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The World of Relationship Laws… Man Arrested for Holding Girlfriend’s Hand

SPRING HILL – Sheriff’s Deputies responded to 2212 Gaucho Ave yesterday, after reports of a verbal dispute between a man and woman at that residence

According to reports, Deputy Joseph Savelli arrived on the scene and issued a trespass warning against 26-year-old Nicholas Jacob Leverich. Savelli also requested that Leverich separate from his girlfriend, 21-year-old Michelle Botsch.

According the Botsch’ sister, Dorothy Sieber, the couple were seen a short time later walking together on Meredith Drive. Sieber says Leverich pushed botsch, so she contacted Deputy Savelli again to advise him of the situation.

Deputy Savelli located the couple walking eastbound on Belvedere Street and observed Leverich placing his arm around Botsch. According to Savelli, Botsch appeared to be pulling away. Botsch told Deputy Savelli that Leverich was holding her hand and that she didn’t want to.

Deputy Savelli placed Leverich under arrest and charged him with Dating Violence. He remains behind bars, held without bond.

According to Federal Domestic Violence Laws and Florida State Statutes, Law Enforcement Officers are forced to arrest anyone who is accused of an “unwanted touching” in this case; Botsch did not want to hold hands…

According to jail records both Leverich and Botsch have a long history of arrests, including theft, battery, and drug charges.


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  • I know Nicholas pretty good as I’m close to his mother and also with Nick. People can say what they want as most do anyhow, but A lot of the crimes mentioned in the previous article look worse on paper than the actual offenses commited. I can attest to some info mentioned as a little trumped up .pun intended..because I heard the facts from people involved personally and I know Nicholas as well. He is a good person overall regardless of what many might say that disputes this.without putting the man’s personal life on blast..he is often misunderstood.i will put out there that his intelligence is basically on the level of genius..there’s documentation that backs this up..also I would say he is a loyal friend and will help anyone who needs it regardless of how it may affect him personally..he often stands alone because he stands firm in his beliefs about spiritually charged subjects and he cares deeply for his family blood related or otherwise. And is no liar simply because fear usually motivates deception and he fears almost nothing that would cause this. After reading the dating violence article and knowing both parties involved, it was much different than it might seem. I know things that show Nick in an alternate light that most would probably disagree with unless the y were there. I’m proud to know him and call him a friend..his mother is an upstanding woman and would give anyone the shirt off of her back.she loves her son and tries the best she can to do right by him. Anyone who meets her will attest to these facts. Both Nick and his wonderful mother are as real and generous as I could imagine possible. She prays for his safe trip home and tells anyone worthy of her personal honesty these exact sentiments I’ve listed above..just my 2cents..

    Thursday, 28 June 2018, 12:16 am

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