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Victim Bludgeoned with Wooden Club for $40, Two Charged with Armed Robbery

WEEKI WACHEE – Two suspects face armed robbery charges, after they stole $40.00 from a couple during an incident on Lake Drive last Saturday.

According to reports, Theron Singletary and his wife Michelle were inside a shed located at 9955 Lake Drive with suspects Cory Ryan, 24, and Timothy Hunt, 29. Suddenly, Cory struck Theron on the head with a wooden club, causing him to fall to his knees. Cory then threatened Michelle with the same club and pushed her onto a bed. While still on his knees, Timothy grabbed Theron by the neck and demanded money. After taking $40.00, Timothy and Cory told the couple that they could leave.

Theron and Michelle drove back to their home on Deltona Blvd before calling 911 and reporting what had occurred.

Deputies responded to the residence the same day and found the shed to be pad locked from the outside. After obtaining a search warrant, investigators searched the shed and located a hat, and sunglasses that belong to the victims. They also located two wooden clubs lying next to the bed.

Timothy Hunt and Cory Ryan were arrested Sunday and charged with armed robbery. Ryan posted a $25,000 bond the next day but Hunt remains behind bars, held without bond, due to an unrelated burglary charge.

It is not known why the victims to entered a shed on the property or why they were targeted by the suspects.

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    Saturday, 28 January 2017, 12:14 pm
  • Birds of a feather?

    Saturday, 28 January 2017, 12:12 pm
    • Exactly 38

      Saturday, 28 January 2017, 2:49 pm
  • Birds of a feather!

    Saturday, 28 January 2017, 8:38 am
  • GOD ALMIGHTY !!! some of you morons should not be posting…proof read before you post. You sound like a bunch of retards.

    Saturday, 28 January 2017, 8:27 am
    • God wont help you using retards ask peter when he throws you to ?

      Saturday, 28 January 2017, 12:47 pm
  • Im sorry to tell ya but first i see Tom lets others cus thats fine. It’s new bed and breakfast.Food for thought will fill us in.

    Saturday, 28 January 2017, 7:50 am
  • Shed has an air conditioner. Obviously people living there.
    Nobody in their right mind would be drawn inside there unless a deal was being made.When they were ripped off, they went home and concocted a robbery story.
    That is my guess.

    Friday, 27 January 2017, 10:34 pm
  • This is a Meth deal, it is a Meth house along with every other house on Lake Drive and the surrounding area…Everyone knows each other and so on…these people live in tents, campers, sheds etc outside of a lot of the trailers over there.. it’s actually sad because these people need to get a life and a job but all they do is feed on each other.

    Friday, 27 January 2017, 9:26 pm
    • Actually, the neighborhood is about 50% better since a couple of the dealers moved away last year. There are families and working people, and retirees, who do care about the community and each other here, they just are busy or keep to themselves or don’t hang out on their porches, so you won’t notice them as much. Hopefully it will keep getting better as people watch out for one another and more busts are made.

      Monday, 20 February 2017, 2:18 am
  • I’ll bet any money they were going to buy Meth. Who the lives in a shed or even hangs out in a shed for that matter. Nothing but drugs in that neighborhood. And drive home before calling911. They obviously have something to hide. They either got ripped off and are making the whole thing up. Or these two robbed them to get their own drugs.

    Friday, 27 January 2017, 9:24 pm
  • Oh so the guys live in the shed? Wow! Drug traffic? Wow again! I guess I was simply trying to think of a legit reason that they were all inside the shed. Yep… sounds like there is a lot more to this story as the plot thickens.

    Friday, 27 January 2017, 8:44 pm
  • Sounds like a scam of something for sale online. Lured the victims to the shed maybe. They seemed to know that they had cash on hand.

    Friday, 27 January 2017, 7:25 pm
  • Hmmm….and why did they drive back to there home before calling 911? If it was me I would have right then and there! Let me guess , to hide there drug paraphernalia and get there story a straight! Ha…..they go around telling everyone one that there undercover cops lol….. comeon HCS…. why don’t y’all look into them also…? Psh….

    Friday, 27 January 2017, 6:26 pm
  • Yes lmao, these know how to blow a story up let me tell you! Hmmm….wonder why the two were in a ahead and what they were doing in one of the worst neighborhoods for methenfedamien lol. Come on! Them fucks Michelle & her husband are known for making fake money and doing drugs in front of there kid, I and ain’t she pregnant? Wtf….junkies. next time they need to make up a better story & stop trying to get innocent people in trouble!

    Friday, 27 January 2017, 6:19 pm
    • Who was innocent which one is your junkie boyfriend. Innocent my a$$ you probably run the shed in bed. Bahahahaha

      Saturday, 28 January 2017, 10:45 am
    • Redneck aka Kevin is far from innocent his mommy and daddy and all the rest of them are junkies ALL of them

      Monday, 13 February 2017, 8:12 pm
  • Fishy is right, a drug deal gone bad would be my guess.

    Friday, 27 January 2017, 5:44 pm
  • Hey tom, what about hcso going after people, plain corrupt , ask food for thought, went through it, first hand

    Friday, 27 January 2017, 4:55 pm
    • Thank you lmbo please Tom youknow he’s been there..

      Saturday, 28 January 2017, 7:41 am
      • hes talking about something else that happened on the 17th.

        Saturday, 28 January 2017, 11:27 pm
    • Care to elaborate? Can you expound on that comment? Love to hear more on Food for Thought… 😀

      Sunday, 29 January 2017, 4:01 am
  • They LIVE in said shed! No running water, so no bathroom. As for the landlord, as long as he gets his $$$, no big deal to him. There are at least 7 people living there. Hunt, his bro and Dad busted many times for drugs, etc. The traffic is non-stop There are people living in tents nearby too. Aren’t there zoning laws about this stuff?

    Friday, 27 January 2017, 4:32 pm
    • I had a major issue with the neighbors dogs knocking over my rabbit cages and killing my animals. I called animal control and code enforcement and I told them about the neighbors living in two sheds on their property. The code enforcement guy said because the shed was behind a privacy fence and he couldn’t see it from the road he couldn’t do anything about it. True story. I told him at that point that I am going to build a house without a permit behind a privacy fence where he couldn’t see it and he said I couldn’t. I said what’s the difference. Idiocracy if you ask me.

      Friday, 27 January 2017, 10:35 pm
    • Lil miss tired of it i must say i love the screen name and you would know so much about this family because why. Maybe it was the brief encounter you had with the same son your so quick to throw your expert knowledge out here. Wasnt it you miss tired of it that last month when you couldnt afford to have yard work done and my son seen you striggling that he dropped everything he was doing at the time to rush right over and bting a lawn mower and other equipment to do the yard work you needed to get done and didnt this same gentleman work on your yard for two full days trimming trees raking cutting down very thick brush around the lake in your back yarf absolutely free of cjarge and not only did he do the neighborly thing and help you out with your yard but then a week later when you mentioned your roof was leaking wasnt it that same gentleman that came over and cool sealed your entire roof once again free of dhatge….and as far as you knowing any facts about how myaelf and my family live let me sh ne a little light on this matter @lso li5le miss tired ofit for your information there are four of us that live a 2 besroom house and by the way there is definatly running water and on a good day our tiolet even flushes…and i feel im a fairly.fair and honest person. So please let me definatly give you props for the one statement that was true the neighborhood is not the neighorhood isnt anything to brag about but dont you also live in the same neighborhood and may i ask what the sheriffs dept was doing at your house twice last month ..would that be for yet anothwr domestic altercation between you and your alcoholic abusive husband over once again who smoked your last hooter? So hide behind your fake screen name cause myself ill state my name with pride and once again this is an ongoing investigation. So i really cant disclose the many mistakes and distorted facts that are being printed by mr tom clemons and once again i ask that he research this matter a little deeper and than do the right thing by making corrections to the misleading and false information printed in this article. And as far as traffic at my house. Although i see no need in disclosing who my visitors are or what there purpose for being thwre is any of your business i will just so the people that dont know me and my family might get a li5le better understanding of the same handful of cars that come in and out of my driveway daily …not only is my husband very terminally ill and on hospice home care but our nine children and sixteen children frequently stop by to help me with his care ot sometimes just to sit and visit with there. Sick loved one. This alone i must admit must seem like a whole lot of drug traffic to some but truely just a very close knit family trying to help each other with the many responsibilitys of careing for a sick loved one and let me also mention the daily nurses visits to also carry out medical care offered by the wonderful people at. H P. H. Theres also a courier that comes 3 times a week to deliver meds and treatments and once. A month another lovely lady toting the title of doctor comes to my house for her visits so you are absolutly correct about the traffic in and out of my house and if you were truely that fine christain woman you like to claim to be than seems like you might just check the situation out before you go hide your idenity and slander myself and my family…and one more thing i have noticed a certain gentleman caller almost daily that has been visiting quite often at your house lately but im sure that hes there to innocently check out your plumbing or something completely innocent and that its really just coincident that he shows up routinely after your hubby leaves for work and is always gone way before your hubby comes in after work a very wise person once told me stupid people live in glass house and ‘hoose to throw stones . as innocent and perfectly refined that life of yours is i bet if i looked around a little i could find a few skelwtons in your clset as well but what is the piont hypocrits like yourself are so good at sling mud at everyone around in hopes to hide there own imperfections….and i proudly state my name with absolutely nothing to hide DEBRA JANE HUNT PROUD MOTHER OF SEVEN BEAUTIFUL CHILDREN. INCLUDING MY INNOCCENT SON TIME THY KEVIN HUNT..and. When my son is proven not guilty im afraid a few of you just might choke on all the slander and accusations you so generously but equally ignorantly shared

      Saturday, 28 January 2017, 1:24 am
      • How can you be so proud of a son who is in and out of jail??
        In fact, he was ARRESTED TWICE JUST THIS MONTH alone!!
        Not to mention your HUSBAND and OTHER KIDS ARRESTS!!

        GREAT PARENTING “MOM”!!!!!!!!

        Saturday, 28 January 2017, 4:02 pm
        • So sick of scumbags, are you a parent. and are you telling me that a good parent should disown or shun a child because they made a bad choice? In the case at hand though, my son or Corey did nothing wrong I know this without a doubt because I was here when the alleged crime was supposedly committed. Or is it also your opinion that because i live on lake drive, that my eye witness account of the events should not be creditable? So let me clarify this for all of us less fortunate, uneducated, liars that live on Lake Dr that are certainly impaired of any kind of reasonable or logical thinking by the extreme use of drugs and because of course their address is Lake Dr. Thanks for making me aware to how ridiculous and humorous the opinions are of you people (with an address carrying a higher status in society) than us low life scumbags on Lake Dr.??? Next you will be reporting that i raped my grandmother and left my children locked in a basement for years with no food and water… and you think” IM THE ONE WITH ISSUES????”

          Monday, 30 January 2017, 6:45 am
          • and ps …I WILL ALWAYS BE PROUD OF MY SON AND STAND BY HIM….because of this in ypur eyes will never be nominated for mother of the year award…but thats fine with me…..

            Monday, 30 January 2017, 6:57 am
      • I know people from being in the shrimp industry that has bought meth from that home on a regular basis. The reason the cops don’t do anything to them is because they use some of them for informants. Welcome to Hernando County

        Saturday, 28 January 2017, 6:19 pm
        • YES they do use these slugs as informants which pisses me off. They get out of doing prison time for turning snitch. So HOW does THAT help the residents of Hernando Co feel safe knowing these scumbags are still walking free, are still out there trafficking and bringing in more danger into our neighborhoods? Answer THAT ONE HCSO? When are you gonna STOP making deals with the satan spawns out there and lock them up once and for all?? I see people who have done 3yrs for MINOR offenses, while these known and watched drug slugs WALK FREE! WHERE is the justice in that???

          Sunday, 29 January 2017, 4:10 am
        • now i can tell the future with the help of my crystal ball and magic wand….i believe i just stated that it s public opinion that bc you have an honest job ( shrimp industry) and sell drugs out of your home located on lake dr than most certainly you have to be on the HCSO payroll. Seriously????? what else is this lynch mob really gonna accuse me of.?????

          Monday, 30 January 2017, 6:54 am
          • Hahaha they are snitches and you are either niave or you know there is no in between. If a person has ever been stuck in one of the “wildwood ” trap houses and I have been, Kurt’s ,dannos , Kennys ,gators aka Ellison’s ,crazy Dave Harris bobby and bebbi Kevin aka redneck come on you can lie to everyone else but I escaped that trap and I know the truth

            Monday, 13 February 2017, 8:09 pm
          • Your “crystal ball” (I can smell the irony from here!) is wrong, honey. None of you have a future as long as meth (rhymes with “death” for a reason) is in it.

            Monday, 20 February 2017, 2:11 am
      • U GO GIRL!!! Wow ur all fired up for 1:30 am! R u on a little METH maybe!!!

        Saturday, 28 January 2017, 10:48 pm
      • Some one didn’t get their GED????

        Sunday, 29 January 2017, 2:00 am
    • Bingo and yes bobby and bj get busted and brought in they always get out the whole family is disgusting.

      Monday, 13 February 2017, 8:01 pm
  • It is Weeki Wachee. Could be a fish tale?

    Friday, 27 January 2017, 4:27 pm
  • Theres a whole lot morre to this story and many of your facts are distorted and untrue i am asking tom that you research this matter further and reprint this story with the facts . i am timothys mother and have been here through the entire investigation and much of what was printed is untrue. This is still an active investigation so i really dont understand why or how this happened . i am coming nfident that my son will be cleared of these charges through the process of our penal system. I would like to speak with tom to find out where he got his information from.

    Friday, 27 January 2017, 3:25 pm
    • DEBRA, what a discrace u r of ur self. So UR the shed slumlord?? Did u get a bump out of the deal? U people amaze me with ur way of thinking. U were there the whole time, why weren’t u charged also?? This is how u raise ur kids? To rob people in an old shed ?? Wow, get a grip lady. Do u have the shed on airbnb ?? I hear u got the Brady bunch staying there , 7 people?? ? Ur making out like a bandit! Do these people know they have sheds outside Home Depot ? It would be like staying in a hotel. I’m gonna check next time I’m there & ask em if their paying DEBRA rent.

      Saturday, 28 January 2017, 8:24 pm
      • concerned citizen, I do realize that you are unable to speak truthfully about my family, due to the fact that you have never met myself or my brady bunch, as you choose to refer to them, been to my house or have you had any direct contact with myself or any of my family members…so I take it that your opinions you have so graciously shared with all of us are derived from stereotypical, bias and ignorant beliefs. I have noticed though that the general public yourself included, tend to group people into groups by where they live or where they work, the number of children they have, or color of their skin, their religion, probably even by the color of their eyes . I dont see how you can honestly slander, insult, criticize and verbally attack myself or my family by using this process to base your expert knowledge on. Can you seriously sit there and say I am a bad mother , slumlord, disgrace, or drug addict due to the street I live on or where I am employed. I am not even going to respond to such a ridiculous way of thinking. You cant possibly form a accurate or true opinion on this matter without knowing the facts. And obviously , you dont have the facts, considering your last comment. Because if you did , then you wouldnt be making such ignorant statements. And you are correct in saying that I live in a slumhood and you are also correct in stating my son has been arrested twice in the last month. And unfortunately, I am not at liberty at this time to discuss the details of the two cases but I am confident that when the judge and jury hear the evidence on both sides on this case that not only will my son be cleared of any wrong doing but I d really be amazed if the so called victims arent at risk of criminal charges themselves. Like I said in my original post, this is still an ongoing investigation so the details can not be told at this time. Can I also make the assumption that you are not only a concerned citizen but a law abiding citizen also? This would give me the impression that you follow the rules and obey the laws so then with that being said , I assume that you believe that everyone should be innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. You cant stand on both sides of this topic and flip flop your beliefs back and forth to support your opinion on this matter. your either in or your out. So could you please enlighten me… where do you stand?

        Monday, 30 January 2017, 6:13 am
    • Haha Kevin’s nickname is redneck and his wholke family are into meth. Period. Facts. If your boy was hanging out with him that is the what they were doing.Bobby and bj must be out of business if redneck iis running around robbing people. And yes I was an addict 3 years clean but had to leave Hernando county to do it.

      Monday, 13 February 2017, 7:57 pm
  • Ok I’ll bite, who owned the shed with the bed, and why were they all 4 in there together and why drive all the way home before calling 911???? Very very fishy!!

    Friday, 27 January 2017, 3:02 pm
  • Bulls**t. Much more to this story. You drive back to your house after being knocked to your knees and hit in the head. Right.

    Friday, 27 January 2017, 3:00 pm
  • This story is very fishy……….

    Friday, 27 January 2017, 2:24 pm
    • Or they were buying something offered on Craigslist. Couple could have been completely legit.

      Friday, 27 January 2017, 3:36 pm

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