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Woman Threatens to “Sh*t Herself” If Deputies Arrest Her – And She Did

BROOKSVILLE – Law enforcement officers sometimes face resistance when attempting to make an arrest, but for Deputy Jacob Grey of the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office, “resistance” came in the form of a woman defecating in the back of his patrol car.

According to officials, deputies responded to a domestic battery at the 7200 block of Mitchell Road, where they made contact with the suspect, 34-year-old Paula Renee Sarkowski. During an interview, Sarkowski admitted to fighting with a relative but says it never became physical.

Deputies made contact with the alleged victim, Larry Montrose, who says he asked Sarkowski to leave the home. Sarkowski delayed leaving for several minutes, while she attempted to catch her two dogs, so Larry began to escort Sarkowski towards the door. At that time, Sarkowski grabbed the victim’s hair and began punching in the head with a closed fist. Sarkowski continued to batter Montrose by scratching him in the arm with her nails and dragged him down the stairs.

When duties attempted to place Sarkowski into custody, she tensed up and refused to allow deputies to handcuff her. During the struggle, Sarkowski stated “If you take me I am going to Sh*t myself!”  Eventually, deputies were able to restrain Sarkowski but were forced to carry her to Deputy Grey’s patrol car. While en route to the jail, Sarkowski proceeded to defecate in the back of Deputy Grey’s patrol car, as she threatened to do several times.

Sarkowski is charged with Battery on a person over the age of 65 and Resisting Arrest. She remains behind bars – held on a $3,000 bond.

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  • She’s from Florida? That’s shocking.

    Friday, 9 December 2016, 6:55 pm
  • Shitcowski. Look at her choice of men on her Facebook. That explains a lot.

    Tuesday, 16 February 2016, 9:10 am
  • THIS is how she wants the world to remember her??? Omg. I truly hope she gets her tubes tied.

    Thursday, 11 February 2016, 2:44 pm
  • Well, at least she did it in a cop’s car. Pigs are used to sh-t.

    Friday, 1 January 2016, 10:51 pm
  • That’s going to itch when it dries…

    Monday, 14 December 2015, 10:10 am
  • Yep Ole Tiff knows all the bad ones Hum smh

    Thursday, 3 December 2015, 2:42 pm
  • Oh lookie, Tiffany did finally sneak in here to stick up for ms. Stinky. How’s those baby daddy’s doin Tiff?

    Wednesday, 2 December 2015, 5:44 pm
    • She seems to know all of the low lives in Hernando county!!

      Wednesday, 2 December 2015, 8:43 pm
  • Just imagine how her fellow cellmate bitches treated her, i can guaren gdmn tee that she wasnt welcome with open arms!! Maybe some ear plugs from commisary..well in her case,butt

    Wednesday, 2 December 2015, 8:12 am
  • Everybody who has been to jail knows ur mug shot is taken before your able to dress out, so that means while that picture was taken, shes got her own dookie in her pants..fkn disgusting man, no wonder she has that “s**t” look on her face!! Lol..

    Wednesday, 2 December 2015, 7:57 am
  • New AKA: SHITOWSKY. You know, know she is known for this. What a way to get in the news. The shame of it all . . . for her. A grown woman . . . well, bodywisee.

    Wednesday, 2 December 2015, 5:44 am
  • 300. Bail?

    Tuesday, 1 December 2015, 11:33 pm
  • Sometimes in life you have to go through the shit before you get to the gravy.

    Tuesday, 1 December 2015, 9:44 pm
  • I can just see this now, police offices protective gear includes…. Rubber gloves, CPR Mask and B*** Plugs!!!!

    Tuesday, 1 December 2015, 7:07 pm
  • knickers full o’ sheiss!

    Tuesday, 1 December 2015, 6:28 pm
  • If this site offends people, than please do not go on here. If you go on RNRF and are offended than that is your choice. We all come on here for fun and truth. It is enlightening to read some of the comments. Again if you are offended, either don’t come on here, everyone knows what to expect and in real truth, most of us who go on RNRF regularly would have each others back in a time of need.

    Tuesday, 1 December 2015, 2:56 pm
  • Concerned, yes Christmas will be here in 24 day’s

    Tuesday, 1 December 2015, 2:48 pm
  • Amy, finally someone who spelled the word s**t. Why as e eryone afraid to spell it out? All of you remarked, most found it amusing, some found it disgusting. It all depends on your sense of humor. Me, I find it repulsive, but funny as shit. It is not a profane word, figuratively speaking.

    Tuesday, 1 December 2015, 2:47 pm
    • If you spell it all out, you take a chance in getting kicked off of here.

      Wednesday, 2 December 2015, 7:00 pm
  • she told the cop she was prarie doggin and begged to use the restroom before he put her in the car. he told her to hold it till they got to the jail. she couldnt. i feel sad for her

    Tuesday, 1 December 2015, 1:05 pm
  • Neck tattoo should read: WILL WORK FOR TOILET PAPER!

    Tuesday, 1 December 2015, 12:25 pm
  • Mabye cops should carry diapers & air fresheners in there vehicles for nasty stank bit***s like this!

    Tuesday, 1 December 2015, 12:09 pm
  • We still have great weather lol

    Tuesday, 1 December 2015, 11:08 am
  • You know, if any respectable person (if there are any left) is looking to move to or invest in Hernando County, they would look at many things including the local news headlines. If they read today’s, or many others, they would run like hell and we’ll have nothing but trash here shortly. There must be something, anything positive going on here. Can we report some of that Tom? This news and these comments make me want to move every day.

    Tuesday, 1 December 2015, 9:57 am
    • I agree…is there any good news happening around this county? Please…I want to hear some GOOD NEWS for a change especially this month with the upcoming Christmas season!

      Tuesday, 1 December 2015, 11:04 am
  • She needs to make it right with God. There SHOULD be no tolerance for torturing the elderly.

    Tuesday, 1 December 2015, 9:25 am
  • Next time she’s arrested, I can hear it now, no, you take her. Poor lady will probably have to walk to jail.

    Tuesday, 1 December 2015, 8:21 am
  • wat least she made the body cavity search a lttle easier, Did they rub her nose in it and spank her with the newspaper and say bad dog,,,it would have been fitting. The official police LOG should be an interesting read.

    Tuesday, 1 December 2015, 8:14 am
  • Amanda question for you is poo judged buy weight, content ( did it contain corn ect…) is it judged by form, volume? Please tell us all! Was the deputy a volunteer judge? Or was the deputy forced to judge? What standard measure was used ?

    Tuesday, 1 December 2015, 8:06 am
  • My guess is she needed a new eye shadow and shit faces brown is her new color!

    Tuesday, 1 December 2015, 7:59 am
  • Anyone know what the tat on her neck says? A gang mark?

    Tuesday, 1 December 2015, 7:21 am
  • I am no one. But maybe God says pray for her

    Tuesday, 1 December 2015, 12:41 am
  • “Do not judge so that you will not be judged. 2″For in the way you judge, you will be judged; and by your standard of measure, it will be measured to you.…

    Monday, 30 November 2015, 11:52 pm
  • Despicable

    Monday, 30 November 2015, 9:59 pm
  • Amazing, just amazing…. I am surprised that Tiffany has not stuck up for this turd bitch saying what a nice girl she is. Maybe she should get rehabilitation, lmao…

    Monday, 30 November 2015, 9:42 pm
  • Wait until they strip search her and she tells them, it’s not mine…

    Monday, 30 November 2015, 9:23 pm
  • I just can’t. No words

    Monday, 30 November 2015, 9:06 pm
  • maybe leos should check out her friends on facebook. theres videos of people in the local area of florida cooking up crack cocaine, pimping young women, dealing in stolen guns, etc. It took me about 5 minutes to find well documented criminal activity all on video. Looks like some solid members of the community.

    Monday, 30 November 2015, 8:26 pm
  • guess beating up an elderly person means she is over being paralyzed as stated in her go fund me page from driving into oncoming traffic intentionally while speeding to avoid traffic in the correct lane. logic and rational thinking must escape this person.

    Monday, 30 November 2015, 8:18 pm
  • are you sh***ing me?

    Monday, 30 November 2015, 8:15 pm
  • and they should have let her stay in her own Sh** until she bonded out

    Monday, 30 November 2015, 8:11 pm
  • mike wazowski

    Monday, 30 November 2015, 8:07 pm
  • They should have told her to stip down in some parking lot and hit her with a fire hose…Wonder if she’ll do a repeat performance by shitting in the courtroom for the judge?…If she is a real stinker she could clear out that courtroom in seconds.

    Monday, 30 November 2015, 8:00 pm
  • I hope the officer let her sit in the car with windows up and heat on for a little while.

    Monday, 30 November 2015, 7:49 pm
  • Um ya …..

    Monday, 30 November 2015, 7:40 pm
  • Classy, isn’t see. I hope they left her with a load in her draws for hours.

    Monday, 30 November 2015, 7:16 pm
  • Has this queen ever looked in a mirror at herself?
    The poor sheriff deputies here in Hernando Cty. do not get paid enough to have to deal with this trash day after day.

    Monday, 30 November 2015, 6:57 pm
  • OMG, sick, just plain sickening!!

    Monday, 30 November 2015, 6:37 pm
  • apparently she is over being “paralyzed” from her accident in March and her go fund me page…. Google search…. definitely a POS literally and figuratively!

    Monday, 30 November 2015, 6:04 pm
    • her rap sheet is a mile long

      Monday, 30 November 2015, 9:35 pm
  • Deputies deal with a***oles all day long. Her parents, kids and friends all must be proud to know her. It’s not politically correct to judge someone but I’m breaking the rule, she is trash.

    Monday, 30 November 2015, 5:15 pm
  • Nothing says CLASS like sh***ing on your self

    Monday, 30 November 2015, 5:15 pm
  • Now that is a new level of scary, how would you like to run into that in a dark alley!

    Monday, 30 November 2015, 5:05 pm
  • She looks like a real class act

    Monday, 30 November 2015, 4:42 pm
  • New weight loss program……jail !

    Monday, 30 November 2015, 4:36 pm
  • Deputy probably figured she was just talking sh*t…

    Monday, 30 November 2015, 4:26 pm
  • Maybe they should have let her go s**t she warned them several times that’s there fault

    Monday, 30 November 2015, 4:13 pm
    • ah yeah–deputies should allow all prisoners to stop at the rest stop to cr**…..duh NO!

      Monday, 30 November 2015, 9:21 pm
  • That poor deputy and the staff at the jail! I do hope she had to clean and disinfect all the areas she contaminated. I can’t imagine any adult doing that!

    Monday, 30 November 2015, 4:02 pm
  • I was wondering why she has such a crappy look on her face. Ok whatever, bad joke.

    Monday, 30 November 2015, 4:02 pm
    • another good one…lol

      Monday, 30 November 2015, 4:50 pm
  • Speechless….that’s a first…huh folks??…lol..

    Monday, 30 November 2015, 4:00 pm
  • Doesn’t surprise me in the least….pure trash

    Monday, 30 November 2015, 3:24 pm
  • Just when you think you heard it all, I hope they let her sit in it for a while . DANG give that deputy a medal. Unbelievable

    Monday, 30 November 2015, 3:20 pm
  • WOW! Yea, but I know “I don’t know the full story she is actually a real nice person”! LOL! What a waste of flesh and no I did not say human!

    Monday, 30 November 2015, 3:11 pm
  • That’s what happens when your arrest a piece of s**t

    Monday, 30 November 2015, 3:04 pm
    • buhaha… so true

      Monday, 30 November 2015, 4:49 pm
  • skank…worthless trash

    Monday, 30 November 2015, 2:49 pm
  • No words, but PIG !!

    Monday, 30 November 2015, 2:35 pm
  • Are you freaking serious! Yea that will help your situation! Now your going to jail with s#*t in your pants! Did you make your point!!?? How disgusting!!!

    Monday, 30 November 2015, 2:34 pm

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