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There’s a New Sheriff in Town, Republicans Run the Table

CITRUS – The 2016 election was a big success for republicans across the U.S., Florida, and even here in Citrus County. 

Out of twenty candidates nominated for office, all newly appointed officials were Republican. The biggest upset was Brian J. Coleman, win over Hank Hemrick last night for County Commissioner. Coleman accumulated more votes in Citrus County than President-Elect, Donald Trump, with over 55-thousand votes.

There’s a new Sheriff in town, and his name is Mike Prendergrast.

Prendergast received endorsements from The Citrus County Fire department and April Royal, widow of the late Phil Royal, former candidate for Sheriff.

Here are the results of other notable races, including Citrus County voter percentages.

Jeff Kinnard (REP) – 72.54%

Daniel Webster (REP)- 67.62%

Jammie T Smith (REP)- 64.61%

Marco Rubio (REP)- 62.34%

Donald TRUMP (REP)- 68.32%

All four Constitutional Amendments were approved, including a huge win for proponents of medical Marijuana who supported Amendment 2.

In 2012 the measure failed to obtain 60% of the votes. However, this year Over 70% of Floridians voted in favor of approving use of the non-pharmaceutical drug. Per Official records, only

According to election results, 50% of Citrus County was in favor of the Amendment in 2012, but that number increased to 65% this year. Critics believe it will open the door to recreational marijuana usage across Florida; however, it only allows Doctors to authorize use for debilitating conditions only.

Even though Amendment 2 has passed, it will be awhile before any action is taken. Florida legislators must come up with laws and guidelines for the use of medical marijuana before any prescription can be written or dispensed.

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Brian Coleman Celebrating His Victory at The Cove


Mike Prendergast newly elected Sheriff


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  • Mike has some big shoes to fill, I think he can with support from our citizens help.

    Wednesday, 9 November 2016, 4:59 pm

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