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Two Firefighters Face Charges of Practicing Medicine without a License

UPDATE: 3/13/2017, 4:04 P.M. – There are now confirmed reports that a second suspect faces the same charges as Stansell and is also an employee with Hernando County Fire Rescue.

23-year-old Dylan Blaze Rittenhouse is charged with Practicing Medicine without a License and 1st Degree Theft. Rittenhouse has since posted a $3,000 bond.

The investigation continues.


HERNANDO – A Hernando County Firefighter was arrested Friday after he allegedly stole supplies from his department. 

According to Hernando County Fire Rescue Spokesperson Alex Lopez, on March 5th HCFR received information that firefighter Robert Stansell had taken supplies from the department. Lopez says they immediately notified the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office and an investigation ensued. Stansell was subsequently placed on administrative leave and later turned himself into the County Jail after a warrant was issued for his arrest.

There are unconfirmed reports that Stansell may have stolen narcotics from the department and injected it into his girlfriend.

A spokesperson for the Sheriff’s Office confirmed that Stansell is charged with 1st Degree Petit Theft and Practicing Medicine without a License. They could not comment further on the case at this time.

We will bring more on this case as it develops.

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  • The story is already changing, now it’s non-narcotics….. Maybe before he prints, the writer, Mr. Tom Lemons, should confirm what his unconfirmed reports state are facts. Real(maybe, or made up unconfirmed)News Real(ly too)Fast doesn’t do the writer, the reader nor anyone involved with the story any justice. It was mentioned earlier, Innocent until proven guilty. People need to get all the facts first and maybe its better at times to get the facts a little slower so they are right the first time.

    Wednesday, 15 March 2017, 10:18 pm
      • Please, this wasn’t a terror event. There was no need to rush this out, but Real News Real Fast, whatever. You didn’t need to include the sentence about the narcotics until you could prove it. All that did was make things worse for no reason other to sensationalize the story!

        Wednesday, 15 March 2017, 10:58 pm
    • It doesn’t matter if it were a water pill it is a felony to give any prescribed meds that doesnt have your name on it. Also if there that stupid and text everything they dont need to be there.YALL IN A CLUSTER

      Thursday, 16 March 2017, 9:08 am
  • all the people saying no way impossible, did any of you besides the author of this article read the full arrest report? sometimes we dont want to believe things like this happen but i highly doubt hcso was out to harm this guys reputation for no reason. sounds a lil illogical and irrational.

    Wednesday, 15 March 2017, 6:29 pm
    • They’ve done it to others Food.

      Wednesday, 15 March 2017, 7:53 pm
  • If you dont like what Tom reports why do you come on here this is a good news report for hernsndo. Gives you a lot more of whats going on in this county then the the news paper to many people on here that never have anything nice to say guess they all live in glass houses and must have terrible lives with all there negativity. So sick of all you cry babies if you dont have anything nice to say shut up

    Wednesday, 15 March 2017, 5:41 pm
  • The apple, does not fall far from the tree. I knew that Dylan when he was younger. He was Always in trouble. Old Brooksville family from the wrong side of the tracks.

    Tuesday, 14 March 2017, 5:02 pm
    • Young Blood–that can’t be true. I was Dylan’s teacher in middle school and I don’t remember him being in trouble. In fact, he was usually pretty serious and determined. Also, what does the phrase ” wrong side of the tracks” mean?

      Tuesday, 14 March 2017, 8:32 pm
      • Young Bleed doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about . He puts crap out there to satisfy his egoistic need to include himself in events that might remotely make him relevant in one form or another.

        Tuesday, 14 March 2017, 11:42 pm
      • And you’re a teacher ? Figures….

        Wednesday, 15 March 2017, 7:13 am
        • Meant for flunky….

          Wednesday, 15 March 2017, 7:14 am
          • What do you mean? All I said was that he wasn’t in trouble when I knew him.

            Wednesday, 15 March 2017, 11:50 am
    • He’s my family, and if you did know him or our family, you would know this has come to a shock to all of us. This is nothing but a misunderstanding where he is a third party to a battling couple. And when all is said and done, he will be cleared of these charges. What’s your name since you seem to know him and my family? I’d surely be glad to meet you on this side of the tracks and we’ll just see what falls outta this tree!

      Sunday, 19 March 2017, 10:35 pm
  • THIS…..looks like a job for ‘ Concealed Weapons Permit Man ‘ ………….as soon as my cape comes back from the dry cleaners , I’m on it!

    Tuesday, 14 March 2017, 1:36 pm
  • Sorry but if it’s not DAVID FREDAs mug shot I’m looking at I’m just not interested. This is a BS story. The truth will come out. Word of advice.. bite your tounges until u know the facts. Rnrf please make sure you do a follow up story when this is resolved. Hate to see two good responsible young men’s lives tarnished. This county is full of losers and these two men are not them!

    Tuesday, 14 March 2017, 1:02 pm
  • Maybe this is why we have to fork out $200 for the 15 minute ride via ambulance for my husband to the hospital, despite our being low income seniors AND we pay for it in our taxes, too!

    Tuesday, 14 March 2017, 12:02 pm
    • Maybe consider driving yourself for the common cold next time if you don’t think that money is worth paying them to save lives.

      Tuesday, 14 March 2017, 5:43 pm
      • Justsayin, well that was rude and uncalled for, I am sure the senior citizen has more common sense than that. Now go use your ebt card and take care of all those little ones, while living in your nice free home, that we are all paying for. My comment was as ruthless as yours, get it ??

        Wednesday, 15 March 2017, 3:13 pm
  • Well I’ve just read through all of these comments and am dismayed by the many negative, posse-type attitudes that so many hold. Why can’t people abide by the rule, “Innocent until found guilty”. This is reminiscent of the presidential race: the name calling, the nasty ignorant signs posted on lawns, the lies. And the sad part of this is that most of these people call themselves, “Good Christians”. I’m beginning to wonder if there is such a thing. But on the other hand, I enjoyed reading the few decent, intelligent comments made by those who kindly offer sympathy and understanding for this young man. It’s so easy to point fingers, condemn, and destroy a person’s life. But harder to put the man’s life back together after he is found innocent.

    Tuesday, 14 March 2017, 9:43 am
    • You get caught with narcotics and you will get a felony Peggy if you are regular person. What does this have to do with election and what nasty signs the ones you libbys holding saying my p&$$£ grabs back or the Soviet Union flags,ect… Of course he will be innocent works here. If a Burger king worker had narcotics it would be a felony. Please go to your safe place and try not breathing for an hr or so waste of life you are…..

      Tuesday, 14 March 2017, 12:45 pm
  • This is so sad and breaks my heart. Preston is a GREAT GUY who took pride in who he was. I have been friends with him for years! We rode the bus together in high school, he was best friends with my little brother for a part of his life. I KNOW him and I KNOW that IF these allegations are true, he knows how bad he f**cked up. Everyone makes mistakes and sometimes you learn immediately that you should have thought twice. One mistake doesn’t make you a bad person. And Preston DEFIANTLY ISNT A BAD MAN. I give him the benefit of a doubt any day of the week. Our hearts are with you and always know that u have a support system .

    Tuesday, 14 March 2017, 8:49 am
  • How did they get the job in the first place you need to show your certificates of schooling HR should be looked at also

    Tuesday, 14 March 2017, 6:30 am
  • 2 bad apples gone.

    Monday, 13 March 2017, 8:44 pm
  • A reliable source told me that this was an inside job, more employees stealing and dealing.

    Monday, 13 March 2017, 8:14 pm
  • I certainly hope that’s the case since he was a ice guy when I worked with him in the past.

    Monday, 13 March 2017, 7:08 pm
    • Nice guy

      Monday, 13 March 2017, 7:09 pm
  • Just another day in Hernando County, and the stories about the firefighters being corrupt just keep coming, true or not, seems to be a lot of this junk lately.

    Monday, 13 March 2017, 6:47 pm
  • When this turns out to be false RNRF better post that and explain why.

    Monday, 13 March 2017, 6:34 pm
  • *fire fighter

    Monday, 13 March 2017, 6:33 pm
  • Totally out of character…….probably not true……this man fought so hard to be a fire fighters….no way he would risk it.

    Monday, 13 March 2017, 6:32 pm
    • they don’t arrest based on another persons word. I’m sure theres more

      Monday, 13 March 2017, 8:49 pm
      • Oh hell yes they do. Rocky Wood, #1 at HCSO.

        Tuesday, 14 March 2017, 5:55 pm
  • Don’t you think if he stole “narcotics”, that the charges would have something to do with controlled substances and not just petit theft? Just tossing that out there…..

    Monday, 13 March 2017, 6:03 pm
    • not all narcotics are controlled substances. just knocked down what you threw out there.

      Monday, 13 March 2017, 8:46 pm
      • So which “narcotics” that aren’t controlled substances (according to you) would any fire department be giving to patients or have on hand? Are you sure you understand the definition of narcotic? You might want to look that one up. ….lobbed back to ya Rs

        Tuesday, 14 March 2017, 4:04 am
      • Name one?

        Tuesday, 14 March 2017, 12:32 pm
  • Both firefighters need to go. Take their certifications and discharge them. There is never an valid reason to steal and since I dont think “supplies” is talking about office supplies, these guys need to go.

    Monday, 13 March 2017, 5:35 pm
    • Think you better know the facts before u run your mouth. Rittenhouse would never do anything to jeopardize his career. Very grounded, responsible young man.

      Tuesday, 14 March 2017, 12:43 pm
      • Heather, I would like for it to be false however there must be some truth because they were arrested. If Rittenhouse was innocent why did he get arrested? He maybe all those things you say about him but he is also a law breaker.

        Tuesday, 14 March 2017, 5:32 pm
        • What happened to “innocent until proven guilty”?

          Thursday, 16 March 2017, 1:29 pm
  • I have known Stansell since he was a kid. He is an incredible young man and anyone that knows him will gladly stand up for him. These accusations are crap. Absolute garbage. He will be found innocent and I hope those that jumped on the “Oh I love drama” bandwagon, have the decency to apologize to him. I guess this is one way to find out who your real friends are.

    Monday, 13 March 2017, 5:35 pm
  • I hope this isnt true. Would be sad for him to lose everything for a stupid choice and yes good people make mistakes and bad choices shouldnt ruin his life for 1 bad choice if its true hoping he gets cleared of wrong doing and people did know you all live in glass houses have a heart were all human

    Monday, 13 March 2017, 5:32 pm
  • how are we supposed to trust these “first responders” when THEY are the crooks and criminals?? SMH

    Monday, 13 March 2017, 5:20 pm
    • If you dont trust them then dont call them. Deal with your own medical problems.

      Wednesday, 15 March 2017, 9:08 pm
  • It was normal saline cuz the was pregnant and sick. This is all up. Where’s the brotherhood?

    Monday, 13 March 2017, 5:14 pm
    • huh?

      Monday, 13 March 2017, 8:47 pm
  • Oh how the mighty fall. Preston always acted like he was better than everyone. Looks like he snitched on his friend too. Might have to move just to save face. Well, his momma has money so I am sure she will get him a good lawyer. They would have to have actual evidence to arrest people and get a warrant. I truly doubt they just take someone’s word.

    Monday, 13 March 2017, 5:09 pm
    • got news for you people…people are arrested and put in jail everyday here…because of exactly that..someones claim..and they are innocent.
      my son was a roommate with two other people. One month after my son moved out police came to the house and asked the two remaining roommates who have been living there alone for a month “who plugged in the extension cord to the neighbors house?” Of course they said my son to avoid trouble. Police took the word of two convicted criminals who were living in the house for a month alone with no electric. Police came to my son and arrested him for theft of services. My son explained and cop said ..”well they tell me you did it so i have to arrest you” My son went to jail paid bail and a week or so later all charges were dropped when it was clear he could not possibly have done it..all this with out going to court. My son has two jobs school not even a traffic ticket and moved out because he bought his own house yet they believed criminals who were arrested for theft one week prior. So there was no evidence.. just a woops mistake…and shotty police work. My son paid bail lost work and didn’t get a dime back. All based on a claim..just saying people don’t believe all you read

      Tuesday, 14 March 2017, 11:59 am
      • Maybe your son shouldn’t have been living with CONVICTS!
        WE ARE THE COMPANY WE KEEP, as the saying goes.

        Tuesday, 14 March 2017, 3:50 pm
  • A good attorney and Rittenhouse walks… Chip Mander will have this thrown out in a heartbeat.

    Monday, 13 March 2017, 5:04 pm
    • you read the report. please share

      Monday, 13 March 2017, 8:47 pm
  • I Hope They Get The TRUTH!!!

    Monday, 13 March 2017, 4:53 pm
  • Everyone this is not true. His crazy ex girlfriend said all this to ruin his life since they just broke up not long ago.

    Monday, 13 March 2017, 4:29 pm
    • does hearsay sound like probable cause to you patty?

      Monday, 13 March 2017, 6:16 pm
      • Exactly! You can’t just have a warrant out for he said she said

        Tuesday, 14 March 2017, 5:35 pm
  • This is a tragic story and I hope he gets his life back in order – good people can make bad decisions but it shouldn’t ruin them for life.

    Monday, 13 March 2017, 3:16 pm
  • If guilty…he will have a hard time getting a job once he’s out of jail. SMH at the choices of Stansell and his gal (probably soon to be ex).

    Monday, 13 March 2017, 3:05 pm
    • He will probably get a less stressful, better paying job after this.

      Monday, 13 March 2017, 4:37 pm
  • White people .. smh

    Monday, 13 March 2017, 3:04 pm
  • This is not true. Preston wouldn’t ruin his career over this. I hope to see a follow up story after they prove here is innocent

    Monday, 13 March 2017, 3:03 pm
    • Hahaha its his girlfriend was the one who gave him up!

      Monday, 13 March 2017, 5:22 pm
    • Evidently he would…. he turned himself in. Innocent people do not turn themselves in.

      Monday, 13 March 2017, 6:54 pm
      • NO. Innocent people do not become fugitives -duh

        Tuesday, 14 March 2017, 8:32 am
      • Really, last I checked innocent people do turn themselves in. If I knew I was in trouble I would turn myself in and handle business. Only in hernando county do u run if you are wanted. Dumbest thing I’ve heard all day!

        Tuesday, 14 March 2017, 4:18 pm
  • Wow, people are just hopeless anymore. You’re right Pete, a great career ended because of stupidity. And I know not all charges are noted yet, but the first one only Petit Theft? I would think stealing narcotics would be the immediate focus. So sad….

    Monday, 13 March 2017, 2:35 pm
  • I hope his career is shot we don’t need things like that in Hernando county

    Monday, 13 March 2017, 1:57 pm
    • you don’t know the whole story and wishing someones career is shot before knowing all the facts, you are just as uneducated and pointless as the Hernando county Sheriffs office?

      Tuesday, 14 March 2017, 9:01 am
    • You don’t need things like that in hernando co? Lmfao this is the biggest sh** hole of a place and your worried about two firemen who are beyond upstanding citizens? Lmfao get your facts before you throw stones. Just sayin!

      Tuesday, 14 March 2017, 4:15 pm
  • Love makes you do crazzzzy things!

    Monday, 13 March 2017, 1:46 pm
  • Narcotics he stole says article they are supposed to have quality control and log each time certain items are removed from stock so who was monitoring this?

    Monday, 13 March 2017, 1:43 pm
    • Dawn Probably the person that caught him.

      Monday, 13 March 2017, 3:47 pm
      • lol

        Monday, 13 March 2017, 4:21 pm
        • …or they weren’t narcotics, if they were then the charge would be something like “theft of a controlled substance”….

          Monday, 13 March 2017, 6:01 pm
          • you think they made this an issue over some aspirin or an antibiotic? ugh smh.

            Wednesday, 15 March 2017, 6:23 pm
  • There goes a career down the toilet. If true, I hope he loses his certificates also. I just wonder why.

    Monday, 13 March 2017, 1:23 pm
    • If you wonder why, why wouldn’t you wait until you KNOW why before you wish he life everything?

      Monday, 13 March 2017, 4:02 pm
      • Lose*

        Monday, 13 March 2017, 4:23 pm
        • He said if true….

          Monday, 13 March 2017, 8:25 pm

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