person? Yeah right! If you hate it so much than remove your self from this society!

    Saturday, 30 April 2016, 4:16 pm
    • Living in Brooksville is a horror, Nothing but crime and that just whats being reported here and it’s only getting worse and Obama will be letting felons like this back onto the street so they can commit more hideous crimes and those that can’t see it are only kidding themselves and Spring Hill is not much better and in itself getting worse but to be fair, it’s not just here, it’s now happening everywhere, This is what America is turning into and how sad is that.

      Sunday, 1 May 2016, 12:51 pm
  • Just got out a couple of weeks ago. You think that gun he had was registered. People like this is giving people who have license guns a bad name.

    Saturday, 30 April 2016, 4:09 pm
  • Look for the golden tooth on this idiot piece of garbage. When caught, I bet he gets a bond of five hundred from our local justice system. Why can’t they keep these freaks in jail and out of society, I bet Wooda hasnt worked a day in his life. Just poor trash…..

    Saturday, 30 April 2016, 3:44 pm

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