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HCA Staff Member Charged with Sexual Battery Skips Town, Captured in Indian River County

UPDATE 6/7/2017, 7:59 P.M. – Attorney Deborah Hogan with the Hogan Law Firm tells RNRF that only one subpoena was submitted to Hernando Christian Academy and the deadline for compliance is not until June 17th of this year. Hogan further stated “HCA is and always does cooperate with authorities.” Hogan could not elaborate further on the details of the case at this time.

UPDATE: 6/7/2017, 10:06 P.M. – Bruce McAllister’s attorney, Bob Morris of the Morris Law Group contacted RNRF this morning to advise that his client did not “skip town” and is not in custody by any agency. Morris further advised that most of the charges have been dropped against his client and that only one Battery and on Sexual Battery charge remains. Morris says his client only has to let his bondsman know where he travels and does not have to report to law enforcement. “Remember, he’s only accused at this point, not convicted,” says Morris.

Attorney Ellis Faught also contacted RNRF this morning and confirmed that his office has been retained by two alleged victims. Faught says both victims were 17 at the time of the alleged sexual misconduct by Bruce McAllister and that one has since turned 18. Faught would not elaborate on the victim’s country of origin.

Faught says, “At such time we have proper evidence to file a complaint, we will move forward.” Faught did not exclude Hernando Christian Academy as a potential defendant but says the exact number of defendants would not be known until the conclusion of his investigation.

We have also received information that Hernando County Christian still has time to respond to the subpoenas submitted by Brooksville Police, however, that has yet to be confirmed.


BROOKSVILLE – There are new developments in the case against Bruce McAllister, the former Hernando Christian Academy staff member charged with sexual battery on several foreign exchange students. 

According to Brooksville Police Captain Rick Hankins, The Indian River County Sheriff’s Office has taken McAllister into custody and he is being treated at an unknown facility at this time. The nature of the treatment cannot be disclosed due to confidentiality laws, according to Hankins.

Sources say McAllister and his wife fled the area without notifying authorities, which violates the conditions of his pretrial release.

Hankins also advised that Hernando Christian Academy is not cooperating with investigators in turning over information that may lead to the identity of other victims. Hankins says they’ve served two subpoenas to HCA since the investigation began back in May but neither has prompted a response.

RNRF is awaiting comment from the Hogan Law Firm on why their client, HCA, may not be cooperating with the investigation.

We have also learned that at least one of McAllister’s alleged victims may have retained the services of attorney Ellis Faught to represent them in a potential civil lawsuit against HCA. Attorney Faught declined to comment on the case and would not confirm or deny his involvement.

There are unconfirmed reports that attorney Bob Morris is representing Bruce McAllister.

We will bring more on this story as it develops.


BREAKING: Sheriff’s Volunteer, School Staff Member Charged with Molesting Foreign Exchange Students

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  • I’m converting to Islam………

    Wednesday, 7 June 2017, 12:02 pm
    • Don’t bother. Same bull sh** different set of imaginary friends. I may just become a pastafarian and praise the Flying Spaghetti Monster. We can hold church services at a local linguine factory and pass the golden pasta strainer during collection. All proceeds go to the purchase of beer to use during the service in place of wine. The role of little jesus crackers will be played by garlic bread. A no cheese option will be available for those who are lactose intolerant.

      Thursday, 8 June 2017, 7:29 am
  • Does seem like sex trafficking doesn’t it? Don’t let them sweep this under the rug. Why hasn’t the wife, I mean ‘principal’ at least been charged with aiding a fugitive? She should be charged with much more as it’s very clear she helped to knowingly facilitate this horrific situation.

    Wednesday, 7 June 2017, 9:24 am
  • This guys wife is as big a piece of garbage as he is. Why in the world would she go on the run with her husband after he sexually assaulted children at her school. It doesn’t take a detective to figure out that she most likely knew all along what was taking place and possibly was also involved. I hope they both get run over by tractor trailers and die slow painful deaths.

    Wednesday, 7 June 2017, 1:55 am

    Wednesday, 7 June 2017, 12:23 am
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    Wednesday, 7 June 2017, 12:17 am
  • WOW! that’s all i can say right now……….. GUILT! HUH? WOW WIFE’Y POO WITH HIM O.M.G.!!! GUILT ALL OVER IT! ACTIONS! SPEAK…………….. what was this hey let’s take a ride and talk about this here situation Errrrrrrrrr? or like let’s jump in our family ERRRRRRRR!! vehicle and run EAST! maybe honey we can make and will find what weez always wanted! ah uh errr! W.T. FREAK?

    Tuesday, 6 June 2017, 11:54 pm
  • Again folks the FEDS need to investigate. It is HUMAN TRAFFICKING!

    Tuesday, 6 June 2017, 10:24 pm
    • Possibly why he chose exchange students… they won’t want, can’t afford to come back here to testify?

      On vacation in Vero, perhaps? Then possibly claiming a baker act or some sort of medical BS.

      Is is wife being charged with accessory, at least for aiding a fugitive or something?

      Tuesday, 6 June 2017, 11:40 pm
  • Nothing speaks louder than a boycott. Don’t send your kids to HCA, they’re complicit in aiding and abetting this disgusting pedo.

    Tuesday, 6 June 2017, 9:25 pm
  • Sure it’s all part of Gods plan. We can’t understand what that is because he works in mysterious ways… good old Christian morals where would we be without the Bible and the great values it teaches us. Hope this helps those so brain washed by religion to start to think for themselves and stop believing in superstition and defending a midevil tool of mind control. Read your bible with an open mind and think for yourself

    Tuesday, 6 June 2017, 6:39 pm
    • The brain dead “Christians” will believe almost everything. They have for years.

      Tuesday, 6 June 2017, 11:12 pm
      • All part of the indoctrination that’s why the kids are educated in the ways of religion at young ages before the they can start to think for themselves and believe what they are told is the “truth”. Of course cherry picking is a major tool to teaching the Bible because lying by omission is very important because you certainly don’t want to tell the kids all the atrocities committed by your loving god. A long list of cop outs for Christ aka excuses why God had a good reason for doing what he did doesn’t hurt. Faith is gulliblity and the purposeful suspension of critical thinking

        Wednesday, 7 June 2017, 7:50 am
  • I believed in the beginning his wife knew about his “games” now I’m absolutely convinced it’s true. He should have been jailed with NO BOND at all but hernando county saw fit to release him, believe he was honest enough to stay & I feel now they helped them escape so as to prolong service of justice. Victims should also sue brooksville p.d. & hernando county for ALLOWING these two to abscond. SHAME ON THIS COUNTY & COURT SYSTEM.

    Tuesday, 6 June 2017, 6:27 pm
  • Disgusting pervert, is the wife still employed at the school? if so, WHY???? She was aiding and abetting a fugitive and needs to be charged!!!!!!!!!

    Tuesday, 6 June 2017, 6:15 pm
    • No she is not there and she has been replaced.

      Tuesday, 6 June 2017, 9:00 pm
  • Nothing says “Yes, I’m guilty” like fleeing does.

    Tuesday, 6 June 2017, 5:00 pm
  • If they don’t want to cooperate and protect the students, shut them down.

    Tuesday, 6 June 2017, 4:52 pm
    • Boycott them, why wait for the authorities to do it.

      Tuesday, 6 June 2017, 9:26 pm
  • Cut Chester’s feet off!

    Tuesday, 6 June 2017, 4:49 pm
  • Scary we have entrusted this man with our children and that just terrifies me

    Tuesday, 6 June 2017, 4:23 pm
    • And the school is not cooperating with the investigation. Hmmmm.

      Tuesday, 6 June 2017, 5:02 pm
  • Coward.

    Tuesday, 6 June 2017, 4:19 pm
    • Absolutely. Don’t forget the phony “Christians” who defend him and the schools’ pathetic actions in not letting the victims decide on whether to attend the class trip.

      A Bunch of Cowardly Frauds.

      Tuesday, 6 June 2017, 11:08 pm

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