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Pedestrian Run Over in Walmart Parking Lot, Second Incident this Week

SPRING HILL – For the second time this week, a pedestrian suffered injuries after being struck by a vehicle in a shopping plaza parking lot.

Fire Rescue responded to the Walmart Supercenter on Cortez Blvd around 2:30 p.m. today, after reports that a woman had been struck by a vehicle.

Witnesses say that an elderly woman was stuck under the vehicle and that bystanders were attempting to free her. Upon arrival, paramedics determined that the woman was not seriously injured and that only her legs had been run over by the vehicle.

The injured woman was transported to a local hospital for treatment of minor injuries, according to sources.

A Weeki Wachee woman lost her life earlier this week, after a similar accident occurred in front of the Winn Dixie grocery store on Commercial Way.

67-year-old Maria Pavao died Tuesday, after an elderly woman ran over her in the cross walk of the shopping plaza. Witnesses say, several people lifted the car off Pavao but despite efforts to save the victim, Pavao later died at a local trauma center. (CLICK HERE FOR FULL STORY)

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  • I think having your legs run over by an immense hunk of metal qualifies as “serious injury” to me, but I digress. Anyway, it’s not just the older drivers, it’s all ages. Within the past few months, I have nearly been struck by someone backing out of a parking space twice. The other day, I went right up to the older man backing out, knocked on his window and yelled at him that he almost hit me and to be more careful. Previous to that, a younger woman just shot out of her spot as I walked past; it was very close and I yelled “Hey, you almost hit me,” to which she replied “I didn’t see you.” People seem incredibly more selfish, aggressive, as well as filled with an all encompassing sense of self-entitlement these days than in the past. I wish I could just move out into the countryside near the mountains somewhere. Driving is serious business, and people need to be held accountable. I am very careful when I back out because I care about others, and even then I may bump into someone, but it would be an honest accident. I’m talking about jerks who shoot out of spots without even looking, or the people just talking to their spouses instead of looking out for pedestrians as they back out, etc. My condolences go out to the poor deceased woman’s loved ones, as well as best wishes for quick healing to the lady who was run over in this incident.

    Monday, 8 January 2018, 11:58 pm
  • Personally I think a biannual written and practical proficiency exam should be required for ALL drivers. Minimum 150 question written test and a road test. You don’t pass, you don’t drive. We have far too many drivers on the road who are incapable. Not knowing the law is not an excuse. You have a licensed PRIVILEGE to drive, not an automatic right. If you can’t show proficiency you need to be off the road. Period.

    Wednesday, 6 December 2017, 5:50 am
  • SNOW BIRDS ARE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Monday, 4 December 2017, 8:37 am
    • Yes they are! In force and this flock of them seems more dangerous than previous years. Since Thanksgiving my family and I have had at least 6 “close encounters” with them and their driving. It’s insane this year.

      Wednesday, 6 December 2017, 5:38 am
  • If you are going as slow as you should be in a lot full of people and cars no way should you over someone and get them stuck under your car. Damn….I’ve had people especially little kids run out in front of me but I could stop because I wasn’t going to fast. By the way I am old !!!!🤗

    Saturday, 2 December 2017, 2:57 pm
  • To all of the asshats on here running their yaps, the woman struck yesterday was my aunt. She didn’t just walk out in front of the car. The woman who struck her came around from an aisle and didn’t even look my aunt’s direction. Unfortunately my aunt couldn’t get out of the way fast enough. And Tom Lemon, to characterize this as my aunt not being seriously injured is an absolute joke! She was transported to a trauma center! It’s not like she was just treated for scrapes and bruises at the scene! She lucky to be alive so the least you could do is report things accurately!

    Saturday, 2 December 2017, 9:54 am
      • She had a brain bleed by the way!

        Sunday, 3 December 2017, 12:41 pm
    • John, I hope your aunt will be okay. When I first read it, I thought= what? Not serious,just ran over her legs, Seriously, ??? This isn’t meant to tick Tom off, however, it didn’t make sense to me. I guess the cops were comparing it to the lady who was KILLED on winn dixie parking lot. Who knows. Prayers for your aunt!

      Saturday, 2 December 2017, 1:58 pm
  • Prayers for all involved. However, there is no sidewalk or walkway in between the rows of parking slots (like Sam’s or Kohl’s). Therefore, the only place to walk in that lot is behind cars. Granted, there are pedestrian walk ways, but this is the Holiday season and there are naturally more people about. All the ingredients for a ready-made accident/event. I make no excuses. It is very challenging to watch 12 different directions just to back out of a space. However, speed and impatience are two factors that seem to be present every time I go to that area. It is very dangerous and not everyone has a visible disability. Some, such as myself, just cannot move as fast as some people would like me to. Those are my thoughts as a driver and a pedestrian in that (and other) parking lots.

    Saturday, 2 December 2017, 6:53 am
  • ehhh…you young whippersnappers better git outa mah way….im on this here phone an doan have time ta look at that an yer old azzz shufflin’ in front of me. Now Git, fer ahh run over ya!

    Saturday, 2 December 2017, 6:38 am
    • Dennis, ya’ll nailed it exactly!!! Thays on thays damn phones comparing prices wit thays homies who is at other stores running down folkses.

      Saturday, 2 December 2017, 1:17 pm
      • Sorry meant to send to Almost Dead – scatch Dennis.

        Saturday, 2 December 2017, 1:20 pm
  • Maybe if they change the STOP/YIELD signs in Walmarts to STOP only it might cut down on people getting hurt or near misses. I’ve been driving for 55yrs and never seen this type of signs.

    Saturday, 2 December 2017, 5:40 am
  • I just let my BIOTCH BOY drive me around.
    So if we get pulled over, all my DRUGS R his! I don’t know nothin.! Same thing with my girlfriend. SHE takes the FALL, & I just go get another HO! It’s ALL about ME!

    Saturday, 2 December 2017, 3:43 am
  • All you people bitching about old drivers , sooner or later you will be old and the shoe will be on the other foot. My grandpa is 81 and he still drives a winged Sprint Car and males the top 5 every race.

    Friday, 1 December 2017, 11:48 pm
  • I was near at Bealls at a little after 2:00 P.M. and let me tell you, the people that were in the parking lots and the people that were walking in and out of the stores and then just going right from the door of the store, they just walk right across the street. Just because cars have to stop and let people cross, that doesn’t mean that people can just run out the door of a store and run right into the street. What ever happened to “looking both ways before you cross the street”??? I had to run a few errands and I could not wait to get back home…..I felt like I would be involved in an accident just because of the way people were acting and driving.

    Friday, 1 December 2017, 10:41 pm
  • my dad is 88 now ,but he gave up driving because his arthritis would not let him turn his neck too see. that was over 8 years ago. some of the senior citizens should really think about what they are doing. fresh food can be delivered or have someone use your list-only cost a few bucks. or you can drive and lose everything you have worked for. seems to be a no brainer to me.

    Friday, 1 December 2017, 6:52 pm
  • Another issue with the drivers, all ages, is going the wrong way in the parking lots. The arrows point one way and they drive the direct opposite! Even if they didn’t see the arrows, they should have the sense to know your going the wrong way by the parking angle of the cars in those rows.

    Friday, 1 December 2017, 6:33 pm
  • elderly women ran her over . Seriously I think some of these elderly people need to stay from behind the wheel .

    Friday, 1 December 2017, 5:22 pm
    • Not to mention these older folks don’t care if ur walking out they will keep going and go faster .

      Friday, 1 December 2017, 5:24 pm
  • Most likely because no one pays attention to what they’re doing they’re too busy eating or the phone or screaming at the kids it’s a parking lot people which means go slow like a school zone and look around if you can’t do that give up your license ! Also don’t forget about employees who are out there rounding up carts it is their job

    Friday, 1 December 2017, 4:54 pm
    • You are so right! It’s not just kids speeding through the lots! I’ve seen so many near misses.

      Friday, 1 December 2017, 6:02 pm
  • Got to check before you proceed. Lord knows, we have a lot of morons behind the wheel down here.

    Friday, 1 December 2017, 4:54 pm
  • People need to be held accountable for there stupidity but it won’t happen in hemroide county

    Friday, 1 December 2017, 4:32 pm
    • Your so right. My daughter was hit a few weeks ago and we can not do anything because of stupid florida laws she now suffers with a broken nose fractured hip and a broken tooth. Pisses me off

      Friday, 1 December 2017, 5:08 pm
      • Patricia, Do your self a favor and get a LAWYER. Most will take your case pro bono. good luck

        Friday, 1 December 2017, 5:29 pm
        • No no laywer will take her case pro bono,on contingency yes not pro bono

          Friday, 1 December 2017, 6:25 pm
  • I get that she was a senior but for gods sake people don’t look before they walk out into these lots. You might have the right of way but obviously are no match for a vehicle. Pay attention people!

    Friday, 1 December 2017, 4:30 pm
    • I totally agree with you, but let’s include the drivers in that admonishment. You’re driving on a parking lot, not a highway. There are so many small children walking through some of these parking lots. PLEASE watch for pedestrians.

      Friday, 1 December 2017, 5:01 pm
  • I bet people will start checking before crossing. It’s obvious just because you’re in a cross walk, you are not always safe. Be responsibile for your own safety!

    Friday, 1 December 2017, 4:21 pm
  • Am i the only one who wonders who the driver was and what they doing when the accident occured? what caused this? I just like the whole picture.

    Friday, 1 December 2017, 3:56 pm
    • I agree! Would like the name and age of the drivers!

      Friday, 1 December 2017, 6:25 pm
    • i like unicorns but that means shite.

      Friday, 1 December 2017, 11:48 pm
  • There just really is no excuse for this. Slow down people look around you nothing is that important.

    Friday, 1 December 2017, 3:43 pm
  • 😢😢😢😢

    Friday, 1 December 2017, 3:36 pm

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