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Teacher Asks 8th Grade Students “How Comfortable Are You in a Gay Bar?”

SPRING HILL – With the country at odds on almost every issue regarding race, religion, gender, and lifestyle, it’s no surprise that our schools have become more of a breeding ground for belief systems than an institution for teaching “The Three Rs.”

You may remember an incident back in February, where an 11-year-old Staten Island, New York girl was asked to answer a questions regarding President Donald Trump and President Barack Obama. The fill in the blank questions asked, “President Trump speaks in a very superior and _________ manner insulting many people. He needs to be more _________.” The following questions asked, “Barak Obama set a _________________ when he became the first African American president.” The girl’s father responded to the teacher with a handwritten note, stating “Please keep your political views to yourself and do not try to influence my children on them.”

Last Friday an 8th grade student at Fox Chapel Middle School, who we will refer to as “Michael,” brought home a questionnaire that made Michael feel “uncomfortable” and infuriated his mother and father. Michael’s parents asked not to be identified, due to their direct affiliation to the Hernando County School Board, but they believe the questions were completely inappropriate for a middle school aged student.Students in Mrs. Cox “Leader in Me” class were asked to rate between 1 and 4 on how comfortable they were in certain hypothetical situations. But most of the 41 “How Comfortable Am I” questions were related to sexuality, gender identity, race, religion and a variety of other adult situations.

The second question on the assignment asks students how they would feel if “A friend invites you to a gay bar.” Most 8th graders aren’t even old enough to enter a bar, regardless of the clientele. Question 14 states “your women studies instructor is a Muslim woman who wears a headscarf and full length robe.” Question 9 states “Your assigned lab partner is a Fundamentalist Christian.” The questions go on to ask about sexually transmitted diseases, affirmative action, and even welfare.Michael told his father, “Some kids were complaining that it was racist, so she told us to just throw it away.” When the children said they were going to show their parents, they were told “no.” according to Michael’s parents. “I find it to be a bit racist in so many ways and I have no idea what this has to do with education,” says Michael’s father.

According to Michael, Leader in Me is “A class where students lead and they help do things around school. Be proactive – begin with the end in mind – put first things first – think win-win – seek first to understand , then to be understood – synergize – sharpen the saw. The seven habits.” But did Mrs. Cox step outside her role as a teacher by asking her 13 and 14 year-old students multiple questions that pertain to sexual orientation, race relations, and religious stereotyping? Did she have an agenda? Officials with the Hernando County School Board believes this to be the case and took immediate action by releasing Mrs. Cox from her employment with Hernando County Schools.

In a statement, a spokesperson with the Hernando County School Board says “We’ve been made aware that a FCMS teacher left a supplemental assignment for students to complete in her absence. In no way, does this assignment meet the standards of appropriate instructional material.

After being made aware of the assignment, school administration began an investigation and has taken immediate disciplinary action. This teacher was within her probationary period and has been released from employment.”

It should be noted that Fox Chapel Middle School’s P.E. Teacher, Betty Cox, is not the teacher involved in this incident.

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  • IMHO – personal beliefs, religious beliefs and sexual orientation are not the school’s domain.

    They need to concentrate on teaching our children educational things. Reading, writing, arithmetic, science and history. These things are 1. Essential to live. 2. Cold hard facts, not opinions.

    How dare a teacher try and tell any child that their family’s personal and/or religious beliefs are wrong.

    If a family believes in racisim, then they will have to learn to live a diminished life avoiding people of other races.

    If a family believes that homosexuality is wrong, then they will have to learn to live a diminished life avoiding homosexuals.

    If a family is intolerant or other religious views, then they will have to learn to live a diminished life avoiding other religions.

    Look at all the racist, homophobic, religiously intolerant people who go to work every day and work alongside and interact with those they “hate”.

    Because at the end of the day 99.9% of people don’t feel strongly enough about it to inconvenience their lives to avoid those they “hate”.

    Please don’t beat me up about my punctuation, I’m just a poor working man.

    If you wanna beat me up for my views, go ahead. The first amendment guarantees my right to have them and speak them.

    Friday, 7 April 2017, 7:58 pm
  • We need more people in Hernando county willing to speak up about the racism and homophobia that runs rampant here in the country’s lynching capital.

    The survey was meant for an older audience true, so what? It was meant to bring awareness about ones own racist and homophobic feelings, and that is a very positive thing. The only reason the teacher was fired is because this district can’t stand up to racist and homophobic parents. We have a serious lack of backbone in our school district.

    Friday, 7 April 2017, 9:44 am
  • I scored 81. Is that a “B”?

    Thursday, 6 April 2017, 10:54 pm
  • These questions are appropriate for a leadership class. These students are being groomed to be leaders in our society. They are being taught how to react to real world situations that they will be facing. Is there something wrong with asking students to take an introspective look at themselves to see where they may be lacking as far as tolerance goes? Is it wrong to ask them to assess themselves regarding their opinions and beliefs on race, religion, and sexuality? I understand that most of the religious based responses on here are based on the “teachings” of your Big Sky Daddy from a book that was rewritten 1600 years after his supposed existence by a King (James) that wanted it written to suit his tastes and belief. Keeping the arcane backwards thinking of the Middle Ages as your moral guidebook is ridiculous in this day and age. Open your eyes and realize that the world has changed. Society has changed. Our culture has changed. We didn’t have to deal with these issues 20-30 years ago. Life was different then. Unfortunately, today’s children are buried up to their necks in the quagmire that our society has become. Instead of bashing the teacher for having this as a supplemental assignment, ask yourselves why this scares and enrages you so much. Teaching our children intolerance and hiding them from real world situations will only handicap them as adults, just as you are handicapped now. Grow up people. Learn to handle tough questions and stop crying about being offended.

    Thursday, 6 April 2017, 8:10 pm
    • hush hush.. 14 year olds are dumb and dont know about gay people and gays are evil according to most of the comments. oh i sure hope the comments dont reflect the majority of hernando county.. just a small select group of bigots.

      Thursday, 6 April 2017, 9:42 pm
      • Of course gays are evil according to the pious among us. Don’t you know that a loving and caring relationship can only happen between man and woman after being joined in holy matrimony under the stern but approving gaze of their imaginary Friend in the sky? The rest of us heathens will burn for eternity in lakes of fire that we don’t believe in. I don’t know about you, but medieval threats of storybook torture really scare me.

        Thursday, 6 April 2017, 10:15 pm
        • i do not think you want me to actually scare you; their is hell in the afterlife and hell on earth.

          Saturday, 8 April 2017, 7:11 pm
          • I do not hold to the same religious beliefs that you do. The consequences that you believe in as far as the afterlife goes, holds no power in my day to day life. That does not mean that I am without morals or scruples, or that I live a hedonistic lifestyle. So no, the threat of hell does not now, nor will it ever scare me. A religious person trying to press their religious beliefs upon me is laughable. You’re fine to believe what you want and cast as many aspersions as you wish against me, but that still does not affect me in any way.

            Sunday, 9 April 2017, 9:19 am
            • what is your moral code based on, pray tell?

              Monday, 10 April 2017, 5:01 pm
    • I would say Amen, but that doesn’t seem appropriate. Lol Thank you and Food for Thought for reminding me that there are still people with common sense out there!

      Friday, 7 April 2017, 9:19 am
      • Instead of Amen, the Flying Spaghetti Monster prefers you say R’Amen.

        Friday, 7 April 2017, 8:33 pm
    • It is inappropriate to ask children these questions in a school setting and it is also inappropriate for this age group. Please stop trying to indoctrinate our children in our public schools. We pay taxes for education, which includes reading, writing and arithmetic. @Flying Spaghetti Monster do you have children in the public school system?

      Friday, 7 April 2017, 7:02 pm
      • Reading, writing, and arithmetical efficiency are all noble pursuits for schools to achieve with all students. Real world situations should also be taught as well. Don’t you feel that a child should come out of school with some idea of what’s going on in the world around them and how to handle issues that come up every day? Or would you rather just have a little drone that has no social skills or idea on how to handle real life situations but can do well on a standardized test? Public Schools need to change what and how they teach and be more diverse to better prepare our children for reality. Life isn’t as cut-and-dry as when you and I were kids. Society has changed. Yes my children are in public school and I engage with them as well to make sure they are well rounded people that can function in the real world and can think for themselves. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the questions that these kids were asked. The only problem here are the narrow minded, homophobic, and overtly racist reactions displayed by the parents. The job market requires people to be able to handle cultural diversity. Kids need to know how to react properly and without prejudice to all religions and cultures. Do you teach your children intolerance? I bet you do. Not overtly but I am sure that they have heard some kind of slur or jab at another race or religion leave your lips. Close your mouth and open your mind. See the world for what it is and stop hiding behind P.C. buzzwords. Make a positive change and teach your children the truth of the world. They are not babies at this age. They are more capable and willing to understand than you realize.

        Friday, 7 April 2017, 8:31 pm
    • handle this question; why do black people hate white people so much? the teacher never would have had the guts to ask minorities about their bigotry

      Saturday, 8 April 2017, 7:09 pm
      • Are you assuming the class was all white students? There’s nothing bigoted about the questions. The only bigoted things are people’s personal interpretations.

        Sunday, 9 April 2017, 9:04 am
        • hernando is majority white, retard. it would be a serious anomaly if the class was not mostly white

          Monday, 10 April 2017, 5:02 pm
          • If you’re going to try and insult me, you will fail miserably, just as you have failed to grasp the subtle intricacies of grammar. The demographic breakdown of ethnicity in Hernando county is roughly 80% white to 20% other races. That means that one out of every five students, on average, is not white. To make it easier for you to grasp, out of a 25 student class, five of those children will not be white. So yes the majority of students will be white, but that also means that ethnic children were exposed to the same questions. I never said, mentioned, nor hinted that the class didn’t contain a majority of white students. For your information, I am not one of those white majority. I am Hispanic and teach my children to be above the prejudices and classless behavior exhibited by the white majority, and their children.

            Tuesday, 11 April 2017, 7:50 pm
        • o darling, dig deep enough and every “tolerant” liberal is just a white/america hating like yourself! what a loving and tolerant quote. if hernando county is so “classes and prejudiced”, why don’t you do yourself and this county a service by GTFO.

          “prejudices and classless behavior exhibited by the white majority, and their children.”

          out of curiosity, what backwards hellhole are you from?

          Thursday, 13 April 2017, 12:40 pm
      • As for blacks hating whites, that’s a pretty broad spectrum statement to make. Not all black people hate whites. Yes there is a cross section that does, just as there is a cross section in every ethnic group that hates someone else. People are taught hatred for a variety of reasons. I can’t answer why one group hates another with any accuracy because the reasons vary from person to person and group to group. Teaching our children to be open minded and look past the stereotypes and preconceived notions about others that have been handed down from generation to generation is a step in the right direction. Keeping an open mind and teaching our children to look past color, ethnicity, and religion to see people for who they really are will be beneficial to their futures.

        Sunday, 9 April 2017, 9:13 am
        • that is not what this was designed to do. if it was then several different questions would be included.

          Monday, 10 April 2017, 5:04 pm
          • The questionnaire, if you read it and are able to comprehend it, is designed to put whoever is taking it, in to situations that most people would find uncomfortable and intimidating to address. By broaching these “controversial” topics, it gives kids a chance to reflect on who they are and how they would handle things. It can show them where they might be lacking when dealing with their fellow human beings. I feel that the variety of questions and the situations they cover make for a good measuring stick on how we as parents have taught our children to interact with those around them.

            Tuesday, 11 April 2017, 7:57 pm
  • It would be interesting to see the results of a district wide survey with questions. It rather appears to be an attempt at honest research. 8 grade students could probably give an honest insight into opinions their parents and older siblings have voiced. They could also reveal whether they have any innovative ideas in these areas. After all if we are doing doing proper parenting, our children should at 14 should be capable of dealing with these questions.

    Thursday, 6 April 2017, 4:47 pm
  • I see the mark of the beast on there faces i see dem congregating in EVIL places me say we a know dem a wicked…

    Thursday, 6 April 2017, 3:39 pm
  • She teaches grades 6-8 its a Leader In me class, she apparently wanted to fire A Sub, what a great leadership.role..

    Thursday, 6 April 2017, 2:04 pm
  • Thanks Tom for bringing this to our atten t ion. Racism isn’t born in us It’s taught. Im going out on a limb here and saying maybe she was conducting a social experiment. But Its wrong to point out differences . learn to accept differences and respect others for there’s. T hete os nut one race.the human race

    Thursday, 6 April 2017, 11:12 am
    • You have misunderstood. The assignment was not racist or advocating racism. It was asking the leadership students to honestly look as their own possible prejudice feelings.

      The misunderstsnding is ok and expected because Tom framed this article to enrage a racist and small minded audience in Hernando County.

      Friday, 7 April 2017, 9:51 am
      • NO, it was shaming white christian straight Americans (in typical subtle fashion)

        Saturday, 8 April 2017, 7:05 pm
  • Mrs.Cox common sense is very important in life. What were you thinking???

    Thursday, 6 April 2017, 12:12 am
  • does not suprise me coming from fox chaple they hire some crazies over there! how about the old ese teacher used to threaten the kids like she was one of them and they were in the hood.

    Wednesday, 5 April 2017, 11:42 pm
    • Are you involved with your child’s education? Are you an active parent? Did you meet the proverbial “hood teacher”? Why would you comment on this status voicing your opinion about something and or someone you know nothing about? Get a life maybe you need to be drug tested?!

      Friday, 7 April 2017, 11:57 am
  • I hope the teacher is fired i think im going to pull my kids ouf of Hernando County Schools and start home schooling that is not from the State where did the paper work come from ?

    Wednesday, 5 April 2017, 10:07 pm
    • Good idea home schooling your children. Based on your one run-on sentence above, they will be getting a very high quality education! If you had any reading comprehension skills, you would not have to “hope” the teacher got fired. It clearly states that she did. The word “state” should not be capitalized, however “I” and “I’m” should be and also needs an apostrophe as it is a contraction . Paperwork is a compound word. What does “that is not from the State where did the paper work come from?” even mean? What are you trying to ask? Do you think the state of Florida gives every school district the “papers” they use as materials for teaching? Based on your very apparent ignorance, I’m sure you would be doing the public school system a favor by removing your children from it. Unfortunately, society as a whole will not be as lucky! The gun emoji is an excellent touch!

      Thursday, 6 April 2017, 12:54 pm
      • @SHM, HELLO THERE TEACHER!! Where is your tolerance of other people’s right to speak their minds?? Just what I thought. This teacher and I use the word loosely, is an idiot and got what she deserved. I don’t care if you are gay, lesbian or confused as to what you are, Don’t care, Just don’t push your agenda down my children’s throats!! Btw= I am not racist by any means. Run with that high and mighty.

        Thursday, 6 April 2017, 5:11 pm
        • Just because I’m know about the grammar rules of written language does not make me a teacher. I am not a teacher, but obviously had some who did their jobs. I said nothing against anyone’s free speech, just that you should use the language properly lest you look like an idiot. Also, I didn’t state my opinion on whether or not I agreed with what happened. That was your assumption. When a situation arises and someone makes the statement that it is the whole school system, that is sheer ridiculousness! I make some of my living based off of others stupidity though. I’m a lawyer. But, at least you thought teachers are at least capable of correcting the illiteracy of others. By the assumption, you are alluding to the opinion that they are not all bad, as other people are saying. In my opinion, it was not a good choice of assignment for an 8th grade public school class. But, based on many of the comments here (all within the realm of free speech- which I defend), tolerance is definitely something that needs to be taught somewhere! Even tolerance for illiterate idiots, I guess. My bad!

          Friday, 7 April 2017, 9:08 am
      • lol

        Thursday, 6 April 2017, 9:39 pm
        • FOOD= The butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker, you have done it all. Hello about a year ago if you clicked on your name on here took you straight to hard porn , other people questioned it, so it was seen by several. And questioned on here by them, so laugh and make fun of the people voicing their opinions. By all means have at it at making fun of Christians who are being persecuted every day. I feel sorry for your children , if they were cutters, you do know what that means, right? What would you do. When some gay ( happy happy joy joy) gets ahold of your child, would you say oh well son/daughter that’s the way of the world. Deal with it? Again I say, I would rather drop dead than enter that hospital where you say you work!! I would sign out AMA immediately !! Bigoted no, perverted and racist no, just a believer in Jesus Christ and the Bibe and very proud of it. There is nothing you or anyone else can say to change my mind. Teachers should keep their own agendas to themselves and parents should teach their children the things referred to in this article. It does NOT TAKE A VILLAGE TO RAISE A CHILD, as Hideous Hillary says.

          Thursday, 6 April 2017, 11:08 pm
          • i typed in private for personal information and it was auto linking to a website. I let tom know and that has been corrected fyi. this country is about freedom not persecution of some ones religious beliefs or partner preference. i dont approve of ignorant bigoted uneducated comments and that offends you, thats unfortunate. well it would be your decisions to sign out ama. if you seriously needed medical care and treatment and would refuse such based on the religion or if the person believes in the constitution, that would be your choice. probably not the smartest thing but you do have that right as a patient in most cases. take care and have a nice day.

            Friday, 7 April 2017, 4:43 pm
  • lol at the comments. you really think by 14 your kids dont know what this stuff is or anything about their bodies. especially with the internet? I seriously think so many people grow older and completely lose a grasp on what it was like to be young.. some how i doubt the teacher was perving or racist. talk about over analyzing by people. btw there are gay teen clubs/bars for all the ignorant people out there. A bar by definition is a place where refreshments are served not to be confused with an alcoholic establishment even though its used in conjunction with taverns. Most people need to wake up and realize your kids are not as incompetent to the world as you would like to believe. Sit down and have real discussions about life with them, you might just learn a thing or two.

    Wednesday, 5 April 2017, 9:15 pm
    • Food i was gonna give you a break but do you teach your daughters about that sick sh#%. IT’S CALLED EVIL……

      Thursday, 6 April 2017, 3:36 pm
      • you think homosexuals are sick and evil? hows being an ignorant bigot working out for you? if you think 14 year olds dont know what a gay person is, and im “teaching” them, you are dense. and dense is an understatement..

        Thursday, 6 April 2017, 9:38 pm
        • No, mike is right; satanism exists, i do not teach ritual to family members.

          Saturday, 8 April 2017, 7:01 pm
    • Well put. Once we put aside our differences and accept each other as fellow humans and begin accepting those differences (agree to disagree) then work on real solutions this world will move forward as will humanity. Living within belief systems that are based on superstition without evidence and refusing to open your mind is not helping anything because in your mind your right and everyone else is wrong but ask the other person and your the one who is wrong.

      Tuesday, 11 April 2017, 1:26 pm
  • Kudos to the parents who had the balls to bring this to the school board’s attention and to “Michael” who defied the teacher’s direction to throw it away and showed it to his parents. This is obviously for college students, not 8th graders.

    My child has, actually i should say had, her as his 7th grade leader in me teacher. Makes me wonder what all she was trying to teach the 7th graders.

    Glad they fired her!

    Wednesday, 5 April 2017, 9:13 pm
  • Don’t want me in the classroom? Fine, I have no issues with going back to Calendar Girls……..I made a heck of lot more money there anyway.

    Wednesday, 5 April 2017, 9:03 pm
    • BYEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Thursday, 6 April 2017, 12:38 pm
    • get the F out of our county please! (at least away from our kids)

      Saturday, 8 April 2017, 7:00 pm
  • Let’s hear with the no-show school superintendent has to say about this issue she’s been silenced on all the issues that happened in the school but I’m sure they’ll be a lot of do-gooders that are going to respond that this is a wrong comment to put on this articleloo

    Wednesday, 5 April 2017, 8:40 pm
    • Lori Romano fired the math and reading coaches and hire 21 new administrators to answer questions like this. She is no longer responsible.

      Thursday, 6 April 2017, 2:03 pm
  • There is no way to answer question number 34 without a picture.

    Wednesday, 5 April 2017, 8:39 pm
    • lol

      Thursday, 6 April 2017, 12:37 pm
  • That’s a problem in todays rasing of our youth.We are sheltered don’t find out about sex till it’s to late.Treat everyone equal that could start to end racism.That can only happen if all cultures get off there lazy asses and work.Let us not be so blind that these kids don’t know what sex is..If you belive that then you are part of the problem.Teacher go’s to collage 4 years lands a job makes a mistake according to Michael’s parents.They don’t want there last name put out there because there tie’s to the board of Education.So these people can complain unnamed and teachers are fired.That is a crock BS.When do the kids learn about this stuff.How about the Muslim’s following Sharia Law over here marrying 10 and11 year olds.You might want to teach this class to them.Give the teacher a break.Ruin someones life on someone who does not even give there name.

    Wednesday, 5 April 2017, 7:24 pm
  • none of this stuff belongs in school; if i was given that assignment i would have had a lot of fun melting that snowflake.the entire thing was pretentious; it would be like me giving a school assignment to a non-white person with questions like “how do you feel around white people?do you feel uncomfortable?” “why do you feel black and brown people disproportionately contribute to violent crime?” “discrimination in favor of blacks and against whites is legal (affirmative action) will you do your part to end black on white oppression and acknowledge your black privilege?” ” how much of your success is due to systematic legalized racism?” “do you hate white people?” “fill in the blanks,Obama was an an_i wh_te piece of s_it that w_nted to d_stroy america.” “Donald trump l_ves america a_d wa_ts to ma_e it g_eat again.

    Wednesday, 5 April 2017, 7:17 pm
  • I’m happy this SJW liberal POS lost her job. She got what she deserved. Just shows you what you get when you send your children to public indoctrination centers.

    Wednesday, 5 April 2017, 6:44 pm
    • I wish we could all afford private schools like you Doh…. Can you breathe up there on your pedestal!!!!!

      Thursday, 6 April 2017, 12:35 pm
      • Home school. idiot.

        Saturday, 8 April 2017, 6:58 pm
  • Way to go misspelling the presidents name ?

    Wednesday, 5 April 2017, 5:17 pm
  • I find it maybe a but mature but it’s these type of assignments that make people think outside the box. If you read the entire assignment it left no “group” out. It was meant to spark discussion in my eyes on diversity and perception. I think it should probably been done for a older group.

    Wednesday, 5 April 2017, 3:47 pm
    • no,it never has anything to do with discussion or dialogue, it has to do with a monologue;the monologue is white shaming.

      Wednesday, 5 April 2017, 7:06 pm
  • But when does sex education start in today’s schools? 10, 11, 12 years on, kids are becoming aware of sex.AS for the rest of the hypothetical questions, those are subjects in every day’s newpapers, radios and TVs.

    Wednesday, 5 April 2017, 2:55 pm
    • Hernando public schools have a 1 day basic sex ed class in 5th grade. But….. why is it someone else’s responsibility to teach our children about sex.

      Although I was unsure about explaining the basics of sex, along with puberty, to my son when he was in 5th grade (figured he’s better off hearing it from me first before the class at school), but I did it. I’m his dad, that’s just one of the responsibilities of being a parent.

      Wednesday, 5 April 2017, 9:21 pm
  • So she was bringing to light that maybe now you feel uncomfortable with people of different races/ religion, BUT YOU SHOULDN’T is the lesson. She’s teaching 13 year olds before they grow up to be like that dad who doesn’t want his kid to know its ok to be friends with a lesbian! Gasp! The horror! She did nothing wrong, except have kids thinking about how they feel. When teens come to my house, they aren’t allowed to use words such as “that’s gay”or that’s “retarded”, because there’s nothing wrong with being either of those things.

    Wednesday, 5 April 2017, 2:22 pm
    • i take it that “you” means a white,straight,christian american,right? this whole thing is just white shaming. no one would ever have the guts to put a reverse version of this in print and give it to black kids,would they? you do not let teens say “gay” or “retarded” as an insult….what about nigger?cracker?race mixer?commie?black boy? honkey?chink?spic? sand monkey dune coon? faggoty left wing hippie? can i use those words if i come over? also,while there is nothing wrong with being retarded, it is not a quality i recommend people strive for. and homosexuality is very wrong; it is a sin, and God does not like sin

      Wednesday, 5 April 2017, 7:15 pm
      • Oh yes sin. Here’s a hint take a good look at what else your “good book” says is a sin. The Bible is filled with atrocities personally committed or condoned by your God to include killings of innocent people to include babies and children who had nothing to do with what God was pissed off over or for minor things. Of course you ignore that and let’s harp on those things you agree with are wrong just because your imaginary friend “said so”. Think for yourself and stop shoving BS, fantasy and fairytales down others throats

        Friday, 7 April 2017, 5:46 pm
        • Go back to whatever communist hell hole you or your parents came from.

          Saturday, 8 April 2017, 6:57 pm
          • Easy big boy I’m from this country go read your story book and go outside and play with all your imaginary friends.

            Sunday, 9 April 2017, 1:20 pm
          • Hey Adam can I invite you to join me at Red Lobster for a big platter of friend abominations unto the Lord. Don’t forget to wear your best suit of blended fabrics oh yea God hates polyester

            Sunday, 9 April 2017, 1:59 pm
          • no, friend, i mean new York, new jersey, Massachusetts or wherever it is you came from. what is all this about imaginary friends and polyester? stop smoking meth, it’s bad for you.

            Monday, 10 April 2017, 5:09 pm
          • Study geography all those places you mentioned are in this country. In regards to the polyester and fried abomination it’s contained in the same section of the Bible as homosexuality being a sin you seem to know so much about. Or is that not in the cherry picked edition you read

            Tuesday, 11 April 2017, 10:08 am
          • And to answer your other question about the story book and imaginary friends it’s the Bible and those contained within

            Tuesday, 11 April 2017, 12:16 pm
          • it is not in any version of the Bible, also, i know mass, ny, and nj are in the U.S., but they are still communist hell holes full of degenerates like you.

            Thursday, 13 April 2017, 12:33 pm
    • I dont think she should’ve been fired. This could have been a learning experience for all. Is she a lazy teacher? Yes, for sure. The assignment could have easily been customized for thier age group. Everyone deserves a second chance, especially when teaching this age group…it isn’t easy folks

      Wednesday, 5 April 2017, 9:34 pm
      • Totally agree! It’s hard enough to find teachers especially in Hernando county. Definitely would have been better as a learning experience rather than immediate firing. She could have been a bit more careful with the age appropriateness of the assignment for sure, these are 8th graders! But also she’s a new teacher, why not let her correct the mistake and move on? I mean even Trump got to just apologize for the “grab em by the ” tape. I think this teacher deserves a chance.

        Saturday, 8 April 2017, 9:12 am
  • Most 8th graders aren’t old enough to go in a bar? How about NO 8th grader is old enough to go in a bar. If you read these questions, they were obviously originally written for an older crowd (college age) with references to RA’s, bars, resident halls, etc. Probably some sort of training to become a Resident Advisor in a dorm. Those individuals are generally adults. Clearly inappropriate questions for 8th graders. I can’t believe someone thought this appropriate for 12 to 14 year olds. SMH.

    Wednesday, 5 April 2017, 1:53 pm

    Wednesday, 5 April 2017, 1:35 pm
  • I lol’d at the teacher’s last name… Cox sounds like… roosters.

    Wednesday, 5 April 2017, 1:30 pm
  • This falls under the category “What the hell was she thinking?” Maybe she’s working on a book or a documentary? Don’t know, but this is entirely inappropriate in any class room at any age.

    Wednesday, 5 April 2017, 1:17 pm
  • Thanks Tom Good lookin out for us and the kids we appreciate it even if we give you hard time. Have a good day , and bye bye Mrs Cox

    Wednesday, 5 April 2017, 12:45 pm
  • Glad to see the Hernando County School Board acted quickly upon this, however, based on how the story read near the bottom, it appears that the teacher, Mrs. Cox, left this for another teacher, in Mrs. Cox’s absence, to distribute. Also, it stated that Mrs. Cox was in her probationary period. I would like a good answer as to what does probation or not have to do with her expulsion? She should have been fired regardless of probationary or tenured. And, it would have been nice if the person sitting in for Mrs. Cox would have refused to put this paper in front of these children. Does anyone besides me see why the unions have NO PLACE in our school system or our governments? Total indoctrination not education!

    Wednesday, 5 April 2017, 12:24 pm
    • YUP! They don’t belong in the public sector period!

      Wednesday, 5 April 2017, 12:56 pm
    • If she were tenured, there would have had to have been a hearing. Because she was in her probationary period, I believe that they don’t have to show cause.
      If she were tenured and this was a 1st misstep, it would be difficult to fire her. There would have been a formal write-up and a heavy duty principal-teacher meeting, perhaps placement on a PDP (Professional Development Plan) as a result. On the other hand, if this were in line with previous missteps, anything from transfer to another site to being fired… and, perhaps, a formal report to the state’s professional standards commission for further action.
      Yes, it’s a pretty gosh-awful mistake for any adult to make to my mind, and it is hard for me to fathom that any trained educator would consider this questionaire, or anything like it, appropriate. Even if this teacher were early-mid 20s, I can’t wrap my head around her decision.

      I substitute now, and, like you, I really find it hard to believe that the sub would distribute this paper. But, then, I have been a teacher. Some subs have minimal educational background and, I suppose, just “go with the flow”. Crazy stuff.

      Monday, 10 April 2017, 2:25 pm
  • Sounds like the school has developed a Nazi youth program. Shouldn’t be too surprized. Romano hails from Grand Rapids Michigan, home of the Dutch Reform.

    Wednesday, 5 April 2017, 12:12 pm
    • Wow that is a pretty stereotypical statement right there! I grew up right outside of GR and racism surely was not tollerated nor taught!

      Wednesday, 5 April 2017, 4:05 pm
      • You ever work with them? I did for ten years and wouldn’t go back for anything in the world.

        Wednesday, 5 April 2017, 5:16 pm
    • what is up,Dennis! it’s been a while. as to “proud Michigander”, i think you misunderstood. the dutch reformed church is one that openly advocates homosexuality and leftism. he was not saying Michigan is racist,but that Michigan is left wing. as to the statement that this is similar to a Nazi textbook question,this is an actual Nazi textbook question. yes,this is similar

      “In addition to the Skull Index and the Face Index, the Profile Angle is also important in
      the racial evaluation of people. The Profile Angle is calculated from the “German
      horizontal” or the eye-ear plane to the profile line from the base of the nose and the
      surface of the upper jaw. One refers to a skull as “forward,” “middle,” or “level” jawed.
      Based on this standard, identify the profile angles of the following skulls.”

      Wednesday, 5 April 2017, 6:52 pm
  • Trust me, those students are ROFLing at that dumb ass teacher. Bar? Really? They haven’t even been in bars, much less being able to envision themselves being in one. This teacher should be reprimanded for this idiot’s quest.

    Wednesday, 5 April 2017, 12:00 pm
    • She was reprimanded she was fired “This teacher was within her probationary period and has been released from employment.”

      Wednesday, 5 April 2017, 12:23 pm
      • A happy ending for all involved.

        Wednesday, 5 April 2017, 1:03 pm
      • My concern is now did we just pass the buck so this sick teacher will spread her filthy agenda in someone else’s school district in some other county. Is it actually noted in her file what she did, so no other students will have to endure this sicko’s twisted ideology. Did they go after her certification at the state level or are we just spinning our wheels. Just termination is not good enough punishment she mentally screwed with our kids heads.

        Friday, 7 April 2017, 10:06 pm
    • Joe Blow, If you would have read Tom’s entire post, you would have seen this “This teacher was within her probationary period and has been released from employment.” Next time, read first.

      Wednesday, 5 April 2017, 12:32 pm
  • Welcome ……to the machine.

    Wednesday, 5 April 2017, 12:00 pm
  • Good job keeping the parents name a secret,may of wanted to not print the page he signed and sent back to the school,its probaly not gonna take much effort for the board to find him

    Wednesday, 5 April 2017, 11:48 am
    • Good job at comprehending (understanding) the whole story. Missed a few days of school yourself eh. You must shake your head a lot during the day.

      Wednesday, 5 April 2017, 12:17 pm
    • did you even read the story? comprehension might be beyond your scope of

      Wednesday, 5 April 2017, 8:54 pm

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