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Two Men Arrested for Stealing 19 Laptops During Middle School Burglary

SPRING HILL – Thanks to surveillance video, two would-be burglars didn’t get away with stealing several laptops from a local middle school. 

On July 7th, 2018, a trail-goer noticed a stack of 14 laptops placed in a tree line along the Suncoast Trail, directly behind Powell Middle School. Deputies quickly discovered that the laptops belonged to the Hernando County School District and were stolen from Powell Middle School, earlier that same morning. ORIGINAL RNRF ARTICLE

While viewing surveillance video, Detectives notices two suspects inside the school who were later identified as 22-year-old Brandon Pestana and 21-year-old Justin Hopkins.

Pestana was taken into custody on July 13thwithout incident. Pestana turned over 5 additional laptops that were taken during the same burglary.

On July 14th, Deputies spotted Hopkins getting out of a vehicle inside the Hibiscus Springs Apartment complex. When Hopkins spotted Deputies, he fled on foot into a nearby wooded area but surrendered a short time later.

A total of 19 laptops valued at $9,500 were stolen from the school.

Each suspect is charged with Commercial Burglary and held on a $5,000 bond.

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  • If you’re a grown man and you’re burgling middle schools,you’re a loser and an idiot.Jump off a bridge please.

    Tuesday, 17 July 2018, 6:53 am
  • What do you think you can do with the stolen laptops you guys make the bad guys look good you a##holes

    Monday, 16 July 2018, 10:06 pm
  • Book EM Dano!!! Then Hang Em & Shoot Em! : )

    Monday, 16 July 2018, 9:42 pm
  • Brandon is gay he’s pro lgbt..sad

    Monday, 16 July 2018, 9:27 pm
  • No not really but there were not as many. People seemed to have some honor.

    Monday, 16 July 2018, 7:30 pm
  • Really? There was a time when there were no thieves?

    Monday, 16 July 2018, 6:24 pm
  • So many losers,so little jail time.

    Monday, 16 July 2018, 6:18 pm
  • Dummies

    Monday, 16 July 2018, 5:08 pm
  • Kudos to Hernando County schools for having decent video surveillance at all of their schools. That has been proven to be crucial in many situations and the investment has paid off tenfold. Hernando’s surveillance system by far surpasses that of Pasco County!

    Monday, 16 July 2018, 5:06 pm
  • Back in my day if we wanted domething we eorked for it. This entitled generation makes me sick.

    Monday, 16 July 2018, 5:05 pm

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