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Vehicle Burglaries on the Rise, as Thousands Rush to Finish Last Minute Christmas Shopping

SPRING HILL – Vehicle burglaries are on the rise, as the clock ticks for last minute Christmas shopping. And one women found out the hard way what happens when you leave your vehicle doors unlocked – even for just a moment.

Sheriff’s Deputies responded to the Walgreens Drug Store, located at Mariner Blvd and Cortez Blvd this evening, after a woman called 911 to report that her purse was stolen out of her car.

There are unconfirmed reports that the vehicle door was left open, making it an easy target for would-be thieves casing the store’s parking lot.

The victim did not wish to comment on the incident.

Deputies are en route to the location of a possible suspect, after witnesses were able to capture the suspect’s vehicle tag.

Officials say lock your doors and do not leave valuable items in plain view while away from your vehicle.

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  • wow, you fricken jack wagon’s on here mak’in fun and hating on your fellow human being who made human mistake………….esp. @ Christmas time! w.t.f.? we all make mistakes / misjudgements make sure you read miss new booty’s comment cause she just laid the SMACK DOWN OF THE YEAR ON YOU!

    Wednesday, 27 December 2017, 2:30 pm

    Wednesday, 27 December 2017, 1:50 pm
  • I just want to know, when did people stop saying “merry christmas”?

    Monday, 25 December 2017, 11:16 pm
  • REALLY???
    She went shopping WITHOUT her purse??? Sure, it happens ALL the time.
    Who needs money, just leave it in the car.
    Carrying it is SUCH an inconvenience.
    What’s in her back pocket? A dope RIG?
    AND WHERE’S her A$$??? Did she forget to put it on because she’s so high??
    R the cops REALLY that stupid? They wrote a report?? Should have just check her for drugs & hauled her off.SMH!!
    TOM!! UR ruining lives one @ a time!, would be proud of U SON!

    Monday, 25 December 2017, 6:00 pm
    • Alright listen here you swamp donkey trailer trash rodent spawn;

      She took her WALLET into the store and left behind her TOTE PURSE.

      Her car door didn’t lock because it’s a smart car & the extra key fab was in her TOTE BAG.

      (It’s called a push to start, I know you’ve only seen them in the music videos you stream on your Obama phone but it’s a thing)

      Also, Her body is a mother fucking wonderland and maybe she forgot her ass fat under your mother cheese crusted FUPA you unintelligent bag of squirrel

      Happy holidays.

      Tuesday, 26 December 2017, 4:13 pm
      • Wow

        Tuesday, 26 December 2017, 5:08 pm
  • She must have been refilling her prescription of NOASSITOLS. ( no-ass-atall)

    Monday, 25 December 2017, 5:48 pm
    • OMG MESOFUNNY, that is hilarious !!

      Tuesday, 26 December 2017, 6:52 pm

    Monday, 25 December 2017, 12:57 pm
  • Merry Christmas peeps, and a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year to all.

    Monday, 25 December 2017, 10:54 am
  • Tom,
    Just want to say Merry Christmas to you and yours. Thank you for another wonderful year of RNRF! I want you to know that All that you do is very appreciated and respected. Sincerely
    Another happy follower of local news and information

    Monday, 25 December 2017, 7:57 am
      • Tom….I’m assuming your RNRF…cool
        Just wanna say I’ve recently become a fan of your site….yall do a great job repeating the TRUTH and keeping the locals up to date with previous reports…..keep up the good job.
        We’re with ya….2018 is gonna be great.

        Tuesday, 26 December 2017, 5:11 pm
  • If you learned that, why can’t Ya’ll learn how to drive? Merry Christmas!

    Monday, 25 December 2017, 7:35 am
  • you cant fix stupid

    Monday, 25 December 2017, 3:32 am
  • The story sounds suspicious???
    She went in the store WITHOUT her purse????🤔
    Sounds like she spent her money on drugs , & needed an excuse for the missing money!! BIOTCH spent her kids Christmas money on dope!!

    Monday, 25 December 2017, 2:17 am
    • Lmfao you’ve never left your purse behind and just taken your wallet into a store so you don’t have to lug the whole thing around after a long day of shopping? You’ve never made a mistake and FORGOT to lock all 4 doors of your car before? You miserable people really have nothing better to do than sit here and make ridiculous accusations about people on CHRISTMAS? you are the one I feel sympathy for, get a life😂😅

      Tuesday, 26 December 2017, 1:01 pm
    • She’s driving a 5 series bimmer ya middle class Hoe. she boujee AS . The type of bish that makes ya husband break his neck🖕🏼

      Wednesday, 27 December 2017, 11:09 pm
      • That was meant for HATER

        Wednesday, 27 December 2017, 11:10 pm
  • I know that ol’ HO. She only had her DOPE stolen. She’s got no money. She just gave me a hummer for $10 right before. That’s all she had. Didn’t u see the white stain on her shirt??

    Monday, 25 December 2017, 2:14 am
  • Not that it’s right to do this, but at the same time – she left her purse in the car, which is bad enough, but leaving the doors open too. Don’t leave things in the car, in view. And lock the doors.

    Monday, 25 December 2017, 2:12 am
  • I’ve seen several ppl that leave stuff of value in clear view, having a brain, I learned that’s just asking for trouble!!

    Monday, 25 December 2017, 12:16 am
  • I’ve seen several ppl that leave stuff of value in clear view , being from NY we learned that’s just asking for trouble !!

    Sunday, 24 December 2017, 6:39 pm
    • Hell yeah!

      Monday, 25 December 2017, 10:33 am

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