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Man Clings to Life After Violent Beating, Victim’s Own Son Alleged Suspect

SPRING HILL – Detectives are investigating a violent domestic dispute between father and son that left one person behind bars and the other clinging to life.

There aren’t many details at this time, but according to officials, deputies responded to 7178 Holiday Drive, after reports that 24-year-old Joshua Nunez allegedly beat his father. Officials say the victim is in critical condition and the residence remains an active crime scene at this time.

Nunez is charged with Aggravated Battery with Great Bodily Harm and is currently held without bond at the Hernando County Jail.

We will bring more on this story as it develops.

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  • ED

    Wednesday, 3 May 2017, 9:14 am
  • The girlfriend Derby Morgan’s son punched poor Ed that night……to start things of…so why has no.blame been.put on.him for this ………for all we know he is the reason that he is in the condition he is in

    Monday, 1 May 2017, 10:33 pm
  • Parents, pay attention. This is what happens when you raise kids who never face any consequences for their actions. If this were a more decent time in our nation’s history, the good people of our community would deal with this loser. Unfortunately, those days are over.

    Saturday, 29 April 2017, 10:17 pm
    • Thankyou, Taxation is theft. You are so right about kids not facing any consequences nowadays. If not started early kids learn they can get away with whatever and boy do they!!!

      Monday, 1 May 2017, 5:29 pm
  • And Spring Hill sounded sounded like such a nice place to relocate to, Boy was I wrong.

    Saturday, 29 April 2017, 3:55 pm
    • Quit whining and load up, see ya

      Sunday, 30 April 2017, 5:51 pm
  • Not bad I call BS on your post, lazy butt kid, who his mother enabked, Feel sorry for the Dad, he took him in after beating on his mother, and I would NOT have! Put em in jail and no more video games for you sonny, you are a pathetic looser. Glad the Dad will be ok, and sorry he is surrounded by takers and loosers, except for his daughters Choices people, choices, the son could have walked away instead of beating on his father. Disgusting.

    Saturday, 29 April 2017, 12:46 pm
  • I took care of Mr. Nunez at the hospital the night he was assaulted. He was in critical condition. He was unresponsive and beaten badly. there is no excuse for this kind of violence. Prayers for his recovery and prayers for his son to get help.

    Saturday, 29 April 2017, 12:01 pm
  • He didn’t leave him to die, he called the ambulance to make sure his dad survived. It wasn’t intentional, more self defense.

    Saturday, 29 April 2017, 8:36 am

      Saturday, 29 April 2017, 12:09 pm
      • That’s absolutely correct , canyousee, the father paid all the bills for not only his own rental place, but his ex-wife Nyana’s place too……….Jr. Never did anything but play video games. His father wanted to give him his air conditioning business one day……but Jr. Has no drive or interest.

        Sunday, 30 April 2017, 1:37 pm
  • Ok, so I just returned from the hospital where Nunez Sr. Is being treated……..and as it turns out, Nunez Sr. is NOT…..I repeat…..NOT….clinging to life as the author would have you believe……..this has been overly sensationalized……as is often the case in small town tabloids . And of course the usual defense mechanism offered is ” I print according to what is on the Sheriff’s official report “, as if it were infallible. Remember folks, news agencies and tabloids aren’t doing this for free ………Whatever it takes , ‘ to sell newspapers ‘, so to speak or sell advertisement space. We live in a society today where news is being created as opposed to reported ( I’m not saying that this story was not accurately reported, I said it had been over sensationalized, there’s a difference) and it’s important to realize that one should not consider everything they see , hear…….or read… being the ‘ gospel ‘ as perceptions and interpretations are employed whilst developing a story……just be mindful of what you take in as information. Ok, so Nunez Sr. Is going to be fine, albeit being banged up pretty good. Nunez Sr. Was old school when it came to raising children. He believed in hard work and that there are no short cuts to success. Sr. owns an air conditioning company and when the family was together ( husband,wife, twin daughters and Nunez Jr.) they owned a 12 acre ranch WITH horses and a barn, and all the bells and whistles that go with that type of set up. Nunez Sr. would pay his children for the chores they did around the farm. However, when Nunez jr. turned 12 or 13 yrs , he started into the video gaming thing to such a degree that the chores were left undone and video games consumed his life. Mrs. Nunez was an enabler that felt that Jr. should still be eligible for extra-curricular privileges despite having those privileges suspended for not doing his chores ( that he was being paid for) . This behavior continued for quite some time…….and as time passed, a conflict between mother and father ensued , classic case of father wanting to instill an ‘ honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay ‘ type of ethic …….and mother having the ” Oh just let him go to his friends house and play video games ” or ” I went ahead and gave him the money for those 4 or 5 games ” mentality. Now, enough time has passed where father has had about enough of Jr. doing what he wants to do , when he wants to do it. And on one particular evening, after having asked Jr. to complete project that had to be done, and when father came home from work and realized the project hadn’t even been started, well , that became a confrontation between father and Jr. that escalated to a degree that mother became part of ……in defense of Jr. Now , several hours have passed and father has consumed a few beers , which was utilized by mother to have father removed from the marital domicile by Law Enforcement, not to return , while mother subsequently sought and obtained a restraining order, forcing father to rent a place to live ( He was allowed on the ranch daily because the A/C business operated from that location). The years go by and ultimately mother and father divorce, mother has custody of children, mother got the horse ranch but father had to bank roll it, and after a while the ranch foreclosed and mother and children moved into a pool home in Sprung Hole that father still has to bank roll………on top of alimony. By this time, the twin girls are in college and Jr. Is living with mom in his mid twenties playing video games from the time he wakes up till the time he goes to bed. Jr. met a girl on the gaming site from New Hamshire, whom he went up and brought back to live at mommas. They both played video games all de time. This finally became conflictual between momma and Jr. To the degree that it escalated as such that Jr. assaulted his mother for which he was arrested (which is public record) and jailed. Not permitted to return to mother’s house, he moves in with father. After living with mother in a very liberal household for so long , the sudden change to father’s work ethic didn’t pan out for Jr. ……The few previous confrontations between father and Jr. is why they’, ultimately, are at this particular juncture at this time.

    Friday, 28 April 2017, 11:07 pm
    • You obviously did not read Cheryl’s comment. He was in critical condition and unresponsive. Information reported is usually the best available at the time from the best source available at the time. You seem to want to wait a day or two to get the news with the latest updates. If that’s the case, then don’t read sites like this that try to give you breaking news. And no, I do not know Tom, I am not and never have been a reporter. Just call them like I see them.

      Sunday, 30 April 2017, 8:05 am
      • Big difference between critical condition and clinging to life dip shatus

        Sunday, 30 April 2017, 1:31 pm
  • Tom, do you read the emails that come through the “contact us” page? I emailed you a few weeks ago and haven’t heard back.

    Friday, 28 April 2017, 10:27 pm
  • PRAYERS FOR THE FATHER. What a horrible thing to do to the man who raised you. You should be ashamed but your picture shows no remorse. The days of HONOR THY MOTHER AND FATHER are apparently over on this earth. You “son” need to get out of your father’s house. You don’t deserve to be there. I pray your father recovers, as you should also. I also pray he THROWS YOU OUT for his safety & because you have shamed him by your actions.

    Friday, 28 April 2017, 10:10 pm
  • Never lay a hand on family to harm.. body shots , wrestling around defending if you are the stronger individual in a non violent manner I get… Beating a parent half to death… Disgusting.

    Friday, 28 April 2017, 9:51 pm
    • Huh!!!!

      Saturday, 29 April 2017, 7:27 am
  • He beat his dad and left him in the yard to die. Someone walking by saw him in the yard face down. He was not expected to live.

    Friday, 28 April 2017, 9:04 pm
    • As I am sitting here with an eye witness to this horrible act… And there was a beating that took place before this and that person isn’t suffering consiquinces for what part he had in it…And the boy did not leave his father for dead…He called the ambulance for his dad…I’m not saying violence is the answer to anything but none of you were there when this took place so speculate all you want the law will be up held and justice will prevail…And vasudev why not make it known who you are…Being that you know so much…

      Sunday, 7 May 2017, 2:17 am
  • Prayers for the father to get better and prayers for the son that he gets the help he needs.

    Friday, 28 April 2017, 8:14 pm
  • Prayers lifted.

    Friday, 28 April 2017, 8:02 pm
  • Before you pre-judgemental keyboard warriors start shootin’ off with your ridiculous comments, let me say that I happen to know the father real well. His son is a punk whom tried to hit his business owning father up for money . When his father suggested that he earn it …….the son copped an attitude and beat his father half to death.

    Friday, 28 April 2017, 5:22 pm
    • That is very sad…hope dad makes it.

      Friday, 28 April 2017, 7:13 pm
    • Like everyone said.. The kids a

      Saturday, 29 April 2017, 12:53 am
    • He’s our air conditioner guy. We were talking about getting our air fixed. Jeff goes down there and then all this happen. I sure pray he will be ok.

      Saturday, 29 April 2017, 9:26 am
  • tough guy

    Friday, 28 April 2017, 5:12 pm
  • Drugs……………………….

    Friday, 28 April 2017, 4:45 pm
  • POS

    Friday, 28 April 2017, 4:36 pm
  • Prayers to Dad for a complete recovery – throw this BUM out.

    Friday, 28 April 2017, 4:33 pm

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