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Woman’s Body Discovered in Richloam Forest, Investigation Underway

BROOKSVILLE – Detectives with the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office are investigating the discovery of a body in the area of Richloam Forest.

There aren’t many details at this time but officials say the body is that of a white female.

Officials are asking anyone with information to contact Detective Jason Tippin at 352-754-6830.

Sources say Burwell Road is closed to traffic at Cortez Blvd at this time.

We will bring more on this story as it develops.

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  • There was a picture of her on the news but not one to be found online… I know some guys who hunt there and wanted to show them what she looked like but have had no luck.

    Wednesday, 25 January 2017, 7:24 pm
  • It’s been updated

    Monday, 23 January 2017, 12:18 pm
  • They know who she but the police are still investigating who put her body there. I can’t wait till they bring them hoodlums down who through her there like an animal. Karma is a wonderful thing. Rip we are going to find the evidence needed to bring them in for you.

    Sunday, 22 January 2017, 6:51 pm
    • Is*

      Sunday, 22 January 2017, 8:32 pm
      • *threw

        Monday, 23 January 2017, 10:37 am
  • I’m thinking when not much info is posted’s hush hush for some reason

    Sunday, 22 January 2017, 6:12 pm
    • Correct!

      Sunday, 22 January 2017, 8:30 pm
  • wished it were me

    Sunday, 22 January 2017, 5:09 pm
  • Any new info

    Sunday, 22 January 2017, 1:01 pm
  • Yes, please – post her ID when available. Thanks Tom.

    Sunday, 22 January 2017, 12:38 pm
  • I wish they would up update this. I know a woman who lives in a home in the forest. Please update this.

    Sunday, 22 January 2017, 8:52 am
  • Prayers that they find more information and justice

    Sunday, 22 January 2017, 4:43 am
  • How can anyone help with information when there isnt even enough info for us to go off of?

    Sunday, 22 January 2017, 4:41 am
  • no merci has never learned about ” body farms ” used to teach forensics & pathology courses.

    Sunday, 22 January 2017, 12:00 am
    • i’m no idiot. of course I know about them. one was once my back yard.

      Sunday, 22 January 2017, 9:46 am
      • The Mansfield compound was your backyard?

        Sunday, 22 January 2017, 7:26 pm
  • Obviously she hasn’t been there “months” if the preliminary report can say victims was a white female.

    Saturday, 21 January 2017, 8:31 pm
  • Condolences and Prayers to the Family.

    Saturday, 21 January 2017, 4:12 pm
  • She could have been there for months.

    Saturday, 21 January 2017, 2:36 pm
    • it said body not remains. think forest.. animals.

      Saturday, 21 January 2017, 9:24 pm
      • Wrong!

        Sunday, 22 January 2017, 8:28 pm
  • Poor woman. RIP.

    Saturday, 21 January 2017, 2:15 pm
  • God give a mouth to someone with information please. She is someone’s daughter, sister, aunt, mother maybe. Be a human being & own up to this. Prayers for her & any family & friends. May she be at peace with God’s love surronding her.

    Saturday, 21 January 2017, 12:53 pm

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