Emboldened Shoplifter Doubled Dips and Gets Caught

BROOKSVILLE – A Wisconsin woman found herself behind bars Monday, after she walked into the Walmart Supercenter on Cortez Blvd and stole several items.

According to officials, 34-year-old Angela Irene Zielger concealed two pair of pants and a pair of bathing suits in Walmart bags, and proceeded to the return desk to get a refund. After receiving a gift card valued at $85.76, an emboldened Zeigler continued shopping and selected several additional items, including two gallons of Mobile 1 Oil. This time Zeigler paid for some of the items at the self-checkout counter, minus the oil, and then exited the store.

Unfortunately for Zeigler, the eye in the sky was watching and she was taken into custody without incident.

Zeigler is charged with two counts of retail theft and is free on a $1,000 bond.

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    1. Well just wait, now that u can buy booze in the grocery store kids will have a FIELD DAY stealing it! Everybody & their brother will be stealing it!! But ur worried about a pot shop??? 🤔 How many people OD on weed?? ,, NONE & Liquor?? ALOT! How many people crash their car drunk. Now u can steal it without going in a liquor store.. CONVENIENCE??? I think not!! I think r politicians r sell outs to big business, namely big liquor. U can grow weed for free. Who can get rich off THAT???

    1. Hey Joe, yep ALL PACKER FANS ARE THIEVES, just like the New Dorkers are thieves and love the JETS. DOUBT SHE EVER WATCHED A FOOT BALL GAME IN HER LIFE. .

  1. Love it when they get them. we all pay the price for people like this in higher prices on our goods. Get a real job and pay for your stuff like other decent people do.

  2. Probably minimum of 500 shoppers per day and 10 of them are scumbag thieves. Store only catches 1 or 2 of the dumber ones. Not too good.

  3. thats why walmart has a thousand cameras and staff watching them paying attention. thats just one that they caught imagine how many fool the system and dont get caught!

  4. Oh please this happens all the time at both Publix and Walmart. The other day I saw a woman just walk right out the front door. You have to take so many precautions in order to catch the theives that they get away with it alot. I literally warned the store manager as soon as the kid walked in the store. At one point he went into the bathroom. From then on they couldn’t do anything. He stole flowers and subs.

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