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DRAMATIC VIDEO/AUDIO Silverthorn Home Invasion Manhunt

BROOKSVILLE – On Tuesday January 26th RNRF broke the news of the vicious home invasion that left two women clinging to life, after being brutally attacked with a hammer at their home inside Silverthorn Country Club.

Moments after the violent attack, RNRF responded to the area and captured, images, video and audio of Sheriff’s Deputies, as they began searching for the suspect, 51-year-old Joseph Panarese.

Follow the link below hear voices and watch video of those scrambling to located the callus criminal.


BREAKING: Two Women Severely Beaten with Hammer – Suspect in Custody

Women Expected to Recover After Vicious Hammer Attack – New Details

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  • Yes she is 27 but she look like she is going on 50 that is what hard living will do to you maybe this will open her eyes and change her life. TIME FOR A CHANGE SAM!!!!!!!

    Saturday, 30 January 2016, 12:13 am
  • I feel bad for her mom….

    Saturday, 30 January 2016, 12:06 am
  • Seems to me Samantha has a skin disorder caused by drug ingestion (not prescribed by her Doctor) and chooses to associate with with the attacker on again off again long term. Samantha also put her own Mother at risk with her lifestyle. Maybe this will be her wake-up call.

    Friday, 29 January 2016, 10:05 pm
  • Tom, you could of just posted a video of the entire incident and you would still get ignorant trolls saying thats not what happened. We have some real mental health problems in this world and those same people do still make it to the internet comment sections.. You do a great job.

    Friday, 29 January 2016, 8:30 pm
  • Straight and narrow minded, you are now being a ridiculous dick. Get over this how its worded kick. It is immaterial and again no one really cares what it is called. Tony, yea, you too are off the wall with your comments. Why don’t you both come up with some real intelligent and educated responses instead of petty remarks. If you do not consider this a brutal attack, what would you describe it as? SMH, what IDIOTS!!!!!!!!

    Friday, 29 January 2016, 6:43 pm
  • Agree Tom, Tony’s an idiot! No merci , thats what drugs will do to people.

    Friday, 29 January 2016, 5:11 pm
  • Vicious? Tom you’re a clown smh. You don’t know exactly how it happened so why do you continue to write stuff and bash people. One day you’re gonna write false s*** about the wrong person you clown

    Friday, 29 January 2016, 4:14 pm
  • What ever happened to the good old days before pills ?When girls and boys just did a little harmless crack for fun.And all was well in Happy Valley, (Spring Hill)

    Friday, 29 January 2016, 3:51 pm
  • Sorry no merci but she’s a clue friend of mine and I guess you are sweet 16 dear because she’s 27′ gets facts straight before talking garbage

    Friday, 29 January 2016, 3:28 pm
  • You can see by the marks all over her face that Samantha Perkins
    is no doubt a drug addict herself. So it is no wonder that she
    would choose a no count boyfriend.
    I don’t feel the least bit sorry for her!

    I do hope the mother is a better person than her daughter.

    Friday, 29 January 2016, 3:20 pm
  • if she’s 27 i’m sweet 16.

    Friday, 29 January 2016, 10:54 am
  • I’ve got to wonder about a reporter who’s been alerted to a simple factual identification in his story as being incorrect, and continues to use the sensational word combinations BRUTAL ATTACK “in a” COUNTRY CLUB . . . when the brutal attack was not on country club property.

    Friday, 29 January 2016, 7:47 am

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