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Woman Attacks School Staff Members, Parent, While Trying to Pick Up Daughter

DADE CITY (PASCO) – Reports of an attempted kidnapping at a local Elementary school, turned out to just be an angry parent trying to pick your child up without the proper identification. That’s what officials say happened at San Antonio Elementary on Friday, when 35-year-old Angela Robens tried to pick up her 6-year-old daughter without the school issued pick up card.

Officials say Robens was directed to the school office but noticed her daughter walking with a group of student and a staff member. Robens grabbed her daughter and pushed her way through staff members who were trying to stop her. In the process, Robens scratched one staff member and pushed another. A parent tried to intervene but was punched by Robens several times with a closed fist.Deputies responded to the scene and placed Robens into custody, charging her with 2-counts of battery on school officials and 1-count of battery.

Robins was booked into the Land O’ Lakes jail and has since posted a $5,500 bond.

Robens has been trespassed from the school for the remainder of the school year.

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  • Saw her at the store with her meth head friends

    Wednesday, 8 November 2017, 1:43 pm
  • Ever had your child kicked by a teacher twice? I have. And this was at spring hill elementary. First thing principal asks me over the phone before he tells me what happened “are you going to sue?” I was outraged that my 3rd grader was physically abused by his science teacher. He is disabled and was ALLOWED to leave class when he felt threatened or overwhelmed and absolutely no hands on him cause he might hit or kick. She grabbed him as he was trying to leave as it was in writing that he could, he kicked, she grabbed him again tried to kick him and missed, then bettered her aim and kicked him in both legs. IEP is suppose to protect children with disabilities. This teacher wouldn’t let him even though she knew he was special needs. I wanted DCF called and incident reported, school would not cooperate because she was a tenured teacher. The schools idea of solving the problem was to suspend my child for 5 days and suspended teacher for 5 days. He wrote her an apology letter on his own. She did nothing. He’s in college now doing great. I have another child same age as my oldest was that is visually impaired, same county different elementary school, I’ve been lied too by guidance, principal, trying to get him on IEP so school will accommodate doctors orders. Superintendent staff refuses to let me talk to her. So as soon as he gets IEP IM Putting him in private school and district has to pay and I’m gonna pick out the best and most expensive one. All they had to do is work with me but hernando doesn’t want disabled children in their schools. They don’t want the extra fed money so they will give my youngest the best education money can buy. That’s FL law. They lost a good parent willing to put in time and a bright student that has a visual problem but he will be successful. Because of me not them. Screw the school system. Advocate for your kids. You don’t know why this lady freaked out. It doesn’t say in article. 2 sides people. 2 sides

    Wednesday, 8 November 2017, 5:07 am
    • TJ, Thank You for your comments and its refreshing to know that a few other parents are alert, aware and protecting and helping their child succeed. Our family has lived an almost identical situation as what you describe. The district do not want to inform the parents of any significant aspects of the child’s needs. Whether it’s the IEP, 504, setting up the Vocational Rehabilitation, etc.. When a parent has to interact w/ various different individuals throughout the districts you soon realize how out of control the entire district is.

      I’ll mention four (4) specific different topics that have me furious to this day….:
      1st) multiple Elementary Schools w/ No Soap, Sanitizer, and or running water in the bathrooms. This has gone on for a minimum of twenty (20) years. The district & principals could care less and neither does the health department or Superintendents.
      2) Floors almost never cleaned & sanitized…at best they use a push broom once a week if your lucky. Extremely filthy environment for all the kids in Elementary school. Cockroaches own the schools and run rampant w/ roach poop on the shelves, in the desks, closets and throughout the entire classroom and school.
      3) District Superintendent signing agreement w/ Dell Computers for $8.1 million dollars without going out for bid on a lease agreement in a district that was & is broke w/ not enough funds to support the school programs like P.E., Music, Art, Sports. The school board sat quiet and allowed this to happen.
      4) District having very large segment of students that have either IEP and or 504 and never having mentioned to the student and or parent the significance and importance of Vocational Rehabilitation and how it could save their family thousands of dollars and give hope, support, and direction to a child in need. How can this be allowed to happen district wide w/ so many kids in need.

      Lastly, Here’s the Safety Plan in place for incidents like active shooter on campus. Believe it or not this is the plan that Hernando County implements should there be this terrible situation. The students are told to get under their desks in a tuck position…and this is with an open desk and no locks on any doors! In the meantime there is walk in closets w/ no windows and heavy doors that could be locked to keep many kids safe w/ almost NO ADDITIONAL COST to the districts. The School District pays a Safety Director an annual salary and this is the leadership provided? It’s unbelievable!!!

      Yet Nothing is Done…….The teachers that care and are really good teachers give up because they know they will not be listened to…… they keep their door closed and ignore everything. Sadly, I could probably list ten (10) other similar type problems that occur and nothing is done and it never changes. I knew when I couldn’t get the district to put soap in the bathrooms over ten (10) years there was no hope for change for any improvement large or small.

      Wednesday, 8 November 2017, 10:17 am
  • It just goes to show everyone what a yeast infection does to a person.

    Tuesday, 7 November 2017, 7:37 am
  • I can’t believe the discussion going about this story. It doesn’t matter if the school knew her or not, what it comes down to is self control. Everyone is so busy getting angry and so ready to point the finger to where the “blame” lays they over look one of the fundamental elements of our society. We don’t always get what we want and it isn’t ok to yell, scream, cuss, hit etc when we don’t get what we want. Time to grow up and accept responsibility.

    Tuesday, 7 November 2017, 7:11 am
  • The Superintendent , Lori Romano, is as corrupt as they’re come, bitch I hope you’re reading this. Hernando County Schools , specifically JD ‘Pink’ Floyd Elemetary School is one of the worst in the nation. Lori has an agenda she’d like to fulfill …………..unfortunately for her , she’s encountered a few legal bumps in the road . If things work out , she’ll no longer be Superintendent and she’ll be sending resume’s hundreds of miles away to school districts in ecomically stressed communities (the hood , the ghetto ) . She’ll get the job , cuz no one else wants it , and she’ll have to move to their district……awweee.

    Tuesday, 7 November 2017, 2:04 am
    • Instead of being so angry, help the school. Volunteer either with your time or money ( and please don’t respond with, I’m paying my taxes so my money is already going there ). Its easy to say its a less than desirable school, it’s another to put time and effort into making it a better school.

      Tuesday, 7 November 2017, 2:09 pm
    • Too bad your comment is completely irrelevant to this story, since the incident occurred at a Pasco County school. Perhaps a little remedial reading comprehension is in order.🤔

      Tuesday, 7 November 2017, 11:12 pm
    • Anyone that uses a terrorist organizations’ name as their sign-on needs to get mental help.

      Thursday, 9 November 2017, 3:16 pm
  • If you have a child in Pasco or Hernando County you know that the procedure for pickup is to have a state issued ID or proper pick up card that the school gives you given what way you pick your child up. I have been upset myself before because I had to drive back to the house to get my wallet, but it is for the protection of your child, if you know you need it then don’t leave ID behind dumbass. These poor children some people should not be parents.

    Monday, 6 November 2017, 11:03 pm
  • CrazyMom2…They have night school classes for people like you who CANNOT SPELL OR COMPREHEND THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE!

    Monday, 6 November 2017, 7:47 pm
    • You the grammar police? You intercourse of the maternal parent ( motherf#%*€)

      Tuesday, 7 November 2017, 1:45 am
  • This is NOT about the Mom being angry and at fault and or not at fault here. What is at issue is that the CHILD should be put 1st and never have seen an incident like this take place. To back up the schools for a moment, of course the schools have to be sure that a child’s legal guardians are on the legal safe pick up list. Actually, that is the only responsibility that principals have in Counties around Citrus, Hernando, Pasco Counties.

    However, a child’s mental health supersedes allowing a brawl to take place w/ the child in the middle. I’ve met rude principals, teachers, and their staff and they can be extremely rude and off base. In fact I’ve had them lie directly to me w/ the intent to deceive and sadly it’s not that uncommon.

    I’ve experienced 1st hand how terrible the administrators act & behave at various different schools within Hernando County. It is a unspoken rule to keep the parents as far away from the schools as possible in every regard. This applies to Elementary, Middle, High School. The teachers & administrators resent the parents being informed of activities on the school campus and will do anything within reason to keep the parents off campus and uninformed. Communication even when away from the campus physically is also purposely vague, and or misleading as to not have the parent asking questions and or a part of their child’s education process. It is especially terrible in the middle schools. The schools literally resent the parents knowing the student’s schedule, whether there are tests, quizzes, homework or projects due. We’ve had schools skip reading class in Elementary school for the entire year in a 4th grade class, skip Social Studies entirely in 5th Grade, and skip English Class entirely in 8th Grade. This is NOT a joke and I’ll never forget it…

    A school (especially an Elementary School) should be a safe, secure, pleasant, fun place for kids to thrive in a positive environment. Period… Parents & Administrators & Teachers MUST work together even if they hate each other because it doesn’t matter what the Parent or Administrators think. It’s the interest of the child that is supposed to come 1st.

    Lastly, in Hernando County School District the administration at the district level ” hates & despises ” any and all change even if it benefits the students. They don’t care about cost, hygiene, efficiency, staying ahead of technology and or being behind. The status quo is not only fine, but encouraged and fought for every single day. What matters is authority, chain of command, minding your own business, and leaving the district level alone to run the schools as they are w/ no changes no matter what. Over a fifteen (15) year period and four to five Superintendents and various School Board Members this pattern of behavior stays the same whether the district has a surplus slush fund and or if the District is $10 Million in the hole. Because it’s not their money personally they don’t care…it’s a simple as that. If a teacher wants to speak up and try to make a positive real difference they are threatened, fired, and or ignored. Sadly, it’s not just Hernando School District that acts this way but it’s the majority of all Public School Districts. Facts mean nothing when making decisons in the districts. It is what is comfortable to them that matters. The same rules apply whether your talking about a minor small issue and or a huge multi million dollar issue, change, and or project. Don’t believe, ask and I could give ten (10) different real and true examples.

    Monday, 6 November 2017, 7:24 pm
    • Tom, it’s funny you say the school has one responsibility, to protect students, yet condemn the way in which the school provides protection. The mother caused this entire problem. If she doesn’t like the school’s rules tighten put the kid in private school or home school.

      Tuesday, 7 November 2017, 5:11 am
  • I honestly feel bad for all you people saying the schools look like prisons. I for one am perfectly fine with gates and bars around my schools. There are way too many crazy people out there looking to abduct our children every single day. I love knowing my kids are safe and the protocols are in place for picking Them up. Especially in cases where there is a separation or court order… do you really think the school has to remember every single face of every single parent or grandparent that has custody of these children? No. That’s why the pick up process is the way it is.

    Monday, 6 November 2017, 7:02 pm
    • i totally agree with you Tamara. keep the kids safe, priority ONE!

      Monday, 6 November 2017, 8:18 pm
    • Tamara, I whole heartedly agree with you. When my children went to Hernando county schools and I had to worry about their dead beat dad showing up and taking them without notice, I knew that they were protected by the gates and bars, anyone that attempted to pick them up had to show proper ID. This mom is just another example of a feeling of self entitlement and that the rules don’t apply to her, she doesn’t care about consequences or example for her child. Can you image how this poor kids felt selling mom-of-the-year getting violent with the people that this kid is supposed to respect?? Hopefully this kid will have better examples with the rest of her family!!

      Tuesday, 7 November 2017, 8:47 am
  • Some of these comments…These procedures are in place to PROTECT our children. If someone were to come in school property and claim to be a parent without the proper pick up card/ID etc and they just let them take the child on their word, who would you hold accountable if it had been YOUR child that was released to someone you don’t know or GOD forbid a kidnapper, Pediphile etc…This “ parent “ should have just gone into the office where they keep a copy of your drivers license/ID and they could have made sure it was the parent and released the child. Obviously some of the people commenting about the school being like a prison and how the school doesn’t want parents involved etc #1 don’t watch the news and #2 doesn’t have children in Hernando County Schools because they absolutely encourage parents to be involved and to volunteer as long as you’ve passed a background check and are registered to volunteer….

    Monday, 6 November 2017, 4:06 pm
    • Exactly. I could not of said it better myself.

      Monday, 6 November 2017, 7:03 pm
    • All excellent points!

      Monday, 6 November 2017, 7:48 pm
    • Not all schools keep a copy of the license at their fingertips, and it is required to have your id everytime you go in, but I agree with the remainder of your response. Just an fyi, i went to pick up my daughter yesterday because she was sick and the system was down. You need your license -especially for instances like this where they can’t access it. The schools now need to scan your ID or license for predator alerts.

      Wednesday, 8 November 2017, 4:06 am
  • What a bitch! Now, if a stranger had attempted to take her child, she would be screaming like a banshee about the lack of school security!

    Monday, 6 November 2017, 2:17 pm
    • Exactly!

      Wednesday, 8 November 2017, 4:06 am
  • The school and the sheriff’s department did a fantastic job of scarring the child for life because of a mother wanting to pick up her daughter from school. That’s an outstanding procedure they have in place, continue the chaos and the attention-getting . It creates a great community…. NOT

    Do we now have to homeschool our children because we can’t pick them up from school as adults? Does a parent have any rights to their children or are they now a ward of the state?
    It has been clear for a number of years that the school district’s resent the parents from being on the school campus for any reason whether they’re helping the child learn, whether they’re trying to help the school, etc., the administration’s want the parents out of sight out of mind and not participating or anywhere near their school. this is standard procedure for all of Hernando County School District. The administration’s are smug arrogant and I resent that they can get away with it, and it actually sickens me.

    Monday, 6 November 2017, 2:13 pm
    • No….the mother did that all by herself. If she would have shown pepper ID, all of this would not have happened. She took the first swing therefore she’s at fault. The school staff and administrators did right and so did the police. I pity that poo little girl having to grow up I’m that house with that woman as a rule model.

      Monday, 6 November 2017, 4:54 pm
    • Tom, the mother made this a problem. So if anyone scared this child it was the mother. This mother set a bad example for her child. I hope the school will trespass her from ever entering the property. This mother is a risk to those she comes in contact with as long as she believes she is above the rules. Rules are in place to protect children. Why did this mother think she didn’t need to follow the rules?

      Monday, 6 November 2017, 6:06 pm
      • We don’t know if the mother had her ID and or State issued Card in her vehicle or not. It is also not known who stuck whom 1st… you can’t assume one way or another. But, even if the Parent was the problem….any mature adult doing the right thing would ensure the welfare of the child 1st. If the mother was and is a problem they could deal w/ that after she left and or dealt w/ it the next day bybanning her from the school campus or making a police report. But, that is only the beginning of many issues at hand. How many parents do you think show their ID’s each day when picking up their child? 50%, 75%, and or is it 100%. My comments are not to defend the Mother at all, but the school campuses are a “negative” environment across the board and it doesn’t matter whether the Parents are correct, factually accurate or not….they’re still treated poorly, badly, and or in a very non positive manner. I’ve always resented that completely and every single parent should play an important part in their child’s education no matter how selfish and unprofessional the administrations are. You cannot let the districts walk all over you or the problems get worse and worse over the years.

        Tuesday, 7 November 2017, 1:28 pm
    • Well, this is Pasco County.

      Monday, 6 November 2017, 6:56 pm
    • No the scarring comes from a mother who chose not to follow protocol and abuse others in the process. Having the proper identification is a district and state policy, shame on you for trying to blame school personnel! No one k ew her, had never seen her and she refused to comply! I would not have given her the child either, in this day and age you have to be over protective and I can’t believe you would blame the school for being so! 😡

      Monday, 6 November 2017, 7:17 pm
      • agree!

        Monday, 6 November 2017, 8:21 pm

      Monday, 6 November 2017, 7:35 pm
    • There are parents that have absolutely NO CUSTODY or even VISITATION RIGHTS by court order and the schools have no idea which parents these are and therefore they have a system in place for the childs safety. What if this had been a mother that had at one time abused this child and had no legal rights to take this 6 yr old child and the school had not stopped her or what if they had allowed her to take her.

      Tuesday, 7 November 2017, 1:37 am
    • HEY TOM B.

      Tuesday, 7 November 2017, 10:35 am
      • Directed toward: I Got Your Back…

        A negative comment because your not informed…….if you cared about the kid’s education you’d learn to pay attention to detail and what the school board, administrations, teachers, do. Learn respect, show consideration for others and learn fact from fiction. You’ll lead a more positive life

        Tuesday, 7 November 2017, 1:33 pm
      • 5o

        Tuesday, 7 November 2017, 3:45 pm
    • Tom, have you ever felt the fear if someone attempting to take your kids from school who had no business in doing so? When we bring our kids to school, it clearly states that you MUST show proper ID to pick up your child, so why is this mother so angry that the school did the job they told her they would do? If this were a case of someone attempting to take this cold that the mother did not approve of, she would have been relieved to know that they did their jobs as is posted. Why she decided to show her a** is beyond me, except for the fact that Pasco county has a 25% functional literacy rate, maybe Mom couldn’t read the by-laws of the school system! Get over it, the school did as they said they would, so now why don’t we blame mom for not following the by-laws that are in place too protect her child?

      Tuesday, 7 November 2017, 11:20 am
      • To School Mom…….the issue is NOT the Mother and whether is wrong or right. The school has a huge responsibility to protect 100% of the children. That is not in dispute here…but the child’s welfare in this situation has to be priority one. The situation should of been diffused & calmed down and dealt with outside of the child’s presence.
        Our family has special protections in place because of a predatory behavior by a terrible father that had his Rights taken away from participating in his children’s lives. All aspects of safety on campus has to be taken seriously and w/ extreme attention to detail. But, I know 1st hand security is not taken seriously in Hernando County. The School District & Principals defer 100% of responsibility to a School Safety Director and the entire topic goes down hill from there w/ complete apathy and zero interest in protecting the kids. It’s important to know the protects in place and or not in place and the layout of the campus. The more you care and are informed the more disappointed you’ll become as you learn how the districts operate. It’s Alarming…but we have to care because it’s “our” children in harm’s way.

        Tuesday, 7 November 2017, 1:42 pm
    • Show up without your license, have someone who is new in the office and ask for your child. Your response is ignorant. It sounds like you hate every administrator & the superintendent in Hernando County. What does any of this have to do with a school in a neighboring county? ‘Real’ news aka your personal platform to give irrelevant information. What the heck?

      Wednesday, 8 November 2017, 4:13 am
  • Classy way to act in front of your 6 year old, you’re setting a fine example of how NOT to behave.

    Monday, 6 November 2017, 2:10 pm
  • If this is how the mother acts, how will the child turn out?

    Monday, 6 November 2017, 1:37 pm
  • What was this parent thinking about? When I go up north to kid sit my granddaughter I have to be on a list to pick her up after school and show ID and she’s 10.

    Monday, 6 November 2017, 1:21 pm
  • Them people know who you are,see you every day,they people piss me off too.

    Monday, 6 November 2017, 1:20 pm
    • This was her first time picking up at walk up pick up. The teachers did not know her.

      Monday, 6 November 2017, 6:56 pm
    • This is not an “us vs. them” situation!! We both want to keep your children safe! Maybe this is not the normal dismissal procedure? Maybe a different person was filling in behind the desk in the front office? Do you all actually think that we want all of this headache?? Do your job as a parent and we will do ours of keeping your child protected, educated, counseled when needed, and valued!!!

      Monday, 6 November 2017, 7:41 pm
  • The schools around here installed are all set up like prisons with gates around them and they keep your kids hostage if you try to pick them up after school. I took my kids out of public school years ago because of that very reason. The staff are volunteers, tatted up and wearing biker shirts and look like gang members. Between waiting in line for an hour in the morning, waiting an hour in the afternoon to pick up your kids, and then the 2-3 hours of homework the public schools give the students every day, if you do the math its cheaper to pay the private school and they get a better education.

    Monday, 6 November 2017, 1:11 pm
    • 1. I’m glad you took your children out of public school. 2. The staff that are in charge of releasing and protecting these children are certified teachers. 3. This was at “walk up pick up,” not the car line. It takes about 5 minutes, no line. 4. 1 hour of homework

      Monday, 6 November 2017, 6:59 pm
    • You took your kids out of school because there are gates put up around them to keep the bad guys out???? Do you actually consider that an intelligent statement???

      Monday, 6 November 2017, 7:44 pm
    • Oh and by the way, private school teachers are not required to have the education needed to fully facilitate all of the various needs children have. Would you see a doctor that wasnt educated in that field? Same/difference in my opinion

      Monday, 6 November 2017, 7:46 pm

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