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Weapons Disturbance Call Leads to Arrest, Neighborhood Plagued with Criminal Activity

Violent crime continues to grow in one Spring Hill neighborhood, especially Bayside Court, which seems be the main artery of violence, drug abuse, burglaries and warrant arrests.

Since January of this year there have been 17 calls to service for the Sheriff’s Office along Bayside Court but just a few residences seem to stand out as the core of most criminal activity.

Deputies were called to 9553 Bayside Court this evening, after reports of a weapons disturbance in progress. Before arriving on scene Deputies were advised that a few of the subjects might be armed with baseball bats. The situation seemed to have calmed down upon their arrival but with only two deputies initially on scene the situation would have easily taken a turn for the worse.

After searching each subject for weapons and checking for outstanding warrants, one unlucky suspect found himself in handcuffs, after dispatch revealed a possible Violation of Probation warrant for felony grand theft. After it was confirmed, 25-year-old Johnathan Robert Burke of Weeki Wachee was taken into custody and transported to the Hernando County Jail.

Other suspects were allowed to leave the premises without further action.

Last week two armed suspects were arrested on nearby Ligonier Road, after they were involved in at least two drive-by shootings in the area of Bay Drive and Belmont Road. One of the shootings injured a juvenile but his injuries were not life-threatening.

Deputies say their trying to get a hold on the situation but with the growing methamphetamine, heroin and prescription pill epidemic, it seems to be a losing battle. And to top it off, a large number of the offenders belong to gangs and are career criminals.

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  • The owners of this property are well aware of what goes on here and have be at least for the last two years. They enable these people to live there and carry on their illegal activities. They are in fact accomplices to these crimes as they are the ones who rent to them. They should be held accountable.

    Tuesday, 15 August 2017, 10:43 am
  • U can just call report ur card ? Lost missing stolen broken and ( If they sold it or traded it for drug as u say) an receive a new card in 7-10 business days.. Just a FYI…

    Thursday, 10 August 2017, 5:50 pm
  • Back in the old days, we would take these scum out fishing. Two go out, one comes back. Problem solved!

    Wednesday, 2 August 2017, 1:30 pm
  • I do not agree that this neighborhood is the center of criminal activity in Spring Hill. It is true that 9553 Bayside Court is a trouble spot with apparently troubled people circulating in and out at all times. About six months ago, I saw 9553 Bayside Court surrounded by a SWAT team, with a helicopter monitoring the operation from overhead, as the law enforcement officers searched for someone wanted. It is true that 9553 Bayside Court is unkempt outside. It is true that there have been a number of incidents in the neighborhood lately, and that the number of incidents has risen dramatically in the last month or so. It is also true that landlords have a responsibility to rent to responsible people. If the tenants do not demonstrate responsibility, for example by keeping up the property, first, and by not threatening the neighbors with their criminal activities, the landlords have a responsibility to evict them. Get them gone. This is an historically safe neighborhood. It is coming up again after suffering in the Great Recession. Many houses turned over, after the Recession, and many new owners have resuscitated the properties with internal and external repairs and paint. The neighborhood is looking better and better, physically, and it’s feeling better and better as new people move in to live their hopes and their dreams. There are many families, people with values, who are trying their best to contribute to the neighborhood’s well-being. To condemn it as a “losing” neighborhood is not accurate; to point out the losers who are there, like those at 9553 Bayside Court, is accurate and proper. We have a sheriff who lives one block over from this house on Lambert Avenue. The car is in front of the house all the time. Let’s get some more cars out here to patrol the neighborhood more frequently and to keep observe the people who live at the house of trouble at 9553 Bayside Court. Light is the best disinfectant. They are visible. Watch them. Closely. Then, take them away one by one as they misbehave. Let’s make this neighborhood great again. If you see something, say something. All of us have eyes and ears. Report what we see to the Sheriff’s Department. If somebody in there is on Medicaid, SNAP, or other public assistance programs, conduct interviews in the home to verify that the assistance is deserved. Otherwise, the public is supporting indigence and crime. If anyone is found to be fraudulently receiving public assistance, put them in prison. And hey, Mr. Landlord–do your job. Protect your property and mine. Get some responsible tenants. I wonder if you have any legal liability for criminal activity that originates at 9553 Bayside Court. Worth an inquiry. What say you, Al Nienhuis?

    Wednesday, 2 August 2017, 6:07 am
  • As soon as the words “losing battle” come out of your mouth, then you have lost. That tired ass Sheriff’s Office needs an attitude adjustment.

    Tuesday, 1 August 2017, 7:34 pm
    • The Sheriffs Office needs an attitude adjustment? I think not! I think you need an attitude adjustment!

      Thursday, 10 August 2017, 8:00 am
  • UNREAL! WELL SAID ALICE! you make (common sense) that’s the problem, I was sitting talking to my girlfriend about this,and was reading your comment, i stopped a 3rd way through and said why not a # on the stamps tied to your ID to stop this, aka a dam buzzer goes off @ register and the food stamp owner is charged with selling and loses there priviledge ‘s and i finish reading your comment and boom! well said and your so right !! but wow! that would make sense for DAM sake and it is easily done i’m sure.i was approached more than once @ my publix by scumbag doing exact thing and my reply was NOT HERE NOT ME PAL!

    Tuesday, 1 August 2017, 4:10 pm
  • Crying like a little BIOTCH!! ?

    Tuesday, 1 August 2017, 1:24 pm
  • That’s what happens when druggies and useless scum invade your town

    Tuesday, 1 August 2017, 12:35 am
  • ….and I would venture to guess that 85% or more of these addicts get cash assistance on the first of every month. It’s hard to get this CASH assistance, so most think. No, it is rather easy. Here’s how it works…a little 101. They apply for food stamps at the taxpayers dollar. Not hard to get approved if your jobless right? Meth heads do not eat instead, they sell their food stamps for 1/2 the value in cash. Now they have a hundred dollars to feed their drug habit and the person (criminals also) get double the food for their money. So in essence the government (well the taxpayers like you and I) we just purchased $100 of drugs to feed the addict. We need to take this away from them. Now you jones for drugs while some family with children whom really need assistance get fed. Though this seems like a losing battle it is however; a controllable one. I feel every able bodied person who is not seeking employment should be drug tested for illicit drugs before being approved for assistance. Working for minimum wage is better than stealing taxpayers money. Though a bit off the topic, this is one of many variables which allow these addicts to purchase these drugs which in turn causes criminal and in many cases dangerous activity. We have to just keep taking the power and resources away. Implement a law that every food stamp card presented must be accompanied by a valid form of photo ID. If caught, you should be prosecuted whether you are the seller or the buyer. To much enabling has caused our society to become the very problem we now seem to face every second, every minute and every hour of every day. If you work in a retail grocery store and the purchase seems suspicious….say something PLEASE! Every tip helps!

    Monday, 31 July 2017, 11:53 pm
    • your concept will only be functional in theory and not in reality. you have variables. give you a couple simple examples of the hundreds of issues with your logic. 1. if the person is disabled many times they have a loved one or care take purchase food for them bc they cant drive or move easily. Making it not possible for the card holder to always be making the food purchase 2. many drugs burn out of your system in hours. Especially stimulants. A person can do cocaine the day prior and pass a drug test the next day. Now with that there are variables like body weight diet metabolism etc. but in general you have to be near high going in and even at that point theres numerous things you can take to clean you out on the spot or use to manipulate the test results. The only thing that stays in a persons body or a bit is heavy use thc which can be in for multiple weeks.

      I could go on about the politics and the financial end of it and more but hopefully you understand it is not logical and places where it has been implemented, it was repealed due to failure. There are other reforms in this area that would be far more effective but unfortunately will never be implemented.

      Tuesday, 1 August 2017, 4:23 pm
    • FL tried testing those on public assistance and found it costs too much. Not many can get food stamps without a kid in the house, unless they have recently been released from jail. The public assistance of the state has been abused for years. Ain’t nothing going to stop those jerks who steal from us taxpayers.

      Tuesday, 1 August 2017, 7:40 pm
    • Alice, cash assistance is money for rent, electric, water, etc. Food stamps are no longer STAMPS like they used to be. Now it’s a plastic card ( like credit card ) which you have to activate and assign a pin number. If these fools sell their card they have nothing to trade next time they want drugs !!! And yes elderly or ill folks need food stamps because illness prevents holding a job or getting around period so others ( family, caretakers, friends ) often shop for them. Sooooo i.d. needed would not work .

      Wednesday, 2 August 2017, 2:36 am

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