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Several Injured in Two Vehicle Crash, Two Victims Transported to Trauma Center

SPRING HILL – At least three people were injured in a two vehicle crash at the intersection of Barclay Ave and Irving Street.

To occupants will be transported to a local trauma center after sources say they suffered serious injuries. Bayflite and other medical Evac helicopters are no longer flying, due to increasing wind speeds from Hurricane Irma.

There is some road blockage at this time.

The Florida Highway Patrol will be investigating the cause of the crash.

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  • dont you guys got something better things to do people got hurt.

    Tuesday, 19 September 2017, 11:27 am
  • That looks like an awful lot of damage for a 30 mph zone

    Sunday, 10 September 2017, 9:27 am
  • Is it just me, or is the guy in the pink shirt (non-Bigfoot) holding a beer??

    Saturday, 9 September 2017, 6:59 pm
  • 2 of these guys look a lot like BIGFOOT.
    If they were hangin out in the woods, maybe someone seen em’ & crashed?
    Then 2 big foots come to the car! 😳
    ” this guy seen us, let’s get him!”
    Could of happen like that !! 😡

    Saturday, 9 September 2017, 6:57 pm

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