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Woman Denied Refund After Husband’s Suicide

SPRING HILL- (VIDEO) Last week Laura Zadorozny contacted RNRF after she says Spring Hill Rentals, located at 483 Mariner Boulevard, refused to return a deposit she placed, to hold a home on Riddle Drive. According to Zadorozny, on December 2nd she dropped off a money order in the amount of $850.00, along with a non-refundable $50 deposit for a background check. Two days later, a rental agent informed her that she was approved for the lease; however, it would not be ready until December 27th. On December 8th Zadorozny contacted Spring Hill Rentals and informed them that her husband had gone missing and that she would not be able to rent the home. Precious, a rental agent with Spring Hill Rentals said that as long as they rented the home, she would receive a full refund.

On December 15th Zadorozny received the tragic news that her husband had taken his own life, so she returned to New Jersey to handle his affairs. On December 23rd Zadorozny contacted Spring Hill Rentals to see if the home had been rented and if she would be receiving a refund. An agent told Zadorozny that the home had indeed been rented and that she could pick up a check, in the amount of $214.00. Shocked that Spring Hill Rentals would not keep their promise of a full refund, Zadorozny asked RNRF to help resolve the situation.

Zadorozny says, Spring Hill Rentals showed very little compassion for her situation and even told her “it’s not our problem” regarding her tragic circumstances. “I never signed a lease and I never had access to the house, but they were able to show the house, rent the house and get their money twice,” says Zadorozny.  

RNRF’s Dana Colon made several attempts to speak with an agent at Spring Hill Rentals, but they declined to comment and even threatened to call authorities if she made further attempts to contact their office. After conducting our interview with Zadorozny outside of their office, Spring Hill Rentals had a “sudden change of heart” and presented Zadorozny with a full refund.


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