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Single Vehicle Rollover Accident Injures Two, Commercial Way and Nicasio Jay Ave

SPRING HILL – At least two people are reportedly injured after a single vehicle rollover accident at the intersection of Commercial Way and Nicasio Jay Ave.

The extent of the injuries is unknown but both patients will be transported locally for treatment.

The Florida Highway Patrol is en route to investigate.

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  • Miami mike, if u re read the witness post, and do research on Peta blogs, it will tell you = pull over to side of road, for safety of all involved. Poor judgement on the Jeep drivers part and I could care less what you think of my post, Common sense tells me jeep driver used very poor judgement! Have a nice day.

    Wednesday, 20 July 2016, 9:44 am
  • If the truck driver was paying attention this crash would not have happened. Not the falt of the driver of the Jeep. It could have been anything in the road. It’s the drivers responsibly to maintain control of driven vehicle.

    Tuesday, 19 July 2016, 3:06 pm
  • Wow, hope everyone is gonna be ok. Way to go Jeep driver, could have killed PEOPLE to Save a turtle. Rather stupid to stop in the road, I hope you got a ticket.!!!! Human beings lives matter more than a dang turtle.

    Monday, 18 July 2016, 12:14 pm
  • Could they have been TEXTING

    Monday, 18 July 2016, 10:06 am
  • Wish everyone a safe recovery.
    I wonder how many vehicles involved in rollovers have have wheels over 15 inches?

    Monday, 18 July 2016, 8:53 am
  • Simple, slow down especially in the rain or don’t and expect a roll over when you lose control, see how simple.

    Monday, 18 July 2016, 4:46 am
    • It actually wasn’t raining at the time of the accident. It started raining when EMS showed up. There was a jeep stopped in the middle of the road with their flashers on. The truck simply didn’t notice that the jeep was completely stopped until it was too late. Why the jeep didn’t pull over to the side of the road was simply bad judgment on the part of that driver. The truck swerved to miss the jeep at the last second and over corrected. It was frightening to watch. In the end this was all over someone trying to get a turtle out from the middle of the road.

      Monday, 18 July 2016, 9:45 am
  • Prayers for All Involved

    Monday, 18 July 2016, 1:04 am
  • Thank you to all the hard work paramedics do day to day! Hernando County sure does keep them busy
    Prayers go out to all evolved ?

    Sunday, 17 July 2016, 8:17 pm
  • Wow another roll over!!!!

    Sunday, 17 July 2016, 7:36 pm

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